Chapter 612 - Fooling the Demonic Beasts, Shi Changsheng's Shock (1)

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Chapter 612: Fooling the Demonic Beasts, Shi Changsheng’s Shock (1)

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The surface of the Demon Mirror rippled like water. After the water calmed down, a black and shiny dog appeared in the mirror. It lay on all fours and roared into the sky.

“Haha, did you see that? I’m Tiangou, the real deal!” Tiangou laughed loudly.

Zhou Shu rolled his eyes inwardly.Are you so proud of being a dog? Shouldn’t I be more proud that I’m human?

Seeing that Tiangou had proven himself, Demon King Ao said impatiently, “Use it on me!”

Ji Lutian nodded and turned to Demon King Ao.

Demon King Ao straightened his back as if he was taking a photo. He stood upright under the Demon Mirror.

The surface of the Demon Mirror rippled again. A moment later, a flood dragon appeared in the Demon Mirror.

Seeing this, Zhou Shu complained in his heart again.I always thought that Demon King Ao was a real dragon, but it turns out he’s just a flood dragon?

The difference was huge.

“I am also the real deal,” Demon King Ao said proudly.

Seeing the reflection in the Demon Mirror, Tiangou heaved a sigh of relief. He cupped his hands toward Demon King Ao in embarrassment. “Demon King Ao, I suspected you before because I had no choice.”

“Hmph.” Demon King Ao snorted. “I remember it. Whose father are you again?”

Tiangou was stunned and awkwardly wanted to find a hole to hide in.

“Demon King Ao, you’re magnanimous like a great man…” Tiangou said weakly.

“I’m not a man. I’m a demonic beast.” Demon King Ao snorted coldly. “I’ll settle scores with you later! If you want to be my father, it depends on whether you have the ability!”

Demon King Ao turned around and pointed at the two Liu’Ers. “Mr. Ji, use the Demon Mirror on them!”

Tiangou tacitly took two steps sideways and formed an angle with Demon King Ao. His aura had already erupted as he locked onto the Liu’Ers.

“Come on!” the Liu’Er on the left shouted and pointed at the other Lie’Er. “Die! I swear on the Great Dao that I will tear you into pieces!”

The killing intent on his body was almost tangible.

“I’ll do the same,” the Liu’Er on the right said calmly.

Ji Lutian glanced at Yao Wenxin and asked her to retreat a distance away. Then he raised the Demon Mirror and shone it at the Liu’Er on the left.

A white light flashed and disappeared. A figure appeared in the mirror. It was a monkey with yellow fur scratching its ears and cheeks!

As soon as this scene appeared in the mirror, three soaring auras exploded at the same time.

The powerful aura sent Ji Lutian flying backward like a fallen leaf.

Yao Wenxin’s expression changed drastically. She soared into the sky and caught Ji Lutian. The human and the demon flew away from the battlefield.

“Haha…” A laugh broke out. “You’re so impatient. Aren’t you afraid that this Demon Mirror is fake?”

It was Liu’Er’s voice.

“You’re going to die. I swear I’ll kill you!” the other Liu’Er shouted.

A few beams of light collided, and a powerful explosion sent one of the Liu’Ers flying.

“I’m not playing with you anymore. I’m leaving!”

Amid the laughter, a figure turned into a stream of light and instantly entered Yuheng Valley like a bird flying into a forest.

The attacks of the three Demon Kings missed at the same time. With a bang, the mountain shook.

The expressions of the three Demon Kings changed in unison. At this moment, the swoosh of a weapon being unsheathed suddenly came from Yuheng Valley.

Demon King Ao’s, Tiangou’s, and Liu’Er’s expressions changed drastically. Without any hesitation, they retreated explosively until they were a hundred kilometers away. Only then did they stop with lingering fear.

The three Demon Kings looked at Yuheng Valley with ugly expressions.