Chapter 552 - About the Top Four of the Sequence Becoming My Bodyguard (3)

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He looked at Shi Yu and said, “Although you’ve only awakened your talent for a short period of time, to be able to obtain the recognition of the Blue Sea Sprite and the recognition of the Dragon God, you’re already one of the best talents in Bureau 11. You can go to Inatella this time. The blessings of the World Tree are unimportant, but if you can obtain some clues through those Mythical Ruins, it might be helpful for Dong Huang to welcome the next disaster and era.”

“Originally, I had expectations for Lu Qingyi in Bureau 11. The importance I placed on her is even higher than Ye Xing, Divine Bell, and the others. This is because as an archeologist with the talent to listen, it’s easier for her to explore those Mythical ruins. But from the looks of it, you’re a better candidate than her.”

“From the various signs, the awakening of the World Tree this time should be the greatest change in the Beast Taming Era,” President Lin said. “A change that hasn’t happened in hundreds of millions of years.”

Principal Feng’s face fell.

However, at the same time, he was shocked.

The awakening of the World Tree was also related to the approach of the Mythical Era???

President Lin Xiao was the descendant of Lin Feng Legend. His words naturally had credibility.

Because Lin Feng was one of the few humans who had received the blessings of the World Tree.

“The awakening of the World Treea| is related to the revival of the Mythical Era?” Shi Yu was stunned.

He also suddenly recalled the Dragon God’s words. The World Tree was the embodiment of the planet’s will. The real Blue Planet’s will had already fallen asleep with the end of the Mythical Era. The frequent awakening of the embodiment of the planet’s will represented something. It seemed to be possible.

At this moment, when they heard President Lin’s words, the others also revealed shocked expressions.

“That should be the case.”

“Moreover, no one can determine if the revival of the myths is a good thing or a bad thing. For example, my ancestor once had a pessimistic attitude, as if he understood something,” President Lin Xiao said calmly.

If the Mythical Revival was a disaster, then the Blue Sea Sprite, mechanical phantom beasts, national Beast Tamers, and stable evolution channels of overlord races would be nothing.

Gods and mortals would be completely different domains.

In the face of such a changing world, information, information, and all clues related to myths were the foundation.

“If you don’t want to go there, naturally no one will force you to go. But since you want to go to Inatella Island to explore the Mythical Ruins, Dong Huang will definitely give you some help,” Lin Xiao said.

“At that time, Ye Xing, Divine Bell, and the other contestants who have already become legendary Beast Tamers, Dong Huang, will protect you in the competition. You and Lu Qingyi will be the leaders. You don’t have to forcefully try and get the blessings of the World Tree, but it’s best to investigate as many clues about the Mythical Ruins as possible.”

Beside President Lin Xiao, the expression of the legendary Beast Tamer, Shen Ling, changed. She looked at Shi Yu. What, he wanted her to be Shi Yu’s nanny?

Principal Feng and the others were also very shocked and stunned.

Let the top four legends of the Sequence be Shi Yu’s bodyguards to explore the Mythical Ruins?

This, this, this, this…

Shi Yu was also shocked by President Lin’s words. How could this be?

When everyone else was competing for the Sequence ranking, he directlya| became the target that all the top Sequence contestants needed to protect in the world competition?

However, President Lin’s expectations for himself seemed to only be to find some clues about the Mythical Era in the World Tournament through his listening talent to better welcome the changes in the future.

As for Shi Yu himself, he was relatively silent. Although he also wanted to explore the Mythical Ruins, he couldn’t leave the skill fusion function unlocked, right?

If possible, he wanted all of them.

“I understand.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Yes.” President Lin also nodded and said, “Principal Feng previously wanted to apply for the legendary resources in the top five of the Sequence for you, right? The association will directly approve this. Although the chances of using the growth of pets to break through to the legendary level are not high, you don’t have to worry about wasting them. Those legendary resources… just use them. It can more or less increase your strength.”

“With your foundation and these legendary resources, you won’t be much weaker than those overlord races in the World Tournament. Just be careful. Your safety can still be guaranteed.”

“Apart from that, the association will also give you an additional five billion as resources. You should try your best to increase your strength.”

He looked at President Ye and Dr. Mei and said, “At the same time, you can also use the fossils from the Mythical Era in the resource bank to study the mechanical phantom beast project. Just as Shi Yu said, this is indeed a way to explore myths.”

“Yes.” President Ye, Dr. Mei, and the others nodded.

After President Lin finished speaking, even the Divine Bell beside him was envious. However, she also knew that Shi Yu deserved it.

“Alright, that’s enough,” President Lin said. In the past few months, he had come into contact with many titled legends from other countries, some totem clans, and even some totem allies. This year’s World Tournament was not a small matter. It might be a sign of the revival of the myths. If not for that, he would not be willing to send out a genius like Shi Yu.