Chapter 973: First Battle with the Abyss

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Chapter 973: First Battle with the Abyss

When Empress Liv and Princess Philly said the 2 sentences, the starlight in the crystal ball flourished, instantly filling the entire space.

The star-like spheres revolved in a mysterious melody. Although these stars spread out into the army of the Abyss creatures, they were easily passed through by the incoming Abyss creatures as though they were illusions.

Although the color of the starlight and the style of the armor were slightly different from last time, this territory (kingdom) was exactly the killing move of the mysterious powerhouse – Philly was completely sure that this Chen Rui (The elf princess did not know the ‘Arthur’ identity) was the mysterious powerhouse wanted by the Holy Church!

“Even if this pri… friend has super-level strength, this illusory power of the kingdom is not comparable to the real kingdom of Demi-God.” Kelsa sighed. He was 1 of the witnesses last time when several elf powerhouses died. 2 of them were Demi-God, yet they were unable to resist the power of the Abyss, let alone this ‘Kingdom level’ powerhouse.

“You’re wrong, that’s a real kingdom.” A voice behind him sounded. It was the daughter of the legendary prophet Alucier, the younger sister of the elf empress, and the only remaining Demi-God level powerhouse in the Silver Moon Celestial Capital— Kilanya.

Kilanya held a wilted wooden staff. Some recognized that it was the one that the legendary prophet Alucier used to hold in his hand.

“I’m no match for this man.”

“In my father’s test, he beat me with 1 blow.”

These 2 sentences shocked all the elves. Defeating Kilanya in a blow! Well then he is at least… Demi-God!

Even Empress Liv was surprised by it – The mysterious man was only at the Kingdom level 2 years ago!

At this time, the army of the Abyss in the crystal ball had surrounded like a tidal wave. Before the monsters of melee combat were approaching, a barrage of long-range attacks flew out like a dense hailstorm.

Finoia’s heart suddenly tensed up as he stared closely at Chen Rui in the crystal ball.

Chen Rui and Zola appeared in the air in the blink of an eye, avoiding the barrage of long-range attacks. At the same time, the stars in the ‘real’ kingdom began to spin at high speed.

In the blink of an eye, high-speed red stardusts appeared, and the image began to become blurred.

For a time, the crystal ball appeared gray and hazy. The only thing that could be seen clearly was the traces of light running at high speed, drawing countless shining arcs of death in the air. Those who were weaker like Philly felt dizzy after watching it for a while.

[Red Pole Star Storm]!

After a long time, the star storm gradually ceased. The image of the crystal ball finally became clear.

The ground was full of exaggerated and distorted forms caused by the power of the storm, and all the Abyss creatures within the range of [Pole Star Kingdom] disappeared, including the strongest Abyss lord.

The elves watched this scene in amazement, but Chen Rui didn’t look relieved at all. Although [Red Pole Star Storm] had eliminated a considerable number of enemies, the space was very large. The Abyss creatures eliminated by this blow were less than 1/5 of the entire army.

What’s more terrifying was that the number of the Abyss army in the distance was still increasing due to the influence of some kind of power as if they were endless. The annihilation just now did not cause them to show any signs of retreating, but instead, they rushed toward Chen Rui’s side even more frantically.

Chen Rui’s original intention was not to use the ultimate move immediately, because [Red Pole Star Storm] would consume a lot of power, and he could not repeat the same move in a short period of time. However, in the face of the surging force of the Abyss army and the hail-like intensive attack, he did not have any extra time to think about it.

Dots of crystal lights began to appear in the lava; it was the Flower of Abyss. Once the army of the Abyss was buffed with the power of Flower of Abyss, their ferocity would be doubled again.

The next round of offense was bound to be even more terrifying.

Chen Rui had seen the battle images in the ancient alchemy civilization, and he knew that these Abyss creatures were like man-eating ants. If he fought recklessly, even the beasts whose single strength was far superior to them would be overwhelmed in the wave of terror.

As soon as he raised his head, he looked at the Tree of Nature in the air, which exuded a strong hatred power, which was the source of the Abyss power. The Abyss army that they saw in front was obviously a projection projected by the weakened seal gap. As long as the source of power was cut off, the army would naturally collapse without a fight, just like in the underground mine of the Thick Soil Castle.

Zola also discovered that the Tree of Nature in the sky was the key. She and Chen Rui could communicate with just a glance. She nodded without hesitation. The Secret Shadow wand appeared in her hand, “Leave the ground to me!”

Chen Rui didn’t say nonsense. He pointed at Zola, and a translucent armor appeared on Zola’s body which quickly converged into her body.

This was the ‘Soul Armor’ skill of the Wrath King Armor, a ‘Soul Armor’ that could bestow half of the attribute of the Wrath King Armor to a specific target. It was equivalent to a piece of super defense equipment.

The Flowers of Abyss in front had been shattered one after another. The destructive breath in the space suddenly increased, the Abyss creatures mutated one after another. They rushed toward the 2 even more fiercely.

