Chapter 977: Breeding Nest

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Chapter 977: Breeding Nest

Although being the supreme ruler of the Abyss and possessing incomparably strong power, Quilliana couldn’t descend directly due to the seal of the Tree of Nature. She could only use the weakened ‘gap’ to spread the power of the Abyss to successfully cast a projection.

Next, she only needed to use this projection as the basis to continuously accumulate the amount of projection and power. At that time, she would break through the seal internally and externally and open the path, allowing the Abyss to completely swarm the entire human world.

The elves had tried to completely close the path before, but they all failed due to the interference of the Abyss power. Not long ago, the army she summoned also eliminated a group of elves who were acting beyond their capacity. Nevertheless, she also consumed part of the accumulated power.

Today, she was alarmed again. The ant, who only had the strength of Demi-God, actually discovered the existence of her projection.

Although the ‘ant’ attack on her was weak, she clearly sensed that this person contained the high quality power of destruction origin. This extremely rare physique could directly become a ruler-level descending body. No matter what kind of choice, controlling this person was much more cost-effective than killing him.

As long as this person became a slave of the Abyss, the process of the destroying the seal could be greatly advanced.

However, she didn’t expect the ant to reject the Hatred Heart with incredible will and strength, then she deliberately killed his companion in an attempt to use his hatred to control his soul. However, she actually entered this strange kingdom.

This kingdom has real faith power and life force, but it is a vast universe. It is obviously a means to trick people. What a ridiculous method. Does this ant think that he has the legendary Kingdom of God?

However, the ant whom she thought could be easily annihilated or controlled, actually exerted a power that made her tremble in this ‘seemingly real’ illusion kingdom! Just when she spent a lot of the remaining projection time to unleash the strongest transformation, she still couldn’t break through the opponent’s power. She could only watch her might being suppressed step by step.

“Damn ant!” Quilliana felt a rare shame. All the power of projection burst out in a desperate attempt. Her whole body melted into the maroon might, and the word ‘Seal’ suddenly expanded several times like it was about to burst open.

Chen Rui closed his eyes, raised his hands high, and completely integrated his will into the entire solar system.

He seemed to see that on those vibrant planets, countless believers were praying in front of the Pillar of Faith. Countless powerful willpower, faith power, and life force all concentrated on the word ‘Seal’.

The ‘Seal’ suddenly shined brightly, and the maroon might was completely suppressed in an instant. Its range quickly shrank.

“How can there be such a powerful life and faith! Such a powerful might!” Quilliana’s disbelief voice sounded with a bit of horror, “King… Kingdom of God!”

As soon as the words ended, “bang!” The entire projection’s consciousness exploded, and there was no sound anymore.

Only the dazzling word ‘Seal’ was quietly suspended in the space, faintly revealing a maroon light.

The elves only saw bloody light in the sky. Following that, Chen Rui, who rushed to the Tree of Nature, was suddenly suspended and motionless as if he was stunned.

After a while, the space in the crystal ball seemed to shake. The huge ‘face’ that wrapped the Tree of Nature gradually faded away along with the army of the Abyss on the ground.

In the blink of an eye, all the Abyss creatures disappeared. After a dazzling feeling, the Tree of Nature in the air returned to the ground. This scene made the elves cheer in unison.

Kilanya also breathed a sigh of relief, but she noticed that the Tree of Nature was still in a state of sluggishness. The blood-red color was faintly revealed in the leaves and branches – He just repelled the Abyss forces just now, and he did not fundamentally solve the seal problem of the Tree of Nature.

Chen Rui, who was originally floating in the air, had been standing on the ground due to the change of space. It took a long time for him to recover from that ‘stunned’ state.

The battle just now was full of twists and turns before he finally defeated Quilliana’s projection. It goes without saying that there was a great danger before luring Quilliana into the super system. Even after tricking the projection of the supreme Abyss ruler into the super system, it was still not easy. Fortunately, the Super System was extremely sturdy. Chen Rui had also further mastered the mystery of the Star Conferring Platform due to this.

Not only the ‘star conferring’, but also the ‘Seal’ star. If it wasn’t for a powerful enemy like Quilliana entering the Super System, Chen Rui would not have been able to comprehend the power of ‘Seal’ so quickly. Judging from the panicked cries before Quilliana’s projection collapsed, this powerful suppressive mystery that combined the life and faith of the entire super system galaxy could have even approached the might of the real Kingdom of God.

Quilliana’s projection did not simply collapse. Her consciousness was annihilated, but most of the power was suppressed by the word ‘Seal’. Just like [Star Devouring], this function could slowly absorb or convert the power of suppression into his own use, but the energy sealed by this skill was much larger than that of [Star Devouring], and there was no risk of overflowing.

