Chapter 2032 - A Family Reunion

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“I don’t know who hacked into the administrative department’s network. There were some videos on the network that were taken by Wu Zongxu, but the person who made the other video and hacked the administrative department’s network was definitely not him or any of his friends. Governor, you haven’t gotten any rest for a few days now. I’ll send you back. Have a good rest before trying to handle this matter.”

Wu Jingzhong nodded and asked, “Where’s my cell phone?”

“Here!” His secretary immediately returned his cell phone.

The first thing Wu Jingzhong did when he received his cell phone was call his father to inform him that he was safe. Although he knew that his release was undoubtedly the result of his family’s help, he could not wait to tell them the good news the moment he got out.

He took his phone and turned it on. Just when he was about to make a call, he saw two familiar cars drive into the administrative office’s parking area.

He excitedly rushed forward. However, because he had been sitting in the interrogation room for so long without rest or food, his weak legs buckled and gave out.


“Governor, be careful!”

A group of department heads quickly helped Wu Jingzhong up.

The cars slowed and rolled to a stop. When they saw Wu Jingzhong suddenly fall to the ground, Wu Pingting and Wu Zongyang flung open the car doors and jumped out without hesitation.

“Uncle!” the two of them exclaimed in unison.

“Uncle, how are you? Are you hurt? Did they hurt you?”

Wu Pingting rushed toward Wu Jingzhong, who was kneeling as his legs still felt too weak to stand. Once everyone worked together to help him up and steady him, Wu Pingting and Wu Zongyang rushed up to him and began bombarding him with questions.

Wu Jingzhong looked at his niece, who seemed to have completely recovered from her insanity, in surprise. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get any words out, Wu Pingting said to Nangong Nuannuan, who was getting out of the other car, “Nuannuan, come have a look! My uncle is hurt.”

Wu Jingzhong, “…”

When had he gotten hurt?

“Pingting, you… Are you alright?” Wu Jingzhong asked concernedly.

“Yes, Uncle! I’ve been fine for a few days now. But don’t worry about me. Nuannuan, quickly have a look at my uncle. Do you see where he’s injured?”

Nangong Nuannuan glanced at him and said, “Uncle Wu hasn’t eaten or slept for quite a while. He’s just exhausted. He’ll recover once he’s back home and has had a meal and a nap.”

Wu Jingzhong nodded in agreement. “Yes, yes. I’m fine! Pingting, are you sure you’re okay?”

Seeing that her uncle was concerned about her, Wu Pingting was very touched. She gave him a bear hug.

“That’s great! I’m fine, Uncle. We’re all fine!”

Given that Wu Jingzhong was already so exhausted that he had to rely on the support of others’ to even walk, Wu Pingting’s bear hug ended up being too forceful and made him fall backward.

“Hey, hey, hey…”

A large group of department heads came forward to support him. However, Wu Jingzhong and Wu Pingting together were too heavy, and these people were all civil workers who were not particularly physically fit. The moment one of them lost their balance, it caused a large group of people to fall.

Seeing the department heads of Sea District causing an earthquake of their own,?Nangong Nuannuan suppressed the urge to smack her forehead.

Nangong Nuannuan quickly pulled Wu Pingting up, and she and Wu Zongyang quickly helped Wu Jingzhong up. Only then did the group of heads slowly get up too.