Chapter 975: The Fall of the Fairy Dragon?

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Chapter 975: The Fall of the Fairy Dragon?

Chen Rui instinctively felt that something was wrong. He wanted to resist, dodge or use the Super System to devour the strange feeling, but his entire soul seemed to be out of control. The manic growth of hatred in his mind overcame all wills and prevailed above all consciousness.

He was unable to use the remaining power. In his consciousness, there was only endless hatred.

Just when Chen Rui’s soul was about to be completely covered by this hatred, a pair of eyes as bright as flames suddenly appeared in his mind.

In those red eyes, a tear slowly slipped down, but a smile appeared, “However, I still love you; not like but love.”

The violent gasping slowly subsided as Chen Rui stared at her blankly. Looking at the unforgettable woman, his emotions were calmed.

That tear dropped to the ground and turned into a fountain. In the clear fountain, an iceberg woman with blond hair and purple eyes was reflected. She was looking at him quietly, “I command you in the name of Shea. Lucifer, you must survive.”

Was this sentence heard in a half-awake and half-asleep state of ‘coma’? Or was it when we parted ways at the fortress? While Chen Rui was distracted, the clear spring fountain evaporated into a mist. When he turned his head, he saw the face that turned all beings upside down, with tears of joy flashing in her eyes, “Quite a liar, aren’t you? My… master?”

Before he knew it, the hatred on his face had turned into a faint smile, and another voice sounded again.

“Demon God’s eyes are no doubt blind. There is still a foolish guy willing to give his life for such a damn woman.” Those beautiful blue eyes flashed with tears, reaching out and gently stroking his face. There were no acts of charming and seducing, only tenderness.

He wanted to grab those hands, but the gentle eyes gradually faded. Another purple-haired beauty with glasses appeared in front of him, revealing unparalleled intelligence and beauty. Her expression was a bit dazed, but those spiritful purple eyes seemed to be able to talk.

“What”, “Oh“, “understood”… Which of the special phrases? Chen Rui’s gaze softened. His right hand was suddenly held by someone. It was a pair of black eyes as calm as lake water and as deep as starry sky. There was no hugging and kissing with passion, just holding hands, as if holding the most important thing in each other’s lives.

“Thank you as always, my love, my only man, my daughter’s… father.”

“Daddy! Daddy!” There was a flash of fire in the air, and the smile on Chen Rui’s face had turned into pride and tenderness, which was exclusive to a father.

Next, many voices sounded one after another.

“Boss, when will my salary increase?”

“I’m sorry, Sir Aguile… I just wanted to, really just wanted to…”

“Hey, that sly human…”

“Leader! Sir Uncle! Please accept my kneeling…”

“Master Truly-Handsome!”

“Bastard, the old man is not dead yet!”

All the sounds and images overlapped and turned into countless rays of light that spun in Chen Rui’s pupils. At the same time, the Super System, which had regained connection to his consciousness, was running. Before he knew it, that overwhelming hatred had already disappeared without a trace.

Even though the life he had experienced was full of pain and injustice, now he no longer needed to hate, because he had more things beyond hatred which were precious.

His eyes began to glow with a star-like light, staring straight at the eyes in front of him. This was a pair of terrifying eyes. Chen Rui could clearly sense the destruction and hatred inside. Although he still sensed a strong pressure, the hatred could no longer shake his mind.

The ‘mouth’ moved, and the voice carried a powerful deterrence, “Stupid ant, you actually refused the Hatred Heart…”

Chen Rui’s mind froze. The ‘hatred’ that was trying to assimilate everything just now was the Hatred Heart!

The Hatred Heart owned by Veronica! So, the master of the ‘eyes’…

Chen Rui instinctively felt that once the opponent succeeded, the hatred power would become an uncontrollable imprint in his soul, where he would be controlled by the opponent forever.

The voice continued with disdain, “Even if you reject the Heart of Abyss, thereby consuming a part of the power I accumulated using the seal loophole, you still cannot reverse the result that this path is about to be opened!”

“Why seek to destroy everything?” Chen Rui’s voice combined with the power of the [Analytical Eyes] spread far away.

This sentence of the Abyss language did not surprise the pair of the ‘eyes’, but it showed even more contempt. It did not answer. Wisps of bloody mist appeared again, flying toward Chen Rui, “Considering that you have the origin of the destruction, I’ll give you one last chance to sacrifice your soul or you will be turned to dust under the great will of hatred!”

Chen Rui did not avoid it. He withdrew the wings behind him and wrapped himself up. Star Wing Guardian!

The Star Wing Guardian was much stronger than the defensive shield, and it had a chance to reflect the opponent’s attack. However, in the face of the bloody mist, he could only defend passively. Fragments of wings kept falling.

Under the influence of the ‘eyes’, the number and strength of the Abyss army below rose sharply again. The Abyss lord of the Demi-God level had appeared, and the elite blazing flame witch leaders had also reached the kingdom level.

Zola’s pressure suddenly increased exponentially. Under the sword qi blockade of several Demi-God Abyss lords, she was no longer able to carry out guerrilla warfare by shifting. The space for guerrilla warfare was getting smaller and smaller. In the blink of an eye, she was surrounded by the Abyss army. If it weren’t for the protective magic and Soul Armor, the long-range, intensive attack would have ripped Zola’s body apart.