‘Seal’ consumed faith crystals, and the ‘price’ was not cheap – In this Seal state, faith crystals would be lost every second. The more powerful the Seal, the more crystals would be lost. Once the faith crystal was insufficient, the ‘Seal’ would disappear along with the sealed power. This was definitely a difficult task in the past, but since the popularity of magic games, Chen Rui had accumulated faith crystals in units of hundreds of millions. Therefore, although the amount of faith crystals consumed in the Seal state was staggering, it was only a drop in the bucket for Chen Ru.

The biggest regret was that this ‘Seal’ could only be used within the Super System and could not be activated outside.

Chen Rui finally came back to his senses and focused his attention on the Tree of Nature after he had dealt with his biggest enemy.

Although Quilliana’s projection had been annihilated and the Abyss army had also disappeared along with it, the 20,000-year erosion accumulated by the Abyss had not been canceled. The life breath of the Tree of Nature was still extremely weak, and the seal was still not fixed.

Chen Rui took 2 steps forward and found a strong hostility coming from the Tree of Nature. This kind of hostility carried a strong destructive breath. His pupils had colorful light as he used [Deep Analysis] again. Now it was no longer shrouded by Quilliana’s ‘face’, but when Chen Rui saw the Tree of Nature through [Deep Analysis], he was surprised.

This was not a ‘tree’, but another kind of bizarre creature silhouette covered in maroon color. Those branches were actually circles of tentacles, faintly revealing red light. The faint glittering above should be the Flower of Abyss. The shape of the creature looked somewhat similar to a giant sunflower.

Abyss’ breeding nest!

Chen Rui was utterly shocked – The Tree of Nature has actually been turned into a maternal body for the creation and breeding of Abyss monsters!

The Abyss Rulers actually eroded the Tree of Nature in such a way!

Judging from the situation of the Tree of Nature, it is about to be completely abyss-nized. Once this breeding nest is completely converted, it will not only open the entrance for the Abyss, but it will also become 1 of the most terrifying Abyss maternal bodies.

No wonder Quilliana can cast such a powerful projection. This place has become a lair of the Abyss monsters!

Chen Rui didn’t expect the situation to be so bad. He took a few steps forward again, feeling that the destructive breath was getting stronger. The closer he got, the greater the pressure. Although it was not as majestic and powerful as Quilliana, it was as endless as the sea, just like the special attribute of the Abyss creatures. The impact came in waves after another, and cracks were already faintly appearing on Chen Rui’s star armor.

Chen Rui wanted to merge with Shura’s body of destruction, but he changed his mind. A black hole appeared behind him, and he began to rapidly devour the approaching destructive power. Although the black hole was not as good as the assimilation of the body of destruction, the effect was also outstanding. The pressure suffered immediately plummeted sharply.

At this time, Chen Rui was already quite close to the Tree of Nature, but he didn’t go any further. He looked at the center of the ‘Abyss breeding nest’, where there was a faint green light seal in the shape of a leaf. It was crystal clear with a faint familiar breath. This is… the Leaf of Nature!

Chen Rui suddenly realized that the seal of the Old Father-in-law Elf King activated 20,000 years ago was actually the leaf of the Tree of Nature!

To be precise, it was not the seal that Span activated, but Span used his life as a medium to seal the Abyss passage that was about to be opened in the Tree of Nature with the Leaf of Nature.

Chen Rui suddenly remembered the words of the legendary prophet Alucier, “Your Leaf of Nature is the essence of the Tree of Nature before it was polluted, and it is also the last remaining piece.” In this way, the legendary prophet may be part of the reason Span sealed the Tree of Nature 20,000 years ago.

So now… Chen Rui subconsciously took out the Leaf of Nature. This Leaf of Nature should be the key to the seal, but today’s situation is different from 20,000 years ago. The Tree of Nature is no longer a kind of passage medium opened by the blood sacrifice ceremony. Instead, it is one last step before it is converted into the maternal body of the Abyss. As a holy relic with vitality, it is converted into a tree of death and destruction. The 2 forces are incompatible. If I rashly seal it with the Leaf of Nature, it will only make the last leaf of essence disappear among the destructive power. Therefore, the first problem to be solved is the destruction origin infused with the will of the Abyss.

Facts have proved that the devour power of the black hole can dissolve the destructive power, but the destructive power originating from the Abyss is inexhaustible. Although the capacity of the [Star Devouring] has been greatly increased after advancing to the Red Pole Star Emperor, it is still limited. Furthermore, it is impossible to fundamentally solve this tree that is almost turning into the Abyss creatures’ ‘Tree of Destruction’.

So, how do I completely remove the ‘destruction’?

Chen Rui pondered for a while. All of a sudden, the scene of the final battle with Shura in the Tower of Glory that day appeared in his mind. He had an inspiration: Creation power!

TL: His learning in creation power isn’t as profound as destruction power though…