Chapter 471 - Spatial Weapon, The Reactions of the Emperors (1)

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Chapter 471: Spatial Weapon, The Reactions of the Emperors (1)

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In the capital of Great Wei on the Ten Nations Continent…

There were mangled corpses everywhere, both demonic beasts and humans.

Almost everyone standing was bruised and bloody.

Everyone was breathing hard as they looked at each other and saw the disbelief in each other’s eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity, someone let out a cheer first. “We won!”

A moment later, cheers filled the air above Great Wei’s capital.

The Qin emperor, Emperor Yuan Feng, the Jin emperor, the Liang emperor, and the other emperors also looked tired. They looked at each other and laughed.

At this moment, the friction between the various nations had long disappeared.

After laughing, everyone asked a question almost at the same time, “What about the King of the South (Side-by-side King) (King of Wu’an)…”

“He’s gone to the Demon Realm,” said a crisp voice with a hint of loss and worry.

When everyone turned around, they saw a slender figure standing there. Who else could it be other than Yin Wuyou?

“Gone to the Demon Realm?” all the emperors exclaimed in surprise.

Emperor Yuan Feng looked at his daughter and asked, “Why did he go to the Demon Realm?”

“Because there are still people in the Demon Realm.” Yin Wuyou’s eyes were full of worry. “Before the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament space collapsed, Zhou Shu brought us to the Demon Realm. The remaining troops of the various nations are still in the Demon Realm.”

Although Zhou Shu had told Yin Wuyou about this possibility before they returned, Yin Wuyou still felt very uncomfortable seeing him return to the Demon Realm.

She wanted to fight alongside him, but he didn’t want her to take the risk.

She had no choice but to listen to Zhou Shu and wait for him to return to the Ten Nations Continent.

Besides, she had to prepare things on the Ten Nations Continent for his return.

Determination flashed across Yin Wuyou’s face. “Zhou Shu will lead them to fight behind enemy lines in the Demon Realm. He said that there’s a problem with the barrier between the two worlds, and the Ten Nations and the Demon Realm will fight sooner or later. You should prepare early.”

The emperors looked at each other. The joy of having just won was immediately diluted.

“Princess Wuyou, how many people from the various nations survived the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament?” the Qin emperor said solemnly.

“There are thirty thousand people in the Demon Realm,” Yin Wuyou said.

The expressions of the emperors changed slightly, and their hearts became extremely heavy.

Thirty thousand people? There were far more people who participated in the Ten Nations Martial Arts Tournament.

Had the others already died in battle?

Those people were the elites of the elites of the various nations. One death was enough to make these emperors’ hearts ache. Now, so many of them had died!

“How can a mere thirty thousand people survive in the Demon Realm?” the Great Liang emperor said.

“With Zhou Shu around, they can survive,” Yin Wuyou said confidently. “That’s not something you need to worry about. What you need to worry about is how to prepare to deal with the Demon Realm army that we’ll face soon!

“From today onward, the Great Xia Forging Division will be open to all nations. No matter which nation it is, you can purchase weapons from the Great Xia Forging Division!” Yin Wuyou said seriously.

“Wuyou!” Emperor Yuan Feng was anxious. Did he agree to such a big matter?

“Father, this is Zhou Shu’s idea. He said it’s impossible to promote the development of forging if we keep it within our own nation. Now that the human race is in a precarious situation, if we stand still and refuse to make progress, it will only lead to the destruction of the human race.

“At this point, we should work together and get through this together! And he said that as long as we’re strong enough, we don’t have to be afraid of others learning.”

“Zhou Shu, Zhou Shu. I’m your father. Why do you only listen to him?!” Emperor Yuan Feng said angrily.

Zhou Shu is my man,?Yin Wuyou thought gently, but she was too embarrassed to say it in front of so many people.

“I know you’re my father,” Yin Wuyou said. “The money from the Forging Division selling weapons will go to Great Xia’s treasury. This is also a good thing for Great Xia.

“Father, if you don’t agree, then I’ll only sell the weapons Zhou Shu developed.”

Emperor Yuan Feng clutched his chest, his vision darkening. Only selling weapons developed by Zhou Shu?

What was the difference between this and selling them all?

“Emperor Yuan Feng, I’m impressed. Great Xia indeed has the demeanor of a great nation,” the Liang emperor said with a smile, “In that case, Great Liang will order ten thousand Horse Slaying Sabers first!”

“No, no, no.” Yin Wuyou shook her head. “You’re mistaken. I didn’t mean that you could buy weapons from Great Xia’s Forging Division.”

“Your Highness, what do you mean?” the Liang emperor asked in confusion.

“It’s very simple. You’ll buy whatever I have,” Yin Wuyou said. “Just like now. I have this. Do any of you want to buy it?”

Yin Wuyou raised her arm, revealing a fair wrist with several bangles on it.

The bangles didn’t look like anything precious. They were gray and dull.

All the emperors were puzzled. Was Great Xia so poor that they had to take out a few lousy bangles to sell?

Or did she have other intentions?

“There’s a discount. Five million taels of gold for one. You can exchange for it with forging materials of equal value.” Yin Wuyou spread her fingers and waved her small hand in the air.

“Five million taels of gold? Why don’t you rob?” the Han emperor exclaimed.

“Why should I rob?” Yin Wuyou blinked. “Zhou Shu said that we open our doors to do business. The prices are clearly stated, and we don’t cheat anyone.”