Chapter 791 - Counter

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I tilted my head to look at her and smiled. “What are we researching together? My blood?”

I turned to look down the stage. “I know that every medical laboratory has a lab rat. And the protest against the cruelty of this practice has been there for ages too. Why should these rats contribute themselves for the sake of human health?

“Once they’re born, they’re artificially infected with different kinds of diseases. No one cares about them. They were constantly fed finished or semi-finished medicine. In the end, they will die from unknown diseases. How pitiful are the mice?”

I stopped and swept my gaze across the entire place. I saw some watery eyes. That was good. As long as they weren’t all on Lin Nan’s side, it would be fine.

I sighed softly. “I feel like I’m a lab rat now.” I looked at Lin Nan again. “What kind of cooperation is Miss Lin talking about? If my blood can cure all diseases and save a hundred lives, why would I need to cooperate with others? Who’s sick? Come, I’ll give you some blood to bring home and try.”

Lin Nan frowned imperceptibly and said calmly, “Nanxing, I didn’t mean that.”

“Then what did you mean?” I didn’t give in.

Lin Nan looked as if she didn’t understand, “What I mean is that our Lin family has the ability to let your blood exert the greatest effect and can save more people!”

I smiled. “Yes, I understand. I’m just a lab rat. I have a scientific value.”

I successfully tricked Lin Nan into it.

Some people started to whisper. “Is there really Phoenix Blood?”

“Can Phoenix Blood really cure all diseases?”

Lin Nan’s expression started to turn ugly.

I looked at Lin Nan. “Doctor Lin, if I don’t agree to it today, wouldn’t I be letting down the entire human race? Doctor Lin predicted that I would be unwilling, so without consulting me beforehand, you announced that I had Phoenix Blood to the world. That is a great responsibility that you have placed on my shoulders.

“And if I agree to it in public, then from now on, my life will be given to the human world! I won’t have control over my life anymore.”

Mai Qi interrupted coldly, “No, your life will be given to the Lin Family and not the human world! When have you seen the Lin family pass down their medical skills to outsiders or even recruit disciples from the outside world?”

“Of course, they won’t do that! Medical skills are the Lin family’s ability to survive. If they really used your Phoenix Blood to develop some strange medicine, they would also announce to the public that it was the result of the Lin Family’s research. They will claim ownership over it. Do you think the Lin Family has gotten rich from just doing charity? Don’t be silly!” Jing Ni’s voice was even colder.

Lin Nan’s expression was extremely ugly. “The two of you spoke without thinking. You slandered the Lin family to prevent Nanxing from giving up her Phoenix Blood!”

Mai Qi sneered. “Miss Lin, what are you talking about? The Phoenix Blood belongs to Nanxing. What obligation does she have to give it up?”

“Talk is cheap. Why don’t you try to walk a mile in another person’s shoes? Think about it. If you have Phoenix Blood, would you be willing to be another person’s lab rat? You’ll have various experiments done on you, and when your value is exhausted, you’ll be thrown away.”

The imagery was very strong.

More than half of the people were uncomfortable.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Lin family is a scholarly family that studies medicine. Miss Lin’s idea of saving the world is good. You have the heart of a bodhisattva. However, that is not an excuse for you to treat another person like a lab rat!” Mai Qi said cuttingly.