Chapter 470 - Repair, the Legendary Armament Canon Mutates (2)

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Chapter 470: Repair, the Legendary Armament Canon Mutates (2)

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Zhou Shu’s political sensitivity was zero. If he knew what these emperors were thinking, he would definitely spit them in the face and tell them that he was giving them face by calling them ‘Your Majesty’. If he didn’t give them face, they were nothing.

Zhou Shu had never had any thoughts of being a ruler or a minister. Although he usually liked to call himself a king, he didn’t take the king titles of the nine nations seriously.

To him, being the master of the Huaxia Pavilion was more practical than being a king.

“There’s no time to lose. Since no one has any objections, let’s do it,” Zhou Shu said. He raised his hand, and Great Wei’s imperial cauldron soared into the sky.

The small cauldron, which was originally the size of a palm, swelled with the wind and instantly became ten feet tall.

Zhou Shu shouted, and spiritual essence surged out of his body.

Great Wei’s imperial cauldron shone brightly.

With a loud bang, rays of light scattered from the Great Wei imperial cauldron. These rays of light spread in all directions, as if they were connecting to the land of Great Wei.

“Everyone, come!” the Great Qin emperor shouted. His body emitted a dazzling light. In the light, a small cauldron appeared in his chest.

Emperor Yuan Feng and the others looked at each other, and their bodies also shone brightly.

Like the Qin emperor, they were all one with their cauldron. The light emitted from their bodies fused with the light on Great Wei’s imperial cauldron.

Zhou Shu rose and placed his hands on the Great Wei imperial cauldron.

At this moment, he felt as if he had become one with the Great Wei imperial cauldron. His vision seemed to be increasing limitlessly.

In an instant, he seemed to see the entire Ten Nations Continent, no, including the Demon Realm!

The Ten Nations Continent and the Demon Realm were not two worlds at all!

And this invisible wall was the Ten Nations Continent’s barrier formed by the Ten Imperial Cauldrons!

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Zhou Shu could clearly sense that with the Ten Imperial Cauldrons as a medium, power was continuously injected into the barrier from the Ten Nations Continent.

It was also this power that was slowly repairing the fine cracks on the barrier.

Zhou Shu seemed to understand something. There had never been a martial artist above the first rank in the Ten Nations Continent. Perhaps it was related to this barrier.

This barrier indeed protected the Ten Nations Continent from the invasion of the Demon Realm. But at the same time, it also extracted spiritual energy and some kind of power from the Ten Nations Continent.

It was precisely because of this that there had never been a martial artist above the first rank on the Ten Nations Continent.

Who forged the imperial cauldrons? What is his goal?

Is he protecting the human race or… captive breeding?

A thought flashed through Zhou Shu’s mind, and then he felt a surging power coming from the Great Wei imperial cauldron.

Without thinking, Zhou Shu shouted. The power in his body surged and pushed toward the capital of Great Wei.

The demonic beasts in Great Wei’s capital noticed this change and roared as they charged toward the source of the power.

In the capital of Great Wei, the number of first-rank demonic beasts was no less than that of the first-rank demonic beasts in the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament space. If not for the restrictions of the passage, there would have been more first-rank demonic beasts here.

With a loud bang, the force Zhou Shu pushed out landed in the black hole almost without any obstruction.

Countless rays of light seemed to appear in the black hole. These rays of light began to repair the black hole.

The speed was not very fast, but it was visible to the naked eye.

Whether it was the demonic beasts in Great Wei’s capital or the demonic beasts in the Demon Realm, they all noticed this scene and roared angrily as they attacked.

Zhou Shu snorted and used the power of the Great Wei imperial cauldron. The speed at which the light repaired the black hole increased slightly.

Countless attacks landed on it. Innumerable rays of light broke, but new ones immediately appeared.

One side was mending, while the other was destroying. But the speed of the mending was slightly faster.

Xu Shi saw through it and roared. “Everyone, attack demonic beasts and stop them from destroying the passageway!”

When he shouted, the generals of the other countries saw it too.

Although the emperors of the various nations were busy activating the imperial cauldrons and had no time to issue orders, as the saying went, generals should judge and act according to the real situations on the battlefield. At this time, they couldn’t care too much. They issued orders one after another, and the armies began to attack the city.

The war broke out again. The Ten Nations’ armies attacked Great Wei’s capital. Even if they couldn’t break through the thick city walls for the time being, they still restrained most of the demonic beasts in the city.

As time passed, the speed at which the black hole was being repaired clearly increased.

Beams of light filled the black hole, and then the light spread deeper. Where no one could see, the light fused with the barrier between the two worlds.

A smile appeared on Zhou Shu’s face. He was very tired now. He was much more tired than he had been on the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament battlefield.

Perhaps it was also because this was the true activation of the imperial cauldrons!

With the ten cauldrons combined, they were able to call upon the power of the entire Ten Nations Continent. How vast was this power?

If not for the help of the imperial cauldrons, Zhou Shu felt that he wouldn’t have been able to activate this power at all.

Zhou Shu seemed to sense that the imperial cauldrons seemed to contain the secret of forging.

Compared to the imperial cauldrons, the weapons of the Ten Nations Continent, even heaven-grade weapons, seemed to be neutered versions…

Just as this thought arose, Zhou Shu felt a golden light shine in front of him. The Legendary Armament Canon appeared in front of him without any warning. On the cover, the golden light was dazzling, making it almost impossible to look at it directly.

Zhou Shu heard the sound of pages turning. It was so loud that he couldn’t even hear anything else.

His head was ringing from the sound. In the end, he had a splitting headache. The pain was almost impossible to suppress with his cultivation, and he couldn’t hold back a roar of pain.

Zhou Shu’s reaction stunned the emperors, and worry appeared in their eyes.

They weren’t necessarily worried about Zhou Shu’s safety. They were more worried about whether he could repair the passageway.

“Everyone, work harder!” A line of blood flowed from the corner of the Qin emperor’s mouth. He shouted as if he didn’t notice.

The emperors knew that they couldn’t hesitate at this moment. They drove the spiritual essence in their bodies and increased the output of the power of the imperial cauldrons.

Zhou Shu raised his head and roared. A powerful light erupted from his body.

What everyone couldn’t see was that a golden book was floating in front of Zhou Shu. The book seemed to have become a small sun that suddenly burrowed into his glabella.

Zhou Shu seemed to be about to explode, and a surging and violent power surged toward the black hole.

Countless rays of light appeared almost instantly. The black hole began to shrink visibly, as if it was filled with light.

When the light reached its peak, it became transparent.

“Divine Ability, Total Annihilation!” Zhou Shu roared and put his hands together. The last half-foot of the black hole quickly began to close.

Zhou Shu’s figure crashed into the capital of Great Wei.

Then countless sword beams shot into the sky.

It was impossible to describe how dense these sword beams were. In an instant, the sword beams filled almost every corner of Great Wei’s capital, mercilessly reaping the lives of the demonic beasts in the city.

All the first-rank demonic beasts roared angrily as their bodies erupted with towering auras to resist the sword beams. But they only lasted for a moment longer than ordinary demonic beasts before turning into minced meat under the sword beams.

In the sword light, everyone only saw a figure enter the black hole with a whoosh before it completely disappeared.