Chapter 462 - Long-Lost Forging Technique, Borrowing Soldiers (2)

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“You already call me Great-Grandma. Why would I harm you?” Yin Yuzhu said. “My good granddaughter, let me tell you. That’s an ancient secret land with countless treasures hidden there.

“Your man’s a forger, isn’t he? There’s an ancient forging secret technique hidden there. It’s definitely beneficial for him. Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for him, right?”

Yin Yuzhu continued to bewitch her.

Yin Wuyou only shook her head. “Great-Grandma, save your breath. No matter what you say, I definitely won’t go out with you.”

Yin Yuzhu continued to bluff her for a long time, but Yin Wuyou refused to go out with her.

This made Yin Yuzhu feel helpless. She really couldn’t understand. This granddaughter of countless generations didn’t look so determined.

Why couldn’t I convince her??She sighed and left Yin Wuyou’s residence. She didn’t walk far before she bumped into Lu Wenshuang.

Yin Yuzhu’s eyes darted around. Just as she was about to trick Lu Wenshuang, a sword beam slashed toward her before she could speak.

Yin Yuzhu was shocked.

She leaped several feet to avoid her. “What are you doing?!”

“If you dare to talk nonsense, I’ll slay you with my sword!” Lu Wenshuang said coldly without any expression.

Yin Yuzhu: “I…”

Why are all of them like this? Do they really think that I’m easy to bully?

If not for the fact that…

Yin Yuzhu’s eyes widened as her gaze landed on the longsword at Lu Wenshuang’s waist.

“Slay me? With a yellow-grade weapon?” Yin Yuzhu said disdainfully.

“Do you see this? Heaven grade!” She patted the short sword at her waist. “Your cultivation is inferior to mine, and your weapon is inferior. What makes you think you will be able to slay me?

“I just don’t want to argue with you juniors. Do you think you will be my match?”

“Why don’t you try?” Lu Wenshuang’s face was brimming with fighting spirit, and sword qi surged from her body.

Yin Yuzhu rolled her eyes.?Are these people serious?

Why do none of them play by the rules?

“I don’t like bullying juniors,” Yin Yuzhu said proudly and turned to leave.

Lu Wenshuang regretfully sheathed the Abyss Rainbow Sword. She really wanted to fight this old woman who was said to have lived for more than a thousand years.?Too bad. The old woman doesn’t have guts…

If Yin Yuzhu knew what Lu Wenshuang was thinking, she would definitely turn around and fight her to the death!

But Yin Yuzhu didn’t know how to read minds, so she naturally didn’t know what Lu Wenshuang was thinking. She was strolling in the karst cave, and it was unknown if she had been forgotten or something.

There was no one around to restrict her actions.

Yin Yuzhu felt both free and bored.

Every soldier she met along the way, no matter what she said, ignored her.

Several times, she almost couldn’t help but use some tricks.

But on second thought, that would be too boring.

The more she suffered, the more motivated she became.

She refused to believe that these people could be so determined and not be tempted!

For the next few days, she kept wandering around the karst cave. Apart from the storeroom and a few other important places, Zhou Shu and the others didn’t confine her again.

Her plan to bewitch everyone also encountered a huge setback. Even Wang Xin, whom she was most confident in bewitching, had disappeared.

The others avoided her like the plague. She didn’t even get a chance to talk.

Although she was repeatedly thwarted, Yin Yuzhu was excited. Other than eating and sleeping, she would stroll around the karst cave every day. No matter who she met, she would go forward and say a few words, not caring if they paid attention to her.

Zhou Shu had actually been secretly observing her these past few days. He had never believed Yin Yuzhu.

He was also thinking that once this woman dared to seduce anyone in the Ten Nations Alliance with her charm, he would have a reason to cripple her.

Although she was constantly thwarted, she never used her charm.

Actually, Yin Yuzhu didn’t use any charm techniques in the meeting hall that day. It was just that she was naturally charming. It was fine if she deliberately restrained herself, but once she didn’t, not many men could withstand her charm.

Zhou Shu was unable to find an excuse to attack Yin Yuzhu with her caution. In the end, he couldn’t be bothered to continue observing her and only arranged for Xiao Jianghe and the others to pay attention to her.

As for Zhou Shu himself, he returned to the forging room and discussed forging techniques with the few Grand Craftsmen every day. If he didn’t consider that they were behind enemy lines, such days would be relaxing and comfortable.

On this day, Zhou Shu was about to try a forging technique that he had just discussed with the Grand Craftsmen when he suddenly saw Yin Yuzhu’s head poke in from the door of the forging room.

Although the forging room wasn’t considered a confidential place in Huaxia Pavilion’s Demon Realm branch, there was actually no movement at all after Yin Yuzhu entered. Shi Songtao had been a little lazy recently.

Before Zhou Shu could speak, Yin Yuzhu raised her hand. “Don’t kick me out. I’m not here to cause trouble! I have important information to report to you.”

Zhou Shu snorted. “You have three sentences to make things clear. Otherwise, get lost.”

Zhou Shu didn’t have any patience with Yin Yuzhu.

No matter how good-looking she was, it didn’t change the fact that there was something terribly wrong with her.

Zhou Shu was already being merciful by keeping her alive.

“Okay, three sentences it is.” Yin Yuzhu pouted.

“The first sentence,” Zhou Shu said coldly.

Yin Yuzhu was stunned, and her eyes widened. She opened her mouth, but when she thought of what Zhou Shu had just said, she was furious.

“I want to make another deal with you!” Yin Yuzhu said.

“Second sentence.” Zhou Shu raised two fingers.

“I’ll use the Streaming Water Sound Forging Technique to exchange for a thousand Hundred Wars Armored Army soldiers!” Yin Yuzhu said angrily.

“The Streaming Water Sound Forging Technique?” Zhou Shu frowned.

“The legendary method of using flowing water to sense the internal structure of a weapon and use the sound of water to set the star paths?” Li Chengliang said excitedly.

“At least you’re knowledgeable,” Yin Yuzhu said proudly.

“Your Highness, this Streaming Water Sound Technique is a lost forging technique,” Li Chengliang explained. “It’s said that those who are proficient in this technique only need to put the weapon into flowing water to understand the structure of the weapon and easily set the paths.”

Li Chengliang’s face flushed red with excitement.

Not every forger was like Zhou Shu. To Li Chengliang and the others, it would take a lot of time to calculate and deduce the paths. They had to be very familiar with the materials and procedures of forging.

Even so, the probability of being able to point to the exact star positions was not that high.

The Streaming Water Sound Technique was similar to some methods that used sound to determine star positions. But it had the highest accuracy in this school.

Li Chengliang really wanted to ask Zhou Shu to agree. This was a legendary forging technique. If he could learn it…

But Li Chengliang also knew he didn’t even have the right to make suggestions in front of Zhou Shu.

“You sure talk big.” Zhou Shu snorted. “Do you know what a thousand Hundred Wars Armored Army soldiers represent?”

Yin Yuzhu had heard a lot. She even knew the name of the Hundred Wars Armored Army.

These soldiers still had to continue training. They couldn’t be used as part of a deal!

Yin Yuzhu had no self-awareness at all as she said, “Of course. Don’t you know what I want them for? Don’t worry. I’m just borrowing them for a while. I’ll return them to you after I’m done. You’ll definitely gain from it.”

“Tell me about it first. What do you want the soldiers for?”

Before waiting for Yin Yuzhu to say anything, Zhou Shu continued, “If it’s to deal with the demonic beast army, then shut your mouth.”