Chapter 986 - Father-in-Law Is Beaten Up

The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray Mu Jiuzhou 2022/9/13 16:01:59

Lucas suppressed his anger and said, “Jace Hutton, if you dare to lay a hand on my father-in-law, I won’t spare you!”

Jace guffawed arrogantly. “Haha, Lucas Gray, are you threatening me? I’m going to lay a hand on him. Let’s see what you can do to me!”

Immediately afterward, Jace ordered the people next to him, “Beat him up! Beat the living daylights out of him until he can’t move any more!”

Then a series of punching and kicking sounds came from the other end, along with numerous suppressed and muffled grunts of pain.

Lucas’s eyes were about to burst into flames. He could tell that the person being beaten was William, but there was something stuffed in his mouth. So despite being beaten, he could only let out muffled sounds.

At this moment, Lucas wished he could fly to Jace and slap his face hard.

Lucas took a deep breath and said as calmly as possible, “The person you want to deal with is me. Just come at me directly. You’re being a coward by involving irrelevant people! Are you too scared to fight me head on?”

In order to make Jace stop hitting William, Lucas provoked him.

“Haha, I just want to go after the people you care about! I’m going to make you watch me bully them while you can’t do anything to me. Haha, this feels great.

“If you don’t want me to continue doing anything to him, then beg me. If you make me happy, I might spare this old man!

“Otherwise, I’ll make you listen to him getting beaten to death!”

Jace laughed arrogantly, his voice filled with twisted malice.

Gripping his phone tightly, Lucas said without hesitation, “Okay, I’m begging you. Please get them to stop immediately!”

Hearing this, Jace stayed silent for a few seconds before laughing arrogantly again. “Hahahaha! Lucas Gray, I bet you can’t believe this is happening to you!

“I thought you had a backbone and that you were tough as nails, but I didn’t expect you to spinelessly beg me for forgiveness just because I’m beating your father-in-law. Haha, but this also means that your father-in-law is very important to you, right?

“In that case, all the more I won’t let him off! I’ll torture him to death bit by bit and let him die wailing in pain!

“If he dies, you’ll definitely be miserable too. Hehehe, that’ll be the best! Since you’ve taken away what I wanted, this is how I’m going to get back at you! I’m going to make sure everyone you care about dies in front of me one by one!

“Hahaha, are you furious now? Do you want to kill me? Too bad you can’t do anything to me now that this old man is in my hands. This feeling is very painful, right? But the more miserable you are, the happier I am! Hahahaha!”

Jace was venting his hatred maniacally like a madman.

Lucas’s eyes flashed with terrifying fury. Jace ordering people to capture William and beat him up had already touched Lucas’s bottom line.

William wasn’t the only one Lucas was worried about now. He was also worried about Cheyenne and Charlotte.

They had both been called back to their companies because of something urgent cropping up. Now that William had fallen into Jace’s hands, what would happen to the sisters? Were they still safe?

At the thought of his loved ones being captured and abused by a scumbag like Jace, Lucas felt an urge to kill him.

“Jace, listen to me. If you just want to provoke me and see me suffer, you’ve succeeded. But you should also know that I won’t let you off for doing this!

“Just wait for me to take your life!”

With that, Lucas hung up the phone.

It was pointless to continue wasting his breath on talking nonsense with Jace now. The most important thing to do currently was to ensure that Cheyenne and Charlotte were safe before finding a way to save William!

Lucas immediately called Stanley, “Are you at the Brilliance Corporation now? Is my wife still safe and sound?”

Stanley replied, “Yes, Mr. Gray, I’m in the Brilliance Corporation now, and Ms. Carter is safe in the general manager’s office now.”

Only then did Lucas heave a sigh of relief. Stanley was also a former soldier from the Falcon Regiment in Calico, so Lucas trusted him greatly.

“Okay, stay by my wife’s side and protect her. Don’t let anyone with ulterior motives approach her and hurt her!” Lucas ordered in an extremely stern tone.

Stanley was shocked to hear Lucas’s order because it meant that something had probably happened and Cheyenne would likely encounter danger.

He didn’t ask Lucas what had happened and subconsciously performed a military salute. “Yes! I swear to complete this mission!”

After making sure that Cheyenne was fine and ordering Stanley to stay vigilant and protect her, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief.

Immediately afterward, he called Skylar.

Previously, Skylar had received a mission to assassinate Lucas, who spared her on the account that she had the Bladeless Sword. When Skylar fled from the Peerless Martial Association, Lucas had saved her and gave her shelter.

Since then, Skylar had become Lucas’s loyal follower, and he had sent her to protect Charlotte.

After Skylar picked up, Lucas immediately asked, “Is Charlotte still at the company? Is she in any danger? You must protect her and keep her safe. Report to me immediately if anything crops up!”

Skylar was also stunned. She hurriedly said, “Miss Carter is in her office now, but a middle-aged woman in her fifties came looking for her just now and claimed to be her relative. The two of them even had an argument in the office…”

Before Skylar could finish, Lucas shouted, “Go look for Charlotte immediately! Make sure she’s safe and ignore everyone else!”

Skylar’s body trembled, and she immediately realized that something had happened. After assenting, she hung up.

In his Pearl Lake villa, Lucas was in a terrible mood.

The middle-aged woman whom Skylar said had gone to look for Charlotte and had an argument with her was very likely to be Karen!

Karen was a criminal who was supposed to be serving her jail term, yet she suddenly appeared on the street and subsequently showed up at the Stardust Corporation’s office. Someone was clearly behind this.

Lucas had wondered how Karen had gotten out of prison. But after receiving Jace’s phone call, Lucas knew who the troublemaker was.

Furthermore, given Jace’s malice toward Lucas, Karen definitely didn’t appear in Charlotte’s office for anything good!