Chapter 555 - The Three Armies Under Shi Yu (1)

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A day after the Mechanical Conference ended, Shi Yu had already started his “leisure” life at Ancient Capital University again.

It wasn’t attending class or anything. It was just adding points and resting…

Of course, with the memory water drop, Shi Yu was no longer afraid of the exam.

Even Fang Lan could perfectly self-study all the classes in high school+first year and second year in just two months, let alone him.

However, if he wanted to learn, what he, Baby Ginseng, and Ling should learn now should also be transcendent biological knowledge and world history from abroad.

After all, it wouldn’t be long before they had to leave Dong Huang and train abroad.

Now, Shi Yu had already advanced to his second year.

Perhaps Ancient Capital University knew that it was impossible to expect Shi Yu to attend normal classes and graduate, so they directly awarded Shi Yu the title of doctorate in archeology, Feeding, and Mechanical Science.

Wasn’t that enough!

Moreover, who dared to question the value of these titles? The country had already verified it immediately!

From now on, Lu Qingyi wasn’t the only genius archeologist under the age of 30 in Ancient Capital University. There was also Dr. Shi Yu, who was proficient in archeology, feeding, and machinery.

Apart from that, there was a larger change that had been decided a long time ago.

After the beast-eared girl, White Brook, and the other older students graduated, the battle department of Ancient Capital University was completely “out of stock”.

Apart from Shi Yu, there was actually no master-level student.

After school started, Shi Yu was forced to become the president of the battle club and the captain of the school team.

Although it was only in name, and Shi Yu had never paid attention to that side, this wasn’t for the long term. Shi Yu still hoped that his juniors and seniors could stand up quickly.

However, this situation should improve quickly. After all, the education funds of Ancient Capital University this year were really a lot. It should be easy to pile up one or two more masters.

Shi Yu recommended more resources to nurture the Dragon Tamer Yu Shu, the Spirit Medium Wang Ling, the Gu Master Miao Dongdong, the Elemental Envoy Zhang Qianyi, and the other second-year students who participated in the same vocation assessment as him.

There was also the first-year genius new student of An Chang’s batch. This way, the older students wouldn’t graduate just as they finished nurturing them.

Of course, Shi Yu didn’t care if the school listened to his suggestion. He just wanted to increase his points quickly.

At the same time, Shi Yu also entrusted the gem cat to him to buy various resources, such as high-level water-element energy crystals, wood-element energy crystals, and life supplements.

These were all necessities to increase points.

The additional points of a super skill, be it Shi Yu, Baby Ginseng, or Susu, would all fall to the extreme.

Although they could slowly recover by relying on natural recovery, this required a lot of time and a suitable environment.

The efficiency was completely not faster than directly using resources and supplements.

Shi Yu looked at the five billion in his pocket and felt that it was useless to leave it there. It was better to use resources to increase efficiency. After all, there were only eight months left in the world competition. There was no time for them to slowly go to various places with abundant natural energy to spend a lot of time recovering natural energy.

After returning to his leisurely life, Shi Yu continued to add points to Eleven.

At the moment, Eleven still had three skills that weren’t expert level: Space Quake, Lightning Rod, and Undying Golden Body.

Shi Yu chose to add the Undying Golden Body first. After the Undying Golden Body reached expert level, the changes would be very huge.

If it was said that the entry-level Undying Golden Body converted 10% of the damage into vitality, then the expert-level Undying Golden Body converted 25% of the damage into vitality, allowing Eleven’s endurance to become even fiercer.

After adding another point to Eleven and increasing the Undying Golden Body from (Proficient) to (Proficient+1), Shi Yu used all the supplements he could use, the treatment of the ginseng baby, and the purification of Susu. The cooldown was finally reduced to 48 hours and no longer changed.

These 48 hours were no longer physical factors. There were also side effects of mental, life, and time corrosion.

Whether it was Eleven or Shi Yu, the additional points of super skills had a huge impact on their bodies and minds. If not for Susu, they would probably really be reduced to slaves of power like the warning in the index.

“Wuu…” After adding points, Eleven lay on the ground tiredly.

“Hu…” Shi Yu, Baby Ginseng, Susu, and the others also lay down tiredly.

After adding points, the entire team rose to the sky.

Judging from the current increase in points, if he continued to increase points in the World Tournament now, he should be able to catch up. At that time, he still had the ability to fight those overlords.

As for how far it could reach, it still depended on the experience after obtaining the first overlord-level pet.

Although Shi Yu judged that with his level-six space and current physique, it shouldn’t be a problem to contract an overlord-level pet above his level, if it was two or three, it would probably be a big problem.

Therefore, he wanted to see how many overlords his physique could withstand.

If he could become an overlord, why would he be afraid of the world competition?

Of course, this situation was probably very difficult to achieve.

However, even if there were only one or two, Shi Yu believed that no matter which one it was, as long as Eleven and the others stepped into the overlord level, they would be outstanding among ordinary overlords. Their battle power would even be comparable to top-notch overlords. It was not a problem for them to fight alone.

After a short rest for the entire team, Shi Yu left the ruins space. He had to combine adding points and relaxing so that he could be in a better state to add points in the next round.