Chapter 974: Hatred Will

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Chapter 974: Hatred Will

In the face of an almost endless number of enemies and fierce attacks, Zola might appear to be at ease, but she was actually under more pressure than she looked.

Those monsters strengthened by Flower of Abyss were quite terrifying, especially the Abyss lord whose strength had reached the peak stage of the Kingdom level. The attacks launched by the monsters were extremely fierce as they didn’t care about attacking their own allies. It posed a huge threat to Zola.

Even if Flower of Abyss had a certain time effect, it was enough to kill Zola N times during this period of time. What was more troublesome was that some of the monsters that were killed would explode with blood mist, further enhancing the strength of their allies.

Therefore, Zola must always maintain a mobile tactic; avoid the crucial damage, control her strength, rhythm and tactics reasonably, couldn’t stay idle, couldn’t consume too much power at a time and couldn’t rashly pursue deep into the enemies.

If she stood still, even if she made a big move and eliminated a large number of monsters, she would still be overwhelmed by more enemies coming from behind. She had encountered such a failure in the previous magic game trials. Now it was not a trial or a game, but a real battle of life and death. Once she made a mistake, she would die. This kind of control was definitely not an easy thing. It could be described as ‘walking on thin ice’. As long as there was a slight error or power exhaustion, she would be swarmed by the monster tide.

Zola’s large-scale attack successfully attracted the firepower of the Abyss monsters. Chen Rui’s figure had charged straight into the Tree of Nature like a meteor. The blazing flame witches who tried to stop him along the way were annihilated under the powerful star power. In the blink of an eye, he had already appeared in front of the Tree of Nature.

Just as Chen Rui was approaching the Tree of Nature, he suddenly felt that everything was quiet. Apart from his heartbeat, he could no longer hear any sound, including the Abyss monsters.

Only the sound of heartbeats remained.

His own. No, there were more!

The very special rhythm, like a strange piece of music, made people indulge in it unconsciously.

Suddenly, Chen Rui found that his heartbeat involuntarily followed the rhythm.

Thump Thump Thump Thump…

Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump…

The beating of the heart was so strong and fast that Chen Rui immediately felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t control it to slow down.

“Bang!” Bloody light burst out from his chest. A bloody heart actually burst out!

The aura conversion prompt in the Super System made Chen Rui sober up. He looked at his chest with a lingering fear. The star armor was still intact, and there was no abnormality, but the feeling just now was so real – If he didn’t wake up in time, perhaps that scene would really happen.

What surprised Chen Rui even more was that he was wearing the Wrath King Armor, which was immune to spirit erosion. This showed that the power activated by the opponent was not purely spirit erosion, but a mixture of some kind of ‘might’ kingdom power. Just like in the illusion-like kingdom of the Psychedelic Forest, the power was even above the Psychedelic Forest kingdom!

There is no strict distinction between ‘real’ or ‘illusory’; only the difference between ‘life’ and ‘death’. If I can survive, it is an illusion. Otherwise, it is real!

Chen Rui seemed to have realized something. He slowly closed his eyes, and suddenly there were countless stars around him. The stars flickered with illusory brilliance. His mind seemed to have scattered into the galaxy, becoming 1 with the [Red Pole Star Kingdom]. This state was somewhat similar to the wonderful state of ‘harmony between man and nature’ depicted in the novels he read in his previous life.

After entering this state, although the ‘heartbeat’ of the Tree of Nature was still irregular, it could only be equivalent to ordinary ‘noise’ that could no longer shake his mind or the ‘small universe’ of this galaxy.

The heartbeat of the Tree of Nature gradually subsided. It was not the end, but another beginning.

Countless red smoke began to appear around, like arms that could be wrapped around at will. They swept toward Chen Rui like lightning. These seemingly soft red smoke contained extremely terrifying berserk power. Cracks actually appeared on the surface of Star Armor after being swiped by the smoke.

The power of the ‘arm’ was more than that. The breath of smoke continued to infiltrate [Pole Star Kingdom], and it tried to establish its own special kingdom in it. When [Pole Star Kingdom] repelled and consumed the invading kingdom power, his power was also weakening. Chen Rui could no longer maintain the previous state of ‘harmony between man and nature’. The previous ‘deadly heartbeat’ feeling’ began to surge again.

If this went on passively, failure was only a matter of time.

Chen Rui’s eyes opened abruptly, and there were layers of strange light in his pupils. The surrounding environment became a combination of various colors in his vision, which was somewhat similar to the image produced by thermal infrared aiming. This ‘heat spot’ was naturally the intensity of the power – [Deep Analysis]!

