Chapter 984 - Issues Arising at the Same Time

The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Mu Jiuzhou 2022/9/13 16:01:59

Lucas said with a comforting smile, “Rest assured. Everything will be fine. The Howards aren’t weak, and they won’t let others bully them.”

Anyway, he had already done what he needed to do and saved the Howards once from the Piers and the Williams.

But he wasn’t a Howard after all, and he wasn’t obligated to keep staying in DC to help the Howards resolve their troubles.

Furthermore, Lucas believed that Florence wasn’t a fool. Michael had already taken the initiative to extend an olive branch to the Howards, so the Howards would definitely seize the opportunity to form an alliance with the Huttons.

In that case, the Howards wouldn’t face any major issues.

Besides, if something unexpected really happened, Lucas still had the Smiths to help him in DC, and he could have them side with the Howards.

There were only eight top families in DC, and Lucas could get three of them to unite. The only way the Piers and the Williams could defeat them was to form an alliance with the remaining three families.

But the chances of this happening were almost negligible.

Frankly speaking, given Lucas’s current power, he could easily conquer all eight families in DC. But doing so would cause huge economic turbulence in the country, and he didn’t want to affect ordinary people because of it.

More than two hours later, they arrived safely in Orange County.

Lucas had been in DC for more than a week and finally returned to the city he was most familiar with.

After getting off the plane, Cheyenne turned on her cell phone and heard a succession of text message alerts, all of which were texts she had received while her phone was off during the flight. There were also many missed calls.

Cheyenne panicked when she saw so many missed calls from her secretary.

Just as she was about to call back and ask what was going on, her phone started ringing again.

The person who called was the general manager’s secretary of the Brilliance Corporation.

“What happened at the office?” Cheyenne immediately asked.

The person on the other end said something, and Cheyenne’s face became extremely sullen. Finally, she merely said, “Okay, I’ve gotten off the plane, and I’m back in Orange County now. I’ll head over to the office immediately to take a look!”

After Cheyenne hung up, Lucas immediately asked with concern, “What happened at the office?”

Cheyenne smiled bitterly. “There are some problems with a few contracts, and the clients are demanding that I solve the issues now, so I have to head back immediately.”

“Is it troublesome? Do you need my help?” Lucas asked with concern.

Cheyenne shook her head. “It’s okay. It’s all just some company affairs that I can resolve on my own. I’ll take a cab to the office first. You don’t have to bother about me either. Just take a cab home quickly. Amelia is waiting for you at home. She must miss you dearly!”

Cheyenne was an extremely independent woman who wasn’t willing to seek help from others.

Lucas respected Cheyenne’s decision. Since she said that she could resolve the issues on her own, he didn’t insist any further.

“Okay, go ahead then. If there’s something you can’t solve on your own, remember to call and let me know,” Lucas said before ushering Cheyenne into a taxi. Then he took a taxi back to his Pearl Lake villa.

As soon as he returned home, Amelia dashed toward him excitedly and threw herself into his arms. “Daddy! You’re finally home! I missed you so much!”

While being hugged by his daughter, Lucas felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in his heart as he picked Amelia up in his arms and kissed her cheeks a few times.

Lucas originally thought that Amelia would be upset at him for coming home late and breaking his promise to take her out for delicious food today. But he saw nothing except pure surprise and joy on her face without the slightest complaint.

Lucas loved his well-behaved and sensible daughter to bits.

William walked out and greeted Lucas with a smile. “Welcome back. Did everything go well in DC?”

Lucas nodded and smiled. “Yes, it’s all settled now. How’s your recovery going, William?”

Previously, Karen and Nikki had colluded to scheme against William and caused him to have a traffic accident. He had been badly wounded and in a vegetative state. Now, he was in the stage of slow recovery.

“Yeah, they’re just some superficial injuries. I’m almost fully healed now!” William said while arching his arm to flex it, revealing the small muscles on it.

Lucas burst into laughter and soon realized that there was someone missing in the house.

“Where’s Charlotte? Isn’t it the weekend? Is she still working overtime?” Lucas asked.

William explained, “Oh, yeah, Charlotte was supposed to have a break today, but about half an hour ago, her assistant called and said that there were some urgent matters for her to handle at the office, so she rushed back.”

Lucas immediately frowned.

When they got off the plane half an hour ago, Cheyenne had received a similar phone call from her company, saying that something troublesome had happened. And now, something cropped up at Charlotte’s office at the same time. Was it really a coincidence?

Before Lucas could dwell on it further, William’s phone started ringing.

After William answered the call, his expression immediately changed, and he said quickly, “Huh? What did you say? That happened at the office? Okay, wait for me there. I’ll come deal with it right away!”

After hanging up, William grabbed his jacket and car key while saying to Lucas, “Lucas, stay home and play with Amelia! I have something urgent to deal with at the office. I’m heading over now!”

Then he left without looking back.

Lucas was hugging Amelia, but he acutely felt that there was something wrong.

Within such a short period of time, the Brilliance Corporation, the Stardust Corporation, and the Solar Corporation all faced an urgent issue all of a sudden. It was too strange for it to just be a coincidence.

Moreover, all three companies belonged to him.

Someone might be targeting him and creating trouble for all three of his companies at the same time.

But who would do this?

There shouldn’t be anyone who dared to go against Lucas, given his current status and identity.