Chapter 976: Seal! Star Conferring Platform Mystery

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Chapter 976: Seal! Star Conferring Platform Mystery

When Chen Rui saw the scene of the fairy dragon being engulfed by the Abyss frenzy, he suddenly let out a furious roar, “Zola!”

No one doubted the death of Zola. The Abyss creatures were not kind creatures, so they would not show mercy. Besides, Zola made 2 big moves in a row just now, so she basically lost the power to defend or dodge.

In the roar of anger, Chen Rui’s destructive breath soared to the top, and countless fierce berserk red lights shot out. The deafening sound was like the roar of some kind of beast, and hundreds of beasts were roaring at the same time. The momentum was magnificent.

[Scorching Dragon Roar]!

When the ‘eyes’ blinked, hundreds of Scorching Dragons actually turned into particles and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

Chen Rui waved his hand, and countless sharp qi whistled out. 7 [Aurora Shots] appeared in front of the ‘eyes’ and burst open.

[Aura Blade]! [7-star Explosion]!

However, these were all useless. The ‘eyes’ only needed a glance, and all attacks disintegrated without exception. Both used the power of the destruction origin, yet the power gap between the 2 was indeed too big.

Since both sides had the destruction origin, they were not immune to attacks, but they destroyed each other. Only the pure origin body like Shura could assimilate and absorb most of the attack of the destruction power, but based on the current power comparison, even fusion with Shura could not let him defeat the opponent either.

A ghostly laughter sounded, “Be furious! Be hateful! Incompetent ant!”

Chen Rui was panting heavily, and his eyes glowed red. He rushed toward the ‘eyes’ desperately as if he had lost his mind.

“Very good hatred! I will take over your soul now! The power and origin you possess will be the best descendant body!” The power of hatred rose to an extremely strong level in a split second. A light flashed in the ‘eyes’, and a rich bloody light surged out, wrapping Chen Rui firmly.

In the blink of an eye, all the scenes had changed. This was a universe-like space where countless stars were slowly rotating with a special rhythm. Several planets that were as hot as the sun were particularly eye-catching. The whole starry sky was serene and beautiful. It was full of vitality.

A female-shaped phantasm appeared in the space. Her facial features and body were blurred. The only thing that was clear was the pair of strange eyes.

“Quilliana!” A calm voice pointed out the name of the ‘eyes’. The voice did not contain anger and hatred as previously expressed as if Zola’s ‘death’ had no emotional effect.

The eyes glanced lightly to the left with a sneer on her face. Chen Rui’s figure was slowly emerging.

Chen Rui said indifferently, “To be precise, you are just a projection of Quilliana.”

This projection was the highest ruler of the Abyss, Hatred Lord Quilliana!

Quilliana sneered, “Ant, you challenged my patience again and again. Since you don’t want to sacrifice your soul, then this seemingly-looking Kingdom illusion should be your burial place!”

“First of all, I want to explain 1 thing about surrender…” Chen Rui smiled indifferently, “It’s more difficult than you kneeling down and sucking a certain part of me.”

No matter the illusion or the Kingdom, Quilliana didn’t take this ant to her heart at all. She never thought that Chen Rui would actually be so daring to say such blasphemous words to a supreme existence like her. Her eyes flashed with murderous intent. The powerful might swept at him overwhelmingly.

However, unexpectedly, the abominable ant did not tear apart as expected. He remained motionless instead.

Quilliana frowned, and she finally showed a hint of surprise. She slowly raised her hand, and a terrifying power several times stronger than before burst out in an instant. A large area of ??cracks appeared in the solar system space behind Chen Rui, but he still hadn’t suffered any damage.

Because this was the Super System. Unless she destroyed the entire solar system that the system bred, Quilliana couldn’t hurt Chen Rui at all.

This was Chen Rui’s long-awaited plan. As for the ‘fallen’ Zola, she did not suffer any damage. She was kept in the Star Conferring Platform by Chen Rui at the moment of being swarmed, then she entered the state of star merging.

Within the visual range, Chen Rui could put the linked targets that had accepted star conferring into the Star Conferring Platform at any time. This state could be maintained for up to 3 hours. After star merging was canceled, it would take 24 hours to reintegrate. This was the biggest secret weapon that enabled Chen Rui to bring Zola, Isabella and others to crossover the [Star Gate] to the human world.

Quilliana’s strength was too strong. Even if it was just a projection, it was far beyond what Chen Rui could match. If he fought head-on, he didn’t even have 0.01% hope.

Judging from the previous action of Quilliana activating the ‘Hatred Heart’, her first choice was not to kill him but to control him. This should be related to the origin of the destruction shown by Chen Rui. Shura once received great attention in the mysterious cult because of the ‘talent’ shown by the destruction body, so Chen Rui chose to take a risk to trick Quilliana into entering the Super System. This was also the only chance to win.

