Chapter 982 - Investigating Lucas

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Cheyenne nodded and took a deep look at Florence before leaving the Howard residence with Lucas.

Jordan naturally followed behind them and left too.

The Howards and the Huttons stood quietly, and only until the three of them had completely disappeared did Michael look away with a bitter smile.

“It seems he will never acknowledge me as his father again in this life.”

“…” Florence remained silent, not knowing how she should comfort him.

They were in a similar situation.

Lucas was Michael’s biological son, but he didn’t want to acknowledge him.

Cheyenne was her daughter, and she didn’t want to acknowledge her either.

It was unsurprising for Lucas or Cheyenne to do this, and Florence and Michael couldn’t blame them either. They had failed as parents and brought it upon themselves.

Now, they were just reaping what they had sown. Even if they felt bitter, they couldn’t blame it on anyone else.

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After being silent for a while, Michael perked himself up and said to Florence, “Ms. Howard, the Piers and the Williams won’t let this matter go. They will definitely deal with the Howards again. Therefore, the Huttons are willing to form an alliance with the Howards.”

Michael spoke extremely earnestly. He had clearly already made a decision.

Florence considered it seriously.

She had just shot Lucas a glance to ask him for his opinion. But he didn’t answer, neither agreeing nor opposing. He just left with Cheyenne. This likely meant that he didn’t want to bother about this matter anymore and was leaving it to her to decide.

In that case, the result was obvious. If the Howards fought the Piers and the Williams alone, they definitely wouldn’t be able to cope with the offensive of two top families.

Since Michael had taken the initiative to suggest an alliance again, she would be extremely silly not to agree.

Thinking of this, Florence extended a hand toward Michael and said gratefully, “In that case, thank you for your kindness, Mr. Hutton! From now on, the Howards and the Huttons are officially allies!”

Meanwhile, the Piers and the Williams returned to their respective homes.

Although Rayson had already given the strictest orders to those who had followed him to the Howard residence and forbidden them from revealing a single thing about what had happened today, he nevertheless smashed the computer, TV, teacups, laptops, and everything else in his study into pieces in anger.

As soon as he returned home, he flew into such an uncontrollable rage that he attracted the attention of the rest of the Williams, who were extremely worried and curious about what Rayson had encountered outside.

But since Rayson was in the midst of an uncontrollable rage, no one dared to go forward to dissuade him.

After a long while, the sound of items being smashed in the study gradually subsided. A young man in his thirties slowly pushed open the door and walked into the study, which was now a mess. He asked cautiously, “Dad, did something happen?”

Rayson glanced at his son without saying a word.

Rayson would rather die than say that he had been forced to kneel down and apologize by a young man about the same age as his son. It was too humiliating.

After he smashed a large number of things, the anger in his heart subsided a little.

He stood in the middle of the study, took a few deep breaths, and suddenly said to his son, “Get someone to help me investigate someone. The more detailed the information, the better!”

The young man hurriedly asked, “Okay, who is it?”

Rayson narrowed his eyes. “A young man named Lucas Gray. He should be around your age. He’s very close to the Howards, and he appeared at their residence today. He has a highly-skilled martial artist named Jordan following him all the time. You must quickly find out all the information about him for me!”

“Yes, Dad!” the young man hurriedly agreed and immediately walked out of the study to arrange for his competent subordinates to carry out the task.

In the study, Rayson stared at the debris on the floor, his eyes showing intense murderous intent. “Hah, Lucas Gray! If you’re really someone powerful I can’t afford to offend, I’ll forget about it. But if you’re not powerful enough, I’ll definitely take revenge on you!”

In the Piers’ villa in DC…

Conrad and Derek returned to the Pier residence in a sorry state with the unconscious Adam.

They were naturally in a terrible mood. But because the Howards had finally let them go, Conrad and Derek were much less angry than Rayson, though they were still extremely upset about losing over 30 elite experts.

“Dad, we’ve lost so much manpower today, and Adam has also suffered a huge loss at the Howards. His face is so swollen that he can’t even speak. We have to make the Howards and that punk Lucas Gray pay for this!” Derek gritted his teeth fiercely after getting the family doctor to treat Adam.

None of their plans were successful at the Howard residence today. They had even ended up incurring heavy losses and losing half of their elite subordinates.

Conrad’s eyes also revealed intense murderous intent. Be it the Howards whom he coveted or the two bastards who had the guts to be rude to him, he would never let them off.

But Conrad was of the older generation after all. After calming down, he said in a deep voice, “Before we take revenge, we must first find out the real identity of that young man named Lucas Gray!

“He isn’t an ordinary person. Think about how respectful Florence was to him and how Howards looked at him with awe and fear on their faces. All of this shows that he isn’t a simple person!

“Also, his subordinate named Jordan actually defeated so many of our experts, and even my bodyguards were no match for him. Such a powerful figure isn’t someone ordinary people can control!

“So before we take revenge, we must first find out who exactly Lucas Gray is and whether or not we can make a move against him!

“If he has an esteemed status and we can’t afford to provoke him, we can only suck it up. But if his status is average and he’s only good at fighting, we must take revenge on him!”

“Okay, you should go make preparations. First, you get people to check Lucas Gray’s identity and find out his background.

“Second, spend some money to recruit some top experts to help the Piers! I admit that Jordan is indeed very powerful, but there must be people better than him in this world. I don’t believe that we can’t find an expert who can beat him!”

Derek immediately nodded. “Okay, Father, I’ll get someone to handle these things immediately!”

After thinking for a moment, Conrad added, “But the person who hates Lucas the most right now and wants to kill the both of them the most is probably Rayson Williams!”

Derek’s eyes lit up. “Father, you mean you want the Williams to deal with that punk?!”