Chapter 2033 - Thank You So Much!

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“Governor, are you alright?”

Wu Jingzhong smiled and waved at everyone. “I’m fine. Thank you all for your help. My family is here, so I’ll be leaving now. In a few days, once I recover, I’ll treat everyone to a meal.”

The department heads gladly wished him the best and congratulated him before politely leaving.

The others who wanted to greet Wu Jingzhong upon his release were blocked by the Wu family’s bodyguards at the perimeter of the building, who were not allowing anyone to approach.

After standing still for a few moments, Wu Jingzhong turned to look at Elder Wu. His eyes reddened.

“Dad, I’m out now. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Elder Wu could not help but nod, smile, and shed a tear. “It’s good that you’re out. It’s great!”

Elder Wu suddenly remembered something and introduced Wu Jingzhong to Nuannuan and Chi Yang. “Jingzhong, you were released because of Nuannuan and Chi Yang. It was Nuannuan who discovered the mistakes the police made and hacked into their surveillance videos. She discovered the people behind this scheme and tracked them down to give you justice.”

As the governor of Sea District, Wu Jingzhong had paid close attention to the large-scale lung infection outbreak at the Military Medical Hospital of Emperor District. In addition to that, his father and niece had talked about how formidable Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang were when they were involved in the explosion at the Jiang District auction. Therefore, he was already very familiar with these two people even though he had never met them personally before.

He also knew that Nangong Nuannuan had treated Wu Pingting’s illness. However, he did not expect Nangong Nuannuan to be the one who also helped him hey safely released safely from the interrogation room of the Ministry of Justice.

Wu Jingzhong was very grateful to Chi Yang and Nangong Nuannuan. He gave them a deep bow.

“Lieutenant General Chi, Miss Nangong, I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

Chi Yang smiled lightly. “I didn’t do anything. It was all thanks to Nuannuan.”

Wu Jingzhong’s eyes filled with surprise. He had been wondering why his father mentioned Nuannuan’s name first. Only now did he realize that it was all because Nangong Nuannuan was the one who had made sure he was released. It was clear how incredible this young lady was!

Just as Wu Jingzhong was about to thank Nangong Nuannuan again, she smiled and said, “Uncle Wu, there’s no need to thank me any more. Elder Wu has already thanked me many times. Elder Wu and Pingting are my friends, and when a friend’s family needs help, it’s my duty to do what I can.”

However, Elder Wu could not stop thanking her. He continued, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much! Not only did Nuannuan save you, but she also even got the mastermind Lan Weisong caught. She has done so many great deeds for our Wu Family.”

Initially, Elder Wu wanted to talk about Sze Lingyun, but Wu Jingzhong frowned and looked at Nuannuan worriedly as he said, “Miss Nangong.”

“What do you mean, ‘Miss Nangong’? Call her Nuannuan! Not only is she my best friend, but she’s also a good friend of Pingting. Why are you addressing her so distantly? Are you trying to embarrass your father?” Elder Wu looked at his stubborn son with much displeasure, but his eyes still reflected an unyielding fatherly love.

Wu Jingzhong was a filial son, so he would do whatever his father instructed him to. He quickly corrected himself and said, “Nuannuan, Lan Weisong has a formidable background. His father-in-law and Shi Gen, the head of the Shi family, are biological brothers.”

Nangong Nuannuan nodded. “I know that, but don’t worry. I’m not afraid.”

Wu Jingzhong glanced at Chi Yang and continued.