Chapter 550 - About the Top Four of the Sequence Who Became My Bodyguard (1)

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The Mechanical Conference would last for several days.

But next, both the judges and the audience felt that it was boring.

The Mechanics all entered sage mode after the shock.

Although there were also inventions comparable to dream training devices later, in the eyes of the audience, they were only so-so.

Mechanical phantom beasts were forever gods!

At this moment, the nine major universities and many research teams weren’t thinking about how to apply for more funds with their inventions.

Instead, they were thinking about how to get intimate with Shi Yu and sit on the mechanical phantom beast, the ride that led to the future Golden Road!

If they caught this wind, even pigs could take off, let alone the elites that they were. They had to catch up.

For example, Star Capital University gave a plan that made the gem cat clone cry.

Star Capital University wanted to cooperate with Ancient Capital University. They would let their pets train normally during the day and let their pets train in their dreams at night. When their pets died and their corpses were preserved, they could still revive them to continue training, fighting, and working countless years later.

This was simply a perfect cooperation. The world would become better and better.

Of course, Shi Yu naturally ignored such an inhumane method.

Right now, he only wanted to receive the fourth bureau’s resources in peace.

He had already learned the benefits of the fourth bureau from Legend Xiao Shuang.

First was the mechanical index. This was definitely there.

Just like how the archeological index was filled with archeological knowledge and the Feeding index was filled with Feeding knowledge, the Mechanical index was naturally filled with Mechanical knowledge.

For Ling, this was the most important thing to make it stronger, not inferior to the legendary resources of the Mechanic class.

After all, knowledge was a resource in the Mechanic class.

Apart from that, it was the right to apply to activate forbidden weapons after becoming a member of the fourth bureau.

Just like how Gao Xuan could take a small forbidden weapon to destroy the Ice Dragon Snow Mountain, if Shi Yu had reasonable needs, he could also apply for the right to use the forbidden weapon.

Naturally, it was definitely only an ordinary or even a small forbidden weapon, and it needed to pass the joint vote of multiple departments.

Moreover, the members of the fourth bureau were qualified to come into contact with some control mechanical materials in Dong Huang. Moreover, they had a certain amount of funds every year and could directly exchange mechanical materials.

After hearing this, Shi Yu was overjoyed. Everything was better.

Because of the mechanical phantom beast, in the third, fourth, and eleventh bureau, many big shots gathered and discussed this project.

After all, mechanical phantom beasts were not a matter of the Mechanical Bureau. The archeological Bureau and the Feeding Bureau were not inferior to the Mechanical Bureau in terms of curiosity about ancient overlords.

In a conference room in Star Capital.

Principal Feng, Grandma Li, President Ye of the third bureau, Dr. Mei of the fourth bureau, Legend Xiao Shuang, and the others gathered.

“The mechanical phantom beast system indeed requires cooperation.”

The three parties had already reached a consensus.

Bureau 11 had the most ancient fossils, so it definitely couldn’t be lacking.

Secondly, the cultivation difficulty of the Soul Heart Fruit was very high. If there was no ginseng baby, it could only rely on the joint efforts of the legendary feeders in the third bureau to form a stable cultivation channel.

In the end, it was the combination of the smart chip and the Soul Heart Fruit, the modification of the mechanical phantom beast. These were the core skills of the mechanical phantom beast.

This needed the Fourth Bureau.

Therefore, Shi Yu had already decided to share the various technologies of the mechanical phantom beast system with Bureau 3, 4, and 11, which was equivalent to handing it to Dong Huang.

In the conference room, the big shots of the three bureaus looked at the plan concluded by Ling in their hands with serious gazes.

Then, Legend Xiao Shuang revealed a puzzled expression and looked at Shi Yu. “Why aren’t you in these cooperation plans?”

“Uh.” Shi Yu was stunned.

The other big shots also looked at Shi Yu.

But this was very simple. Shi Yu didn’t want to do it anymore!

“Cough.” The president of the Feeding Association and a member of the fourth bureau, President Ye Hui, had a strange expression. He kept feeling that this scene was a little familiar.

It seemed that after someone developed the green cocoon system, he immediately threw it to Dr. Zuo, Legend Hua, and him.

“Because I’m already at a technical bottleneck and can’t overcome it in the short term. And I still have to prepare for the world competition. I’m helpless,” Shi Yu said with a shrug.

What a reasonable reason to slack off.

Everyone was silent as they looked at Shi Yu speechlessly.

What world tournament?!

Although it was already very impressive for Shi Yu to reach Sequence fifth in such a short period of time, the lowest threshold for survival in the World Tournament had to be at least legendary.

There were still eight months. Shi Yu, who had just broken through, couldn’t catch up no matter how anxious he was.

Moreover, legends were only the lowest threshold of the World Tournament.

Countless legends and overlords went to compete for the title of “World Legend” and the blessings of the World Tree.

Therefore, it was basically difficult to win the championship without a titled legend’s battle power.

Be it Lin Feng Legend back then or the Divine Wind Beast Tamer 20 years ago, when they won the championship, their battle power was close to the titled level. They could temporarily match totems. This was how they won the championship.

Shi Yu was really too far behind that standard.

Moreover, the difficulty of this year’s world competition was even higher because of the participation of the totem country.

It would be fine if Shi Yu didn’t have so many halos on him. He could just go and treat it as training and gambling his fate. Even if he couldn’t win the championship, there might be other benefits. However, with the pile of achievements on Shi Yu, there was no need for him to take the risk in the World Tournament.