Chapter 2024 - The Apple of His Eye

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Lan Weisong burst into tears. “Fourth Young Master, why didn’t you say so earlier? If you had said so earlier, I wouldn’t have treated her like an ordinary girl. I didn’t take her words seriously at all!”

“You’ve already confirmed that you remember the Shi family warning you about her at that Emperor District meeting. You even remember me warning you about her. I told you to listen to everything I say. Are those words just farts in the air to you?”

“Fourth Young Master, Fourth Young Master, I was wrong! Please save me! I’ll definitely listen to you the next time. I won’t dare to make this same mistake ever again!”

“Next time? Do you think there’ll be a next time? Lan Weisong, did you not hear what I just said to you? You’ve ruined my Shi family, so I hope you’re now more aware of what you can and can’t say when your time comes. Otherwise… Don’t forget that you still have a seven-year-old son to live for.”

Lan Weisong loved his son more than anything in the world. He was the apple of his eye.

The Shi family could often bring people in power to their knees because they could sense these people’s weaknesses.

The moment Shi Maowen said those words of warning, Lan Weisong knew that his son would soon be an orphan.

If he dared to say anything unfavorable to the Shi family when he was captured, his son might not even be able to have a normal childhood without him.

However, if he could shoulder all this responsibility and stop things in their tracks now, not only would his son grow up and have a good childhood, but he would even be given an important position by the Shi family.

His son was the apple of his eye. He could not bear to see his son be forced to grow up early. Anyway, it was of no benefit to him to drag the Shi family down with him. He was the instigator of this entire situation. If he cut him off from the Shi family, they would not be held responsible anymore.

Lan Weisong said bitterly, “Fourth Young Master, don’t worry. My loyalty to the Shi family can be seen by both the heavens and the earth. If I do this… I hope Fourth Young Master and the Shi family will treat my son well.”

“Don’t worry about that. Isn’t your father the best example you need?”

Lan Weisong wanted to laugh, but he cried instead.

Even though he was a very bad man, he was good to his family. Just like his father had been. His father had been so elated when he became a disciple of Old Master Shi in the past. WhenOld Master Shi’s plot was exposed, his father took on all the blame to protect the Shi family.

In order to protect Lan Weisong and his mother, his father took on all the responsibility. In the end, the Shi family groomed him into an outstanding person and made him an official.

Lan Weisong thought that his family was just unlucky. After all, he had made some wrong choices. By the time he got his son back, Shi Maowen would probably already be President. The entirety of Camino would probably be under the Shi family’s control. His son should be able to live well and make a name for himself in that environment, right?

“The president has handed this matter over to me. Lan Weisong, in order to keep the Shi family name out of this, you know that I have to be strict.”

“Yeah. I understand.”

When Lan Weisong heard Shi Maowen’s words, his eyes closed in despair. He did not know how his throat worked to say those words.

Right now, Lan Weisong felt extremely regretful. He regretted not taking the Shi family’s words to heart when they summoned them back to their own home to warn him.

When the Shi family and Shi Maowen greeted him back then, it just so happened that it was around the time that they had personally overturned Nangong Ze’s case.