In the state of [Deep Analysis], the [Analytical Eyes] was constantly changing with various colors, combining into a strange image that couldn’t be seen by the naked eye, like a pattern that had been decomposed into countless color pixels. As long as the ‘eye’ squinted slightly, it could see the full face.

In the [Analytical Eyes], behind the red mist was a phantasm with a ‘face’.

It should be a female face with unclear facial features. The proportions appeared to be perfect, and the eyes were closed.

When Chen Rui first glanced at the ‘face’ phantasm, his soul shuddered as if he saw something extremely terrifying.

In fact, Chen Rui saw this ‘face’ for the first time, and the vision was still blurred. The reason for such a strong fear was the spiritual imprint of the ancient alchemy civilization. To be precise, it was the fusion imprint of the Alchemy Castle in the Mountain Loeb Mine and the Alchemy City in the Storm Island.

This kind of spiritual imprint was different from the real fusion memory of ‘Arthur’; it was only a foreign object, so the effect on Chen Rui was limited. He calmed down immediately, but this further affirmed to him the origin of this ‘face’.

Thinking of this, the stars in [Pole Star Kingdom] began to flash with intense light, and the Star Power began to compress at a high speed. The entire [Pole Star Kingdom] gradually shrank and faded.

Chen Rui’s pupils shone with light of destruction as all the compressed Star Power burst out, and a red light rushed straight toward the Tree of Nature.

Destruction origin power! It was also Chen Rui’s strongest blow!

[True Red Extinction].

The purpose of this move was not just these mist or space, but – that ‘face’!

The elves didn’t know what Chen Rui went through. They only saw the red light blooming in the sky toward the Tree of Nature, so they couldn’t help being startled – This human actually wants to destroy the Tree of Nature?

Kilanya was most aware of the power of this move. From the point of view of power, it was far superior to that of the kingdom of the forest. It seemed to be a blow with all his strength. Even if the Tree of Nature was extraordinary, it absolutely couldn’t resist it.

Under the horrified gaze of the elves, the terrifying red light that ripped apart the space along the way stopped abruptly as the space in front of the Tree of Nature was strangely distorted, showing a blood-like red.

The blood color slowly combined into a huge facial feature, which was a ‘face’ that almost covered the entire Tree of Nature.

The originally closed eyes were slowly opening.

The expressions of the elves changed drastically. The enchantment barriers formed by the treants together are actually easily pierced!

Kilanya flashed and appeared in front of the enchantment in an instant. She held the long dead wood staff with both hands and knocked the ground with it.

When the long staff was inserted into the ground, it emitted some fluorescent light that went into enchantment. The treants suddenly had a little greenery on their bodies, and the power of the enchantment suddenly multiplied. Those cracks began to heal quickly, and the shaking of the ground stopped.

The elves breathed a sigh of relief. No wonder Kilanya came here with the long dead wood staff that the prophet Alucier often held. It turned out that sir prophet had anticipated some unexpected situations.

However, the pair of the ‘eyes’ still made the elves shudder – What kind of eyes actually have such terrifying power!

For a time, the elves’ eyes were all set on the cracked crystal ball. The focus was no longer Zola who was swimming in the Abyss tide below but Chen Rui in the sky.

Chen Rui was the first to bear the brunt of the terrifying power of the ‘eyes’. His pressure was far more than the outside elf audience.

At the moment when the ‘eyes’ opened, Chen Rui felt that the forward-moving [True Red Extinction] was suddenly solidified by some great power, then the previous terrifying heartbeat sounded again. Thump thump thump thump…

Every time it beat, the ‘straight line’ of [True Red Extinction] vibrated. After a few moments, Chen Rui’s strongest blow that merged with the [Red Pole Star Kingdom] in the state of [Red Pole Star Transformation] turned to nothing in this terrifying tremor.

The power of the opening of the ‘eyes’ completely crushed the [True Red Extinction] that was enough to kill the peak stage of the Demi-God – It was also the power of the destruction origin. Perhaps Chen Rui’s destruction origin had faintly approached the enemy in terms of ‘quality’, but in terms of ‘quantity’… if the power of his destruction origin was a drop of water, then the ‘eyes’ in front of him were the Yangtze River!

Not only that, the moment Chen Rui looked at those eyes, he felt his heartbeat start to throb again involuntarily. In that instant, a strong emotion filled his chest.

Hate those sins who do not hesitate to harm others for their own selfish desires; hate those rich and powerful bastards who arbitrarily squander money and power while trampling on the lives and dignity of others; hate those lucky people, who can reap without sowing, but I can only work hard to live; hate those lovers who have end up happily together while my only relationship in college ended due to family conditions; hate those whose parents and relatives are alive, because my parents died in a car accident long ago. Even the grandfather who raised me died of illness…

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. The flame of hatred in his heart seemed to be burning, consuming his entire soul.