Chapter 464 - If The Price Is Right, I'll Do Whatever You Want Me To Do (2)

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“Why are you slandering me?” Yin Yuzhu said angrily. “How am I not behaving myself? I’m talking business with you seriously!”

Zhou Shu’s face darkened. It was hard to communicate with this woman.

“Give me the Streaming Water Sound Forging Technique, and I’ll lend you a thousand Hundred Wars Armored Army soldiers for three days.” Zhou Shu couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on her.

Zhou Shu didn’t agree to lend Yin Yuzhu his troops for the secret forging technique.

Although the secret forging technique was good, it wasn’t very valuable to Zhou Shu.

He had agreed to lend the soldiers mostly because he wanted to find out more about Yin Yuzhu.

The more Yin Yuzhu did, the more she would expose her motives.

As for whether it would be dangerous, they were in danger every day in this enemy base.

He couldn’t possibly let the Hundred Wars Armored Army stay in their hole and not go out.

“Three days isn’t enough!” Yin Yuzhu puffed up her cheeks. “You touched me just now. You have to add another day!

“Give me another six or ten days. That should be enough. Name your price!

“What’s the price for borrowing soldiers for six days? Don’t quote a sky-high price. I’m experienced and knowledgeable. You can’t cheat me!”

Yin Yuzhu was actually bargaining seriously.

Zhou Shu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The Hundred Wars Armored Army had become mercenaries?

But then again, the Huaxia Pavilion’s Demon Realm branch was still accumulating strength. It wasn’t bad to be mercenaries and increase their income.

At the same time, he could also figure out what Yin Yuzhu wanted to do. It was killing two birds with one stone.

“Don’t worry. I’m honest with everyone,” Zhou Shu said. “My Hundred Wars Armored Army soldiers are all elite soldiers. Lending them to you for three days in exchange for the Streaming Water Sound Forging Technique is already a discount. If you want them for another six days…”

Zhou Shu rubbed his chin and continued, “I’ll give you a discount. A hundred thousand taels of gold or something of equal value.

“Well, it’s cheap, isn’t it? A superior heaven-grade weapon costs more than that. It’s a good deal.”

Zhou Shu bragged about the strength of his Hundred Wars Armored Army as if he was promoting his business.

He didn’t say anything. The Hundred Wars Armored Army was indeed elite soldiers. Moreover, they wore Dark Cloud Armor and were very resistant to beatings.

“What a good-for-nothing.” Yin Yuzhu shook her head. “You’re really getting worse with each generation. I thought that you could become a prince consort, but how grand is your vision?

“Is it just a hundred thousand taels of gold?” Yin Yuzhu said disdainfully. “I have plenty of money.”

She slapped the short sword at her waist in front of Zhou Shu. “Is this sword enough?!”

Zhou Shu rolled his eyes inwardly.?Didn’t she say she has plenty of money? Why is she using her weapon to pay off her debt?

“A weapon…?” Zhou Shu picked up the short sword and examined it.

“Would I lie to you? My sword is an out-and-out heaven-grade weapon. Its power is extraordinary.” Yin Yuzhu curled her lips when she saw Zhou Shu’s serious expression. “Let me tell you, it’s definitely worth more than a hundred thousand taels of gold. You got a good deal!

“But I won’t be calculative over the difference. I’ll take it as a gift to you, my eldest grandson-in-law.” Yin Yuzhu said generously.

“It’s indeed a heaven-grade weapon.” Zhou Shu automatically filtered out Yin Yuzhu’s words. This woman definitely couldn’t be trusted. Otherwise, there was no way to get down to business.

“But it’s barely worth a hundred thousand taels,” Zhou Shu said casually. “Ten days, I’ll lend you the Hundred Wars Armored Army for ten days.

“But I’ll say this first. What you’ve given me isn’t enough to make the Hundred Wars Armored Army work for their lives. Don’t make them do things that are too dangerous, don’t make them do things you’re not sure of, and don’t make them do things without good reason—”

“Alright, alright, stop nagging!” Yin Yuzhu said impatiently. “I guarantee that none of them will die! I’ll compensate you for every one who dies, alright?”

