Chapter 2027 - Tearing off Feathers

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“The Shi family didn’t get this far overnight. My Shi family has gone through several generations and over a hundred years of hard work to earn the reputation, power, and money we have today. It was not easy, so we cherish these shiny feathers of ours very much. Every feather on our bodies has been carefully nurtured. Miss Nangong, don’t you think it’s a little too much for you to casually tear off our feathers and think we wouldn’t care?

“Miss Nangong, you can ask anyone about how my Shi family conducts itself. If it weren’t for the fact that you’re the chairman of the Imperial Phoenix Group and Tianheng Holdings… when you attacked five of our family members, we would’ve made sure no holds were barred against you when we fought back.

“Miss Nangong, we respect you and want to befriend you. That’s why we always give you a lot of respect whenever we meet you. We do the same for your Nangong family too. But you should know that there’s a limit to a person’s patience. We can tolerate Miss Nangong disrespecting our Shi family once or twice, but we’re no doormats. We can’t keep giving in forever. Miss Nangong, you probably understand that we feel like our best defense right now is to attack. Even if we’ll be greatly hurt in the process, it’s better than being walked all over like this. Even a rabbit bites when cornered, what more for the beast that is our Shi family?

“Miss Nangong’s bad habit of tearing off people’s feathers whenever she’s bored can’t continue. For now, the Shi family can continue to give in, but we won’t give you a third chance. I hope Miss Nangong can back out now and leave herself with some dignity.”

Shi Maowen’s words made Elder Wu and the other members of the Wu family widen their eyes. They all looked at Nangong Nuannuan in shock.

At the Jiang District auction, they all found out that Nangong Nuannuan had some extraordinary skills. They also knew that she was the chairman of Tianheng Holdings and that she was the daughter of Duke Eton of Luntan. Her?name was listed in Luntan’s royal genealogy. They even knew that Duke Eton was only able to become the richest person in Luntan because of Nangong Nuannuan.

However, they did not expect that Nangong Nuannuan, who was already such a boss, was also the chairman of the Imperial Phoenix Group.

Even though Tianheng Holdings was a powerful international financial group that was ranked internally as one of the top 50 groups, the Imperial Phoenix Group was a giant that was ranked in the world’s top three!

How could Nuannuan be the chairman of such a corporation?

The members of the Wu family, especially Wu Pingting and Wu Zongyang, were extremely excited at the news.

Nangong Nuannuan had already been their idol. Now they looked at her like they were looking at a god.

This was too awesome for words!

If not for the fact that he was going to take over the Wu group in the future, Wu Zongyang would have wanted to work for his idol in the Imperial Phoenix Group.

He would have worked for free!

Nangong Nuannuan looked at Shi Maowen, not taking his warning to heart. She smiled and asked, “Officer Shi, are you trying to teach me how to manners?”

Shi Maowen had been very polite from the beginning to the end of the call. Even if he was threatening her, he would still do it politely. However, when he saw Nangong Nuan’s smile, he wished he could shoot her.

Why was she smiling so brightly? She simply did not respect the Shi family at all!

However, even though his heart was angry, his mouth…