Chapter 553 - About the Top Four of the Sequence Becoming My Bodyguard (4)

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In this world competition… The strategic significance of Lu Qingyi and Shi Yu in Bureau 11 might be greater than the other four legends.

“Wait, President Lin, there’s one more thing,” Shi Yu suddenly said.

“Is there anything else?” President Lin asked.

Shi Yu said, “I know the location of a ruin that might have Mythical resources and many legendary resources. It might be the resource mystic realm of the Phoenix Race that has already been eliminated. However, I don’t know if there’s any conspiracy behind this ruin, like what I know. Therefore, I want the Dong Huang Association to cooperate with me and complete the exploration before the World Tournament. This way, I can also strengthen Dong Huang’s national strength again.”

“Ah, I know about this. You want to go to the seven islands during this period, right?” President Lin said.

Shi Yu nodded. Apart from Principal Feng and the others, the big shots of the third and fourth bureaus were still stunned.

What, Mythical resources? Multiple legendary resources? Seven islands? Phoenix Race’s resource mystic realm? What was going on!!

The Undying Dark Phoenix in the Undead Battlefield, which was suspected to be Chi Tong and the empress’s biological mother, told Shi Yu about a Mythical resource mystic realm. It said that it wanted to use this to nurture Chi Tong’s growth and let Shi Yu save it through Chi Tong. This mystic realm was on the seven islands.

Back then, because the Undying Dark Phoenix went berserk, Shi Yu had told Principal Feng about this. As for Principal Feng, he had definitely reported it to the higher-ups.

Therefore, Shi Yu was not surprised that President Lin knew about this. After all, the position of Division 13 was at the top of Dong Huang. There was only one superior, and that was the president of the Dong Huang Association, Lin Xiao.

However, because this mystic realm needed Chi Tong’s bloodline to open, Dong Huang had never taken action. At that time, Shi Yu was still too weak and not suitable to explore the Phoenix Race’s resource mystic realm.

“After a while, I’ll invite the Tyrannical Sea Legend, the Guardian Goddess Ying, and the other members of Bureau 11 to form an exchange team to the seven islands. At that time, you can follow the team to the seven islands to explore.”

Shi Yu said, “Then we have to watch the Undead Battlefield too. If that mystic realm is the key to unsealing the Undying Dark Phoenix, it’ll be a big problem…”

President Lin said, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

Shi Yu added, “There’s also the Space Emperor Ruins’ Space Beast Egg. It also needs to go to different areas to hatch…”

President Lin was silent.

Why was this kid so troublesome???

“There will also be an exchange team and titled legends and guardians as your bodyguards.”

“However, if you want to go abroad, you need to undergo a certain amount of disguise and change your identity and name. You can’t go out to train as Shi Yu. If nothing goes wrong, your name will be on the totem clans’ must-kill list soon,” President Lin said calmly.

“What, the totem clans still don’t know my name?” Shi Yu was stunned.

To think that he was worried previously, but in the end, the other party was so unprofessional?

However, one had to disguise themselves when going abroad. This could be used as a reference, but to be honest, Shi Yu couldn’t trust Buggy’s disguise skill.

It was better to use the skill index to disguise himself. As long as he added points to look white-haired and had an old and weak aura, who could recognize him? It was natural.

Everyone :”…”

“Since it’s alright, Little Ling, let’s go,” President Lin said.

President Lin came and left quickly, leaving the big shots of Division 13 looking at each other and falling into deep thought. They also sensed the aura of some big events from these words.

After the Mechanical Conference ended, the impact of the Mechanical Conference continued to ferment.

As too many people were looking for him, Shi Yu decided to disappear.

Among them, the two mechanical legends of the seven islands and Shen Feng wanted to come into contact with Shi Yu the most. Shi Yu had given them a chance, but they weren’t rare.

Shi Yu asked them if there were any pets that knew superalloy, but they said no.

Then he decided to talk when they knew more.

After the Mechanical Conference, Shi Yu basically handed over the mechanical phantom beast technology.

However, without the help of Baby Ginseng, Dong Huang would probably have to digest it for a while. Shi Yu and the others were the most comfortable with the mechanical phantom beast system. If others used it, they would have to spend more effort.

Among them, the revived mechanical phantom beasts on Shi Yu’s side had also been thrown to the Mechanic class of Ancient Capital University to study, leaving only a mechanical Tyrant Dragon.

In other words, the guy they personally created at the start with Eleven’s hardening substance.

After all, Ling still had to continue researching the Mythical mechanical phantom beast. There had to be one to experiment with as the little white mouse. The mechanical Tyrant Dragon had already been used, so it would continue to stay in the dragon enclosure in the ruins space.

At the moment, Shi Yu had already successfully joined the fourth bureau and obtained the mechanical index. Moreover, he had also obtained 5 billion+5 billion in resources.

Among them, 5 billion was used by the Dong Huang Association to nurture Shi Yu. The other 5 billion was the mechanical materials funds of the Mechanical Bureau. It was specially prepared for Shi Yu, the winner of the Mechanical Conference’s Gold Award.

The day Shi Yu obtained it, he spent it all. According to Ling’s request, he exchanged for three Hundred Transformations Stones (Wind) and two billion mechanical materials to upgrade Ling.

This was what Ling deserved. After all, it had contributed greatly to the research system of the mechanical phantom beast. Apart from that, Baby Ginseng also contributed greatly. However, its reward was a legendary resource. It was the legendary resource of the Sequence ranking that Shi Yu had always wanted to apply for in advance. With President Lin’s nod, it was successfully applied.