Chen Rui was taken aback when he discovered the danger of the fairy dragon. He immediately abandoned the pair of ‘eyes’ and rushed down. However, after he shifted several times, he just flickered in place. The surrounding space seemed to have been firmly locked by those ‘eyes’.

Chen Rui shouted loudly, and the sharp qi burst out of the air. In an instant, hundreds of [Aura Blade] shot out, slashing in the same position. Even in ordinary spaces, cracks would appear, but the nearby spaces did not change at all. He could only watch helplessly as the besiege below quickly shrank.

Knowing that he could no longer escape, Zola took a deep breath. The Element Goddess Crown appeared on her head, and the ‘Secret Shadow’ wand in her hand stretched out suddenly, turning into a long wand – The soul weapon state!

This was the Faith Martial Soul blessed with ‘Red Star Law’. Its power would be greatly enhanced, but the soul weapon could only be used once a day, and the duration of each time was half an hour. Since it was already a very dangerous juncture, Zola activated it without hesitation.

The fairy dragon held her wand high, and the crown above her head emitted a strong colorful light. A 6-color rainbow appeared in the air. At this moment, countless attacks that came from all around, including the sword qi of the Abyss lord, stopped.

“Boom!” Zola tapped the wand on the ground.

The rainbow above her head disappeared suddenly. With Zola as the center, a huge 6-color halo appeared on the ground. The entire 6-color light swirled with a mysterious rhythm, which quickly blended into the transparent and colorless halo.

The colorless light gave off a soft feeling, spreading out around. In the blink of an eye, all the Abyss creatures swept by the light turned into nothingness.

The strongest blow of the [6 Elements Kingdom], [Element’s Fury]!

Kilanya, who was in front of the crystal ball, was secretly frightened. With the buff of the Element Goddess Crown, although the range of this blow is much larger than yesterday, its power does not drop, but instead rose. If I face it head-on again, I may not be able to take it.

In fact, Zola’s ‘extra buffs’ were not only equipment including the Element Goddess Crown, Secret Shadow wand, Magic Feather Tulle, but also [Star-level Enhancement] multiplayer buffs, faith creature buffs, star position’s attribute buff, the SS+ spirit buff of the ‘True Star Concubine’, inceased magic power and spirit power by 50%, [True Break Mind] that doubled the damage of spirit and soul, doubled the control power of elements and reduced damage taken on spirit and soul.

These were the secret weapons of the fairy dragon’s battle with higher levels. Of course, her own strength was the most important foundation. The effect of external forces could only be regarded as the icing on the cake.

The light of [Element’s Fury] gradually disappeared, and a massive circle appeared around Zola’s body. Except for the Abyss lords who had been strengthened to Demi-God level, the rest, including the blazing flame witch of Kingdom level, were all annihilated.

Those the Abyss lords were also scarred, and their breath was greatly weakened.

Zola clenched the Secret Shadow and gasped slightly. The previous non-stop battle in the Abyss army consumed a lot of power. Although the [Element’s Fury] blow just now was multiplied under the buff of the Element Goddess Crown, the power loss was also doubled, so her power breath had dropped significantly.

The 2 nearest Abyss lords let out a low growl. As they waved the greatswords, several light-red half-moon ripples drew terrifying fissures on the ground, spreading toward Zola.

Zola didn’t seem to be able to dodge, and her body was torn apart, which then turned into a number of crystal lights. The lights went along the sword qi, merged into a dazzling colorful light and quickly pierced through the 2 Abyss lords. .

The colorful light recondensed into Zola’s figure behind the Abyss lords. A pair of translucent armor appeared on her body and shattered.

She forcefully resisted the sword qi of the Abyss lords just now, which was actually quite a risk. The ‘Soul Armor’ of the Wrath King Armor finally couldn’t take the damage and shattered.

Zola actually killed 2 Abyss lords of the Demi-God level!

Although the power was forcibly improved by external force, it had reached the level of Demi-God after all!

Zola gasped for breath while holding the wand with both hands. She quickly drank a bottle of magic recovery potion. Although the equipment also had an attribute to speed up recovery, the [Element’s Fury] and the colorful light attack just now almost exhausted her power. It could not be recovered in a short period of time.

The other Abyss lords were already approaching, and a large number of the Abyss creatures that were not affected by [Element’s Fury] in the distance were also quickly surrounding her. The situation was extremely critical.

“Wait a minute! Let her go!” Chen Rui’s voice sounded.

The pair of the ‘eyes’ noticed this anxiousness. When the eyes moved, the Abyss lords on the ground stopped abruptly, and the Abyss army was just surrounding Zola from a distance.

“I’m willing to surrender. Don’t hurt her!”

A spooky laughter sounded, “Your consideration time has long passed, ant!”

As soon as the words were said, the Abyss creatures that had stopped frantically rushed toward the fairy dragon in the center. Zola’s figure flickered a few times, but she couldn’t resist it. In the blink of an eye, she was swarmed by the waves of the Abyss. There was no sign of vitality from it.

The elves were unanimously shocked: The fairy dragon had actually fallen!

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