Chapter 469 - Repair, the Legendary Armament Canon Mutates (1)

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Chapter 469: Repair, the Legendary Armament Canon Mutates (1)

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Zhou Shu stood with his sword as messages flashed before his eyes.

Frightened by the sword beam, the Demon Realm army slowly retreated into the city.

The Ten Nations’ armies wanted to chase after them, but they were blocked by the walls of Great Wei’s capital.

The situation looked a little strange to Zhou Shu.

The Ten Nations, which should have been invaded, now looked like they had become invaders.

As for the actual invaders, they looked like they were defending the city.

The scene in front of him completely exceeded Zhou Shu’s imagination.

Be it in the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament space or the Demon Realm, Zhou Shu had always been worried that the Demon Realm’s invasion had already destroyed the Ten Nations.

Even if the Ten Nations hadn’t been destroyed, could the Ten Nations have already been reduced to living hell by the Demon Realm army’s invasion?

It wasn’t that he hadn’t thought that the Ten Nations’ armies could temporarily resist the invasion of the Demon Realm.

But to be honest, the current situation was far better than he had imagined.

The Ten Nations had actually trapped the Demon Realm army in the capital of Great Wei.

Although doing this was equivalent to sacrificing everyone in Great Wei, compared to letting the Demon Realm army wreak havoc everywhere, there would definitely be fewer casualties.

Even though the people in Great Wei’s capital were innocent, this was still the best choice.

Speaking of which, Emperor Wei Wu had done a good deed. He had built the walls of Great Wei’s capital very firmly.

The city walls were firm. Although it was very difficult for the Ten Nations’ armies to break through, it was also very difficult for the demonic beasts inside to escape.

Every bite and every sip was preordained. It was amazing what one could do. Zhou Shu sighed.

The Great Qin emperor had already called the emperors of the other nations over.

Emperor Yuan Feng had originally pulled Yin Wuyou aside to ask questions, but he was also driven over by her.

The Demon Realm army had retreated into the city, and the crisis was temporarily resolved. The Qin emperor asked anxiously as he coughed up blood, “What happened on the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield? How did you get back? Where are the others?”

Zhou Shu glanced at the Qin emperor, worried that he would faint at any moment.

“The Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament space is gone,” Zhou Shu said.

Emperor Yuan Feng was more familiar with Zhou Shu, so he asked unrestrainedly, “Gone? What do you mean?”

“It literally means what I said. There will never be a Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield again.”

Zhou Shu said in a low voice, “Now is not the time to talk about this. Solve the situation here first.”

Zhou Shu pointed at the black hole in the capital of Great Wei and said in a low voice, “On the other side of this passage, countless soldiers have already gathered in the Demon Realm. If they attack, the Ten Nations won’t be able to stop them.

“So we have to plug this passage back up.”

“We know that too, but that bastard Emperor Wei Wu took Great Wei’s imperial cauldron. We can’t do anything if we can’t find him,” Emperor Yuan Feng said.

“Emperor Wei Wu is dead.” Zhou Shu flipped his wrist, and a small imperial cauldron appeared in his palm. “The Great Wei imperial cauldron is here.”

Everyone was stunned. Over the past few days, they had been wishing they could hack Emperor Wei Wu into pieces. But when they heard the news of Emperor Wei Wu’s death, they still had mixed feelings.

Emperor Wei Wu was on par with them. As the ruler of a country, he died just like that?

The Great Wei imperial cauldron had fallen into Zhou Shu’s hands. Didn’t that mean that he also had a chance to establish a nation and become an emperor?

The emperors recalled the imperial edicts they issued at the request of the Heavenly Mountain Villa. Everyone’s mood became extremely complicated.

Everyone, including Emperor Yuan Feng, didn’t know how to face Zhou Shu.

How should they treat him?

Originally, even if he was the king of nine nations, he was only king and slightly inferior to emperors like them. But now that the Great Wei imperial cauldron was in his hands, should they treat him as a king or as an emperor?

In the eyes of the emperors, Great Wei only existed in name.

Zhou Shu controlled the Great Wei imperial cauldron, which meant that he could replace Emperor Wei Wu at any time!

Zhou Shu had no idea that these emperors had such complicated thoughts. He didn’t think too much about it.

“With all ten imperial cauldrons gathered, I’m certain I can block this passage.” Zhou Shu looked at the emperors. “But I need everyone to help me. I can’t do it alone.”

The emperors pondered. It was Emperor Yuan Feng who spoke first. “This is what we should do.”

Logically speaking, he should be the first to support Zhou Shu. After all, Zhou Shu was a member of Great Xia.

“Why are you all hesitating?” the Qin emperor snorted. “Isn’t blocking off the passageway what we want to do to begin with? Defending against the invasion of the Demon Realm is our top priority. Whatever thoughts you have, wait until we resolve the Demon Realm’s invasion!”

The Qin emperor looked down on the other emperors. These people were average in strength, but they were very careful.

All the emperors smiled awkwardly.

“Of course, King Wu’an (Divine Might King) (King Jiu’jiang)… Naturally, we have to support you fully.”

The emperors addressed Zhou Shu differently and used the title that they had conferred upon Zhou Shu in the imperial edicts.

This was very subtle. This form of address meant that Zhou Shu was still a king under them and not the ruler of the Great Wei imperial cauldron.