Quilliana manipulated the Abyss army to ‘kill’ Zola, trying to use Chen Rui’s hatred to control his soul, which gave Chen Rui a better opportunity. In fact, the rage he showed was not fake, but he substituted it with the emotion when Athena faced Glorfin in Mountain Xilang. He no doubts deceived Quilliana and successfully lured her into the Super System.

After Quilliana’s attacks were fruitless, her eyes flashed again. Several red mists flew out as if her winding arms were rolling toward Chen Rui. However, it was like attacking a phantom, passing through him without any effect.

At this moment, a huge black hole appeared behind Chen Rui, emitting a powerful suction force, and the red mist was sucked in immediately. Quilliana felt that her power was fading quickly and involuntarily. She actually couldn’t stop it. It is no longer a simple law to cause this kind of effect to me. Could it be… might!

Impossible! How can this ant with only Demi-God level have might?

Quilliana cast several attack methods in a row, but none of them could damage Chen Rui or completely destroy the black hole. She frowned even tighter – Attacking the enemy will not work, but the attack launched by the enemy is real. He is at an absolute advantage just this point alone!

Quilliana looked at the surrounding stars, and she suddenly understood something. It turned out that his power has been integrated with this ‘look-alike’ illusion kingdom. My own attack is equivalent to being decomposed into the entire ‘universe’, so I can’t hurt him, unless…

“Everything should be completely destroyed under the might of hatred!” Quilliana’s eyes were full of bloody light. A strong breath of hatred broke out. Her body suddenly changed in some way. Although the body and facial features were still blurred, the terrifying outline of the mutation could be seen. Her whole body was burning with bloody light, and the clawlike hands shook.

A large crack appeared in the solar system space, and a gruesome bloody color appeared in the crack, which quickly spread to the entire solar system. Although the power of the black hole could devour part of the bloody light, it could not prevent such a widespread bloody light. Wherever the bloody light passed, the meteorites in those spaces had turned into powder. The operation of the solar system had gradually become stagnant due to the blood.

Chen Rui did not expect that Quilliana could actually unleash such a terrifying might in the solar system of the Super System. Just at this moment, he suddenly sensed that the Star Conferring Platform in the Galaxy Divinity Temple had undergone a strange change. Several light streams rose into the sky. The sources of light streams include faith creatures such as the Snow Dallet, phantom flower, as well as the ‘sculptures’ at the star conferring platform.

The light streams condensed into a strange symbol, which did not appear in the battle space with Quilliana, but in Chen Rui’s mind.

This symbol was not any kind of rune that Chen Rui knew, but as the supreme controller of the entire Galaxy Divinity Temple, he could clearly understand the meaning of this symbol – ‘Seal’.

The extra information in his mind made him understand in an instant. The black hole disappeared as his hands drew a mysterious trajectory. The bright starlight in the space gradually became clear. Under Chen Rui’s gesture, a line of star marks were drawn.

At the same time as these star marks appeared, the number of faith crystals in the Super System began to decrease in seconds.

Quilliana suddenly felt a very uncomfortable depression in her heart, and the bloody power that extended into the starry sky suddenly froze. It was quickly decomposed and eliminated by a vast power.

Quilliana instinctively sensed the huge threat. With a low grunt, another mutation occurred. There were bone spur-like objects in the outline of the graceful figure. Her whole body seemed to expand by 1 size. A long tail came out from behind. The bloody power suddenly turned into a maroon, and the deep color revealed a fierce and terrifying red. Just looking at it would give people a shuddering feeling.

The maroon power skyrocketed, and the entire solar system space began to tremble slightly.

Chen Rui could clearly sense the impact of this power. Even the transformation power of [Red Pole Star Transformation] would be annihilated in an instant under this might.

Just a projection already has such powerful momentum!

Thankfully, this is in the Super System; thankfully, when Quilliana was outside, she just wanted to control me instead of killing me.

He had a feeling that if he fought head-on with her true body, even Michael, the leader of the 3 archangels, who was known as ‘the one closest to God’, would not be Quilliana’s opponent.

The movement in Chen Rui’s hands did not stop. On the contrary, it became more and more rapid. The criss-crossing star marks became clear and converged into a huge rune: Seal!

As soon as the rune sign appeared, the terrifying maroon force actually rolled back like a receding tide!

“What?!” Quilliana was finally shocked. Although she was just a projection now, she had activated the final transformation form and cast the ‘destruction’ and ‘hatred’ might to their limits. Even a normal Pseudo -God can’t resist it. This guy who should only have the strength of Demi-God actually completely suppressed my strongest might!