Zola’s speed was even faster. She instantly appeared in the sky above the Abyss army. She immediately became the target of countless attacks. The mutated gap demon leaping high, the mutated berserk demon with power bullets in its mouth, and the blazing flame witch’s fire whip, the sword qi of the Abyss lord… They all crisscrossed into a giant net of death, shrouding the fairy dragon overwhelmingly.

It was not the first time that Fairy Dragon had faced such a situation. In the magic game training room specially made for her in the Rainbow Valley, there were dungeon trainings of various difficulties specially customized for her, among which there was a similar Abyss siege. The difference was, at that time it was just a game, so she could be reborn infinitely after death, but now it was a real battle where she had only 1 life. Failure would equal a complete game over.

Whether it was the trial of the game dungeon or the real battle, the fairy dragon was by no means a rookie. Although she held the wand a little more tight, her mind was surprisingly calm.

Zola’s figure suddenly turned into several overlapping images, making incredible movements in the air. All the range attacks missed. At the same time, lightning flickered, and the circles of the Abyss creatures on the ground instantly turned into a coke. The annihilation of the companion didn’t make the Abyss creatures fear or flinch in the slightest; they continued to surge in one after another.

Zola showed strong attacking power and destroyed a large area with a single blow, but under this inexhaustible attack, it was inevitable that she would be exhausted. After a few rounds, all overlapping images were completely engulfed by the Abyss. The elves in front of the crystal ball were taken aback.

“That’s the water element’s [Mirror Image]!” Kilanya’s voice sounded as the figure of the fairy dragon appeared on the ground in the other direction. The wand waved a few circles of blue arc-shaped dim light with her as the center. The Abyss monsters in several fan-shaped areas were annihilated. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Kelsa, who was proficient in water element magic, showed admiration. [Mirror Image] was generally used to confuse the enemy. Although it was realistic and had some combat power, it would collapse as long as it was hit.

As far as he was concerned, even if he could control so many [Mirror Images] at the same time, it was absolutely impossible to control [Mirror Images] to make such an almost unconventional dodging action under such a dense attack while launching a powerful attack like Zola. Furthermore, her original body was still facing a terrifying attack.

This move alone was enough to convince him.

Zola didn’t know what the outside world was saying about her. She still devoted herself to the battle. The blue light of the Secret Shadow instantly changed to faint green.

“[Windrun]!” At this moment, Pulos on the side couldn’t help but exclaim. Zola’s figure in the crystal ball became a little blurry. However, no matter whether it was a long-range, close-range or physical or energy attack, the fairy dragon’s body seemed to be triggered by something and drifted away in shock before they could touch her. She was like a breeze that was intangible and untouchable.

This was an extremely clever use of wind elements, which used the power of the wind to form a kind of ‘prediction’, but in the face of such a dense attack, Pulos thought that 10 seconds was the limit. However, Zola didn’t show any signs of fatigue after ‘drifting’ for nearly 2 minutes. Not only that, the bodies of the Abyss creatures along the way were entangled by lightning sparks without exception, and they couldn’t move for a while, unable to launch attacks.

This was not the real killing move. After Zola drifted away, intense lightning appeared from all the Abyss creatures, linking the nearby companions and bursting apart instantly. From a distance, it looked like several huge lightning snakes swayed in the swarm of Abyss creatures. An empty space appeared in the tide-like Abyss creatures.

Before the empty space was filled, Zola’s figure had instantly appeared in another direction again. The power that had been secretly charging burst out, and all the Abyss creatures within a few dozen meters nearby were blown to pieces.

This series of attack methods were launched smoothly in one go like a flow of water. The strength, location, timing, attack methods and other factors were actually combined almost perfectly, which made the elves, who were also good at elemental magics, astonished.

“Fairy dragon is a born magician indeed. If it were me, I would have already fallen under the siege of the Abyss monsters.” Kelsa sighed. He was also a peak stage of the Kingdom level magician. He, who had always been self-confident, had long lost his temper after seeing the strength shown by Zola.

Although the rest of the elf did not speak, a word appeared in their minds, “Spectacular”!

She hasn’t used her strongest power yet… Kilanya thought of the terrifying colorful ultimate move ([Element’s Fury]) yesterday and murmured in her mind.

Although the knot in Kilanya heart still hadn’t been solved, she had to admit that Zola’s qualifications far surpassed that of Meria or even Span. Although she had not yet broken through to Demi-God, she already had threatened an intermediate stage of the Demi-God like her. She even obtained the Element Goddess Crown, so her future was limitless.

Even the elf powerhouses who have reached the Demi-God level died in that circumstance that day. How long can these 2 people hold on?

Will my father’s prophecy 20,000 years ago be fulfilled?

The elf tribe and the whole world…

Boom! There was thunder in the sky. Kilanya looked up. The dark clouds had completely swallowed the sunlight. It was drizzling.