Chapter 979 - Paying The Price

The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Mu Jiuzhou 2022/9/13 16:01:57

Lucas couldn’t be bothered to answer Rayson’s question.

In his eyes, the Williams were nothing at all, and Rayson, the helmsman of the Williams, had no right to ask him anything.

Rayson had asked Lucas about his identity twice, but Lucas ignored him.

At any other time, Rayson would have definitely felt that his dignity was being provoked and become enraged.

But he suddenly realized that he didn’t even dare to lose his temper in front of Lucas.

The fact that Lucas could openly call the shots for the Howards without any objection from Florence, the head of the Howard family, and even have the powerful Jordan obey him showed that Lucas probably had a powerful background!

Not daring to question Lucas any further, Rayson could only turn to Florence. “Ms. Howard, is that how you treat your guests? I kindly brought my family here to offer our condolences to Mr. Howard, yet I was stopped here. What are you trying to do?”

Florence harrumphed coldly and replied mockingly, “Mr. Williams, you can’t be too thick-skinned! Touch your heart and tell me honestly if you’re really here to offer your condolences. I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you what you did earlier, right?

“Now that Mr. Gray has said that you’re not allowed to leave and that you should bear the consequences of your actions, you can forget about leaving here until you satisfy Mr. Gray!”

Florence was extremely domineering when speaking.

Now that the Howards were in a better position than the Williams and had the support of Lucas and the Huttons, why would she be afraid of the Williams?

Of course, Florence also knew very well in her heart that the situation had turned favorable for the Howards all thanks to Lucas.

Rayson didn’t know Lucas’s identity, but Florence knew better than anyone else that Lucas’s father was none other than Michael, the head of the Huttons, who was standing next to her.

If it wasn’t for Lucas, Michael wouldn’t have rushed to the Howard residence and stood on their side.

In addition, Jordan, who had helped the Howards acquire dozens of experts, was Lucas’s friend.

It was safe to say that the Howards would have been destroyed by these two shameless families, the Piers and the Williams, without Lucas!

Rayson was even more frightened when he heard Florence address Lucas as Mr. Gray!

Florence was now the head of the Howards, one of the eight most powerful families in DC. But she actually treated a young man in his twenties with such great respect. What did this mean?

Moreover, Lucas was accompanied by a top powerhouse like Jordan. How terrifying must his identity be?!

Rayson simply didn’t dare to imagine any further!

“Lucas just said that you have to pay the price for barging into the Howard residence and creating trouble before you can leave today!” Jordan said.

He glanced at Rayson, whose forehead was already covered in cold sweat, and added, “Besides, you even had the guts to be rude to Lucas just now. That’s unforgivable!”

Rayson’s heart pounded violently as he hurriedly said, “I… I didn’t know Mr. Gray’s identity just now. I didn’t mean to offend him!

“Moreover, although I… I came with the Piers, the ones who compelled the Howards and got physical were all Derek’s men. None of my subordinates and I did anything!

“Also, Derek is the one who initiated the alliance, and I merely agreed casually to fool him. I didn’t really intend to become enemies with the Howards!

“If you’re not satisfied, I can guarantee that when I return home, I will order the Williams not to harm the Howards. Is that okay?”

Rayson had no other choice but to give in at this juncture.

Although there were still about twenty experts of the Williams standing behind him, Rayson had already witnessed Jordan destroying the Piers’ experts and thus knew that he would only be repeating the Piers’ mistakes if he sent all of them forward. It wouldn’t be of any use at all!

In fact, if he dared to give such an order, he probably wouldn’t be able to live!

Jordan sneered, unwrapped a piece of chewing gum, and tossed it into his mouth. “Mr. Williams, please don’t say those hypocritical things in front of me again. It disgusts me too much. How can you bring yourself to say them?!

“How about this? I can’t be bothered to argue with you. Immediately kneel down and apologize to Lucas and the Howards, and we can then let this matter go.”

After Rayson heard Jordan’s request, the expression on his face instantly stiffened.

Kneel down and apologize?

As the helmsman of one of the eight top families of DC, he had never kneeled to apologize to someone!

If he really kneeled down and apologized to Lucas, and word about it got out, Rayson and the Williams would become the laughing stock of DC!

Although Rayson had always been thick-skinned and didn’t care much about his reputation, it was absolutely impossible for him to accept such humiliation!

“You… Don’t go too far!” Rayson barked through clenched teeth.

Jordan raised his brows. “It’s time to pay the price for what you’ve done! I’m being kind enough by merely asking you to kneel down and apologize!”

Rayson said resolutely, “No matter what, I’m the head of the Williams, one of the eight top families of DC. How dare you ask me to kneel down and apologize? That’s impossible!

“Besides, I just said that although the Williams came here today, we didn’t cause the Howards any harm. We won’t create any trouble for the Howards in the future either. Is that not enough?

“As for Mr. Lucas Gray, I can apologize to him or even make amends for my mistakes, but you’re going overboard by asking me to kneel down. I’ll never agree to it!”

Jordan snorted coldly. “Overboard? Why didn’t you think that you were going overboard when you forced Ms. Howard to marry into the Piers together with that bastard Conrad Pier?

“Why didn’t you think that you were going overboard when you ganged up with the Piers against the Howards just for the sake of a few projects with a couple billion dollars in profits?

“If Lucas wasn’t here today and no one from the Huttons came, I’m afraid the Howards would have been bullied to death by you guys, huh?

“You don’t think you’re going overboard when you’re bullying others and wanting to reap benefits from them, but you think others are going overboard when they make you bear the consequences?

“To be honest, you’re not that noble, and I think we’re being kind enough to let you leave once you kneel and apologize!

“Do you still want to walk out of here in one piece? If so, then you won’t learn your lesson at all. Instead, you’ll just think that we and the Howards are pushovers. Wouldn’t you then gather other allies to deal with us again?”

Jordan questioned again and again, causing Rayson’s face to turn pale and leaving him with no means to refute!