“How are you going to compensate for their deaths?” Zhou Shu snorted coldly.

“I’m a woman. I can give birth!” Yin Yuzhu said disdainfully.

Zhou Shu was defeated.

Facing a woman who didn’t care about anything but was extremely enchanting, he really didn’t know where to start. She was too difficult to deal with.

“Big Brother, I’ll leave you to take care of this matter.”

The largest karst cave in the Huaxia Pavilion’s Demon Realm branch had been transformed into the camp of the Ten Nations Alliance.

Zhou Shu found Mi Ziwen and told him about lending his soldiers to Yin Yuzhu.

“Yin Yuzhu is a first-rank martial artist. Big Brother, your cultivation is slightly weaker,” Zhou Shu said.

Mi Ziwen smiled bitterly.?Is a second-rank martial artist weak?

In the past, when he was in Great Xia, he had never thought that he could even become a second-rank martial artist in his life. In his imagination, it was already extremely lucky for him to become a third-rank grandmaster.

In the Ten Nations, a third-rank grandmaster was already at the top of the Martial Dao pyramid. They were not considered weak no matter where they went.

A second-rank martial artist was definitely an overlord, and a first-rank martial artist was the peak of the Martial Dao!

But it seemed that a second-rank martial artist was really nothing here…

Among the Ten Nations Alliance, there were many first-rank martial artists. After all, most of the top experts of the Ten Nations had entered the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield.

And there were not many weaklings who could survive until now.

Not to mention anything else, just the 30,000 troops of the Ten Nations Alliance were all ranked martial artists.

“Cao Chenyang, Prince Cao, is a steady person. He has been undercover in the Demon Realm for many years and is very experienced,” Zhou Shu continued. “I asked him to assist you.”

Cao Chenyang was not Zhou Shu’s subordinate, but in the Huaxia Pavilion’s Demon Realm branch, everyone had to give Zhou Shu some face.

Cao Chenyang wouldn’t reject such a small matter.

“Miss Yin.” Mi Ziwen addressed her awkwardly. “What exactly does she want to do with the borrowed soldiers?”

“She won’t tell me the details.” Zhou Shu shook his head. “She only said she needs them to dig some things. I told her that we won’t do anything too dangerous.

“Big Brother, you just have to remember one principle. Safety first.”

Zhou Shu said seriously, “You have to refuse anything that endangers the Hundred Wars Armored Army. No matter what happens, your lives are the most important thing.

“I’ll also instruct Prince Cao. If Yin Yuzhu dares to play any tricks, I’ll get Prince Cao to kill her directly.”

“I understand.” Mi Ziwen nodded. “Second Brother, you just want to take the opportunity to see what Miss Yin is up to.”

“Big Brother, you know me well.” Zhou Shu smiled. “Yin Yuzhu is mysterious, but I reckon that even if she has any ulterior motives, the chances of you encountering danger this time are not high.”

Mi Ziwen nodded and said with a smile, “Second Brother, leave this to me. Don’t worry, I’m not as weak as you think.”

“Of course, I’m at ease when you do things.” Zhou Shu smiled. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come to you for such an important matter.”

Zhou Shu slapped his forehead. “By the way, just in case, Big Brother, I’ll get Little Lu to follow secretly.”

“Little Lu?” Mi Ziwen was stunned for a moment before realizing that Zhou Shu was talking about Lu Wenshuang. He smiled bitterly. This form of address was really…

“Yin Yuzhu is a little strange, and Prince Cao might not be able to suppress her alone,” Zhou Shu said. “Women are more suitable for dealing with women.”

Yin Yuzhu’s innate charm was useful to men but not to women. Lu Wenshuang was also a first-rank martial artist now. If she joined forces with Cao Chenyang, no matter what Yin Yuzhu did, she wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble.

“Although there’s not much chance of anything going wrong,” Zhou Shu added, “it’s better to be safe than sorry. If anything happens, Big Brother, don’t worry about anything. Just use the Cloud-Piercing Arrow to ask for help. I’ll rush over in time.”