Chapter 556 - The Three Armies Under Shi Yu (2)

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During the break, Shi Yu chose to head to the Ancient Capital’s Undead Battlefield and bring Chi Tong and Susu to kill the undead and cleanse them to relieve the pressure!

If he wanted to reduce the cooldown now, he didn’t rely on supplements or purification. Instead, he had to make his heart happy in order to effectively sublimate his state.

What could make him happy?

Shi Yu thought for a long time. Apart from eating and drinking, probably only resources, cracking history, and showing off himself could do the trick.

Therefore, Shi Yu chose to come to the Undead Battlefield and transform into “Sword God Shi Yu”. He wanted to experience the thrill of punishing demons and killing ghosts to relieve his boredom.

Ancient Capital, Undead Battlefield, stationed army.

Commander Xu, Master Xu Kai, guarded here day after day, working diligently every day.

It couldn’t be helped. A few months ago, the top-notch totem here, the Undying Dark Phoenix, had just “gone berserk” once. The entire ancient capital was under a lot of pressure.

The undead riot was a small matter. If the Undying Dark Phoenix came out, it would be over!

And all of this started from a student…

“‘Dr. Shi Yu’, why are you here again? Don’t tell me you want to enter the Undead Battlefield? This isn’t fun!!”

Today, Commander Xu received a kid who often gave him nightmares. When he saw Shi Yu visit, his face immediately turned bitter and his mood was unstable.

“Ahaha, Instructor Xu, long time no see.”

Shi Yu looked at Commander Xu, who was in charge of their “Heroic Spirit Ruins” training, in embarrassment.

“What?” If Shi Yu wanted to enter, Xu Kai naturally couldn’t stop him. However, what did Shi Yu mean?

“In a while, Dong Huang will have a higher-level defense force coming here. You should be able to receive the news soon, I’m just revealing it to you in advance,” Shi Yu said.

He wanted to explore the Phoenix Mystic Realm on the seven islands. In order to prevent any connection between the two, he definitely had to strictly control the Undead Battlefield.

“What happened?” Master Xu Kai’s expression turned cold.

“It’s not a big deal,” Shi Yu said. “By the way, when I just came over, I realized that the new students of Ancient Capital University are training in the heroic spirit ruins over there again, right?”

Initially, he wanted to go in directly, but because of an unexpected discovery, he came to see Master Xu.

“Yeah, there are many good seedlings in Ancient Capital University this year. If we don’t count you, the quality is even higher than the newbies last year,” Master Xu Kai said as he looked at the monster, Shi Yu.

“There’s a student called An Chang, right? Has he obtained the recognition of the heroic spirit?” Shi Yu asked.

“Yes, this year’s top scholar of the Ancient Capital. However, he hasn’t ascended the altar yet, but it shouldn’t be difficult for him to obtain the recognition of the heroic spirit later on,” Master Xu said. “This kid’s performance in the vocation assessment this year is even more exaggerated than yours!!”

The opponent in second place was directly insta-killed by An Chang in the fusion state of the flood dragon. It was too exaggerated.

Another super genius.

“I see. Then train him hard during the military training. Don’t hold back.”

“Uh.” Master Xu Kai looked at Shi Yu. They had a grudge?

“I nurtured him. I’ve invested a lot of resources in him, so it’s always good to experience some training.” Shi Yu chuckled.

It was normal to be strong. Hundreds of millions of investment funds, a pile of level-seven resources! At the start, even he himself only had ten million.

If An Chang couldn’t become a legend, Shi Yu would feel that he had suffered a huge loss. Although he had also obtained two family heirlooms from him… he definitely hoped that An Chang could successfully grow up.

“What, you nurtured him??? What do you mean?” Master Xu Kai was shocked. What was going on?

You’re only a f*cking second-year student. Don’t tell me you took in a first-year disciple… Although, Shi Yu can’t be treated as a normal student…

The number one person below the legendary level.

This title made Master Xu understand that Shi Yu’s current battle power could easily kill him.

“It’s good that you know… Just help train on the highest scale.” Shi Yu scratched his cheek. If An Chang grew up quickly, he could get rid of his lousy position of president of the battle club that he couldn’t get any benefits from.

“Set more tests for him. After it’s over, help me give this to him.”

Shi Yu took out a drop of “Buggy Silk Memory Crystal” in a water bottle. It was An Chang’s second pet. He had contracted the Green Silkworm given by Ancient Capital University that had mastered the transcendent Worm Silk. According to Shi Yu’s understanding, the worm had yet to evolve, so this thing seemed to be useful.

“Alright…” Master Xu Kai was stunned before nodding.

“Thank you,” Shi Yu said with a smile.

It was pretty good to have a top-notch master like Xu Kai helping with the military training for a while.

“By the way, I also brought you tea!”

Shi Yu took out a bottle of special fruit tea brewed by Baby Ginseng and drank it happily with Commander Xu as a reward.

This thing was very nourishing to middle-aged men.

After chatting with Commander Xu, Shi Yu stood on the ancient capital city wall and prepared to enter the Undead Battlefield to kill monsters to relieve the pressure.

But at this moment, his cell phone suddenly rang.

Shi Yu was stunned. The call went through. Lin Xiuzhu saw that Shi Yu had picked up the call and said in surprise, “Are you busy?”

“I’m already done.”

“That’s good.” Lin Xiuzhu heaved a sigh of relief.

Two days ago, she naturally paid attention to the Mechanical Conference, but she was worried that Shi Yu would be very busy at this time, so she didn’t disturb him.