Chapter 613 - Fooling the Demonic Beasts, Shi Changsheng's Shock (2)

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Chapter 613: Fooling the Demonic Beasts, Shi Changsheng’s Shock (2)

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“So what? We’re all Demon Kings!” Liu’Er also said. “I want this Demon Mirror!”

He had been impersonated once. Thinking about it now made him feel extremely aggrieved. He didn’t want it to happen again. With the Demon Mirror, no one could impersonate him again.

“You want to fight, don’t you?” Demon King Ao said angrily. “Do you really think I’m so tolerant? If I don’t let you see my ability, you won’t know what it means to be the number one Demon King of the Demon Realm!”

Seeing that the three Demon Kings were about to fight, Ji Lutian said helplessly, “Lords, please calm down. Although there’s only one Demon Mirror now, if the three of you need it, I can forge it for you again.”

“Alright, then help Tiangou and Liu’Er forge two more Demon Mirrors. Give me this one,” Demon King Ao said without hesitation.

“The first one is mine!”

Tiangou and Liu’Er spoke at the same time.

The three Demon Kings glared at each other again.

Ji Lutian was speechless. “Gentlemen, please listen to me! I don’t think there’s anything to argue about.”

After the three Demon Kings looked at him, he continued, “Since the three of you are worried that someone will impersonate you, why don’t we do this? Before I forge the other two Demon Mirrors, the three of you will deign to wait in my humble residence for a year. How about that?”

The three Demon Kings frowned at the same time. It was obvious that Yuheng Valley wasn’t enterable now. In fact, it might not even be enterable in the near future.

It would take at least six months for Ji Lutian to forge a Demon Mirror. If they wanted everyone to have one, they would really have to wait a year.

“A year is just a blink of an eye for Demon Kings. When the time comes, you don’t have to fight anymore. Won’t it be harmless if everyone has a Demon Mirror?” Ji Lutian continued.

The three Demon Kings glared at each other. This seemed to work.

The three of them actually had no intention of really attacking. After all, they were all Demon Kings. If they really fought, it wouldn’t be easy to determine the winner.

Moreover, Tiangou and Liu’Er were not rookies who had just broken through to the Demon King realm.

Even if Demon King Ao could defeat the two of them, it wasn’t something he could do in a moment.

And once they made a move, it would really damage their relationship.

In any case, the matter of the real Liu’Er had already been resolved. Waiting for a year didn’t seem to be that important to them.

“We’ll do as you say,” Demon King Ao said. “I was the one who provided the materials previously. This time, it’s your turn!”

“You’re the number one Demon King of the Demon Realm? How petty!” Liu’Er muttered softly.

“Do you think there’s only one or many humans who can transform into demonic beasts…” Tiangou suddenly spoke, stopping Demon King Ao, who was about to erupt.

“If only one human can do it, it won’t be a problem. If more humans can transform, it will be a disaster for our Demon Realm!”

A solemn expression flashed across Tiangou’s face.

The three demon kings looked at Ji Lutian at the same time. Three Demon Mirrors were not enough!

If there was more than one human who could transform into a demonic beast, there had to be enough Demon Mirrors to ensure that all the hidden humans among the demonic beasts would be found!

It was best for every demonic beast to carry one Demon Mirror with them. If that human wanted to pretend to be a demonic beast, he wouldn’t have a chance at all.

But in that case, the number of Demon Mirrors required would be a lot more.

“Every demonic beast carries a Demon Mirror with them…” Ji Lutian immediately understood what the three Demon Kings meant. “That’s impossible. There are more than a billion demonic beasts in the Demon Realm. Not to mention that it’s impossible for me to forge so many Demon Mirrors alone, even all the human forgers combined can’t complete this task.

“Besides, this Demon Mirror is expensive to forge. It’s impossible to forge so many.

“In my opinion, there’s no need for so many Demon Mirrors. It’s fine as long as every demonic beast general has one. This is enough to prevent humans from impersonating demonic beasts in the armies they lead.

“In that case, we won’t need that many Demon Mirrors.

“However, even so, I can’t complete this mission alone. I still need the help of the Demon Kings…”

Zhou Shu didn’t know that Ji Lutian had already taken over his baton and continued to fool the demonic beasts.

He rushed into Yuheng Valley and bumped into the ten Great Demons and more than a hundred first-rank demonic beasts that had been monitoring Ji Lutian!

Previously, after Ji Lutian successfully forged the Demon Mirror, he had left the valley alone. These demonic beasts had stayed behind to clean up the scene. In the end, before they could leave, Zhou Shu had entered!

“Lord Liu’Er?” The leading demonic beast looked at Zhou Shu in surprise.

A dazzling light answered him.

The Ming Hong Saber and the Spring Embroidered Saber slashed out at the same time.

The saber beam cut the Great Demon in half.

This bloody scene stunned all the demonic beasts.

By the time they came back to their senses, they were completely enveloped by saber beams.

Banging sounds rang out incessantly. A moment later, a figure stood there panting, surrounded by corpses.

The ten Great Demons and more than a hundred first-rank demonic beasts had all died under Zhou Shu’s hands in a moment!

He didn’t dare to delay. First, he wasn’t sure if the three Demon Kings would chase after him. Second, if he waited for these Great Demons to notice what was going on before attacking, he wouldn’t have that much of an advantage.

[The Ming Hong Saber you forged effectively completed a kill. Divine ability Myriad Transformations +1!]

[The Huben Saber you forged effectively completed a kill. The Visualization of the Five Mountains’ True Form Technique has improved by 30%.]

But the aftereffects of using Total Annihilation made him feel sleepy.

Zhou Shu bit the tip of his tongue and tried his best to stay awake. He warily observed his surroundings.

After he waited for a long time, the three Demon Kings didn’t chase after him. This meant that he had made the right bet. As expected, they didn’t dare to enter Yuheng Valley easily!

It was a good thing that the three Demon Kings didn’t dare to chase after him, but it also meant that there might be great danger in Yuheng Valley!

What exactly was this danger?

Zhou Shu leaned against a tree and looked into the depths of Yuheng Valley.

He couldn’t see what was in Yuheng Valley at all. The entire valley was like a sleeping tiger, vaguely giving him a great sense of oppression.

Previously, Ji Lutian forged the Demon Mirror here. He stayed here for a year and was fine. As long as I don’t go in, this place should be safe for the time being,Zhou Shu consoled himself.

He felt weak and didn’t have the strength to explore the depths of Yuheng Valley.

Zhou Shu pondered for a moment and called out to the Cosmic Bangle on his wrist. “Elder Shi! I’ll have to trouble you to guard me for a day. Take the heaven and earth treasures inside as your reward.”

He threw another Cosmic Bangle on the ground. Inside were the forging materials he had plundered from Hu Li.

The Longevity Sword emerged from the Cosmic Bangle, and Shi Changsheng’s figure appeared on the sword.

“Sure. What’s our relationship? There’s no need to be so polite.” Shi Changsheng chuckled. As he spoke, the Longevity Sword unceremoniously devoured the forging materials in the Cosmic Bangle.

A moment later, Zhou Shu seemed to hear the Longevity Sword groan in satisfaction. At this moment, Shi Changsheng seemed to have time to look around.

“Young fellow, how did you end up in such a situation? What is this place? Why does it look familiar?” Shi Changsheng said. Suddenly, he jumped up from the sword. “Yuheng Valley? Damn it. Why did you come to this damn place!”