Chapter 792 - Changing Faces

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Lin Nan’s expression was extremely ugly.

I believed that she had never been so embarrassed since she was young.

She had been praised since she was young because of her outstanding ability. This was probably the first time that she had been insulted like this.

Lin Nan’s gaze towards me became ice-cold. However, her tone remained gentle. “Miss Nanxing, I don’t know what inappropriate things Lin Nan has done to cause you and your friends to be so angry. The Lin family can be considered to have a hundred-year-old foundation. It definitely wasn’t built overnight. However, we didn’t rise by scheming against others. I hope that Miss Nanxing will not maliciously slander us. It was Lin Nan who was eager to save others, that made me speak recklessly. I’m sorry for making Miss Nanxing misunderstand me.”

She gave me a deep bow.

The three of us were stunned.

Speaking of which, we had seen a lot of people over the years. We had met the most disgusting people. However, we had never seen someone who would admit defeat and apologize just like that.

However, we all knew Lin Nan’s apology was just a show. It was for the benefit of the crowd and not for us. I was just about to say something to make her expose her own shortcomings again when I caught a glimpse of a few people standing not far away from the corner of my eye.

I instantly understood.

Hence, I smiled and looked at Lin Nan. “Doctor Lin, I can’t accept your apology. Just as Doctor Lin said, you’re only thinking about the people of the world. So you don’t need to apologize.

“My life is tough. I was born with Phoenix Blood and was hunted down and persecuted from a young age. I have suffered a lot for the sake of Phoenix Blood. Therefore, I’m disgusted by everyone who mentions Phoenix Blood. Since I was young, people have been constantly after my life. Doctor Lin, why don’t you put yourself in my shoes and think about it? If you were me, would you agree to your demands?

“As for my friends, they have all been through a near-death experience because of me. So, we can’t help but dislike those who hunger after the Phoenix Blood.”

Mai Qi said coldly, “Evil people come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them package their evil in the form of universal love. However, we won’t let Nanxing exchange her life for someone else’s life.”

Mai Qi’s voice was crisp and melodious, and her tone was solemn.

Suddenly, a round of applause was heard.

Lin Hua was clapping as he walked over. Beside him were Jing Tian, my little uncle, cousin Mo, and Qu Hao, who had relaxed looks on their faces.

Lin Hua looked at Maggie with a smile. “Miss Mai Qi, what a brilliant speech. Lin Nan is young and inexperienced, so her words are too direct. Please don’t take offense.”

At this moment, Lin Nan’s face revealed a bashful expression. She shot a quick glance at Jing Tian, lowered her eyes, and took two steps back to stand behind Lin Hua.

She didn’t go near Jing Tian but quietly followed her brother’s side. She was gentle and obedient.

Jing Tian’s attention was on me. He gently reproached, “What’s wrong? Did you come to someone else’s house to quarrel?”

I stepped forward and held his arm, “No!” I said in a tender voice. “Am I that ignorant? We were talking to Dr. Lin about the Phoenix Blood. Dr. Lin said that the Lin family wanted to use my phoenix blood to save more people. It sounded great, but I didn’t want to be turned into a lab rat. Why can’t we just save people that we run into? Why do we have to turn my blood into some kind of medical research to save the world?’

Now, the ball was in Jing Tian’s court!