Chapter 2036 - A Wonderful Feeling

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“I’ll get the family doctor to wait for us there,” Wu Jingcheng immediately retrieved his phone to make a call.

“I’m not that weak. Just ask the kitchen to prepare some food for me.”

“Okay!” Wu Jingcheng called home and asked the kitchen to quickly whip up some light and delicious food. Then, he called the family doctor and asked him to await them at the Wu family residence.

The rest of the Wu family rushed over anxiously, before all leaving happily, leaving the envious onlookers behind.

In the car, Wu Jingzhong could not help but ask about Sze Lingyun’s past 21 years of life, as well as about the woman whom he had not seen for 22 years.

When he learned that Sze Lingyun had lived a tough 21 years of life, being constantly burdened with chores from a young age and only living to serve her brother, Wu Jingzhong was so infuriated that he felt lightheaded—he almost fainted. Fortunately, Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang were in the same car. Nangong Nuannuan immediately gave Wu Jingzhong an injection to stabilize his energy and blood so he would not faint.

Even so, Wu Jingzhong was still so livid that his blood was practically boiling.

This was his daughter, the daughter of a first-class wealthy family in Sea District. This child was supposed to live with the Wu family and lead a pampered life. He would have cared for her wholeheartedly, held her in his arms, and protected her from all the dangers of the world. However, thanks to the malicious people of the Sze family, his daughter had led a miserable existence.

Wu Jingzhong could not hold it in any longer. He pulled Sze Lingyun into his arms and hugged her tightly. With red eyes, he kissed the top of the head as he repeated the words, “It’s my fault! It’s all Daddy’s fault! It’s me who’s let you and Mommy down. Lil Yun, Daddy has let you down!”

Under normal circumstances, Sze Lingyun would definitely be disgusted by being hugged and kissed like this by a strange man—she would have immediately pushed him away. However, strangely enough, she did not feel uncomfortable with Wu Jingzhong hugging her like this. In fact, she felt special, safe, and warm!

This kind of warmth was something she had never felt in her past 20 years of life.

Having a father was such a wonderful thing.

Previously, she thought that having Li Jingyan in her life was enough. Li Jingyan loved her, doted on her, and treated her well. She felt like he made up for her lack of parental love and family warmth.

However, being nestled in her father’s arms now and being protected by him, her heart ached. Only then did she realize that parental love was irreplaceable.

This was a very wonderful feeling. Before this, after hearing Nuannuan’s words, the Wu family and Sze Lingyun both concluded that she was indeed the biological granddaughter of the Wu family. Despite this, Sze Lingyun still harbored doubts. It felt unreal, and she figured it would remain so until the paternity test results were released. She could not believe that a poor student like her from a pitiful background, could actually end up being the long-lost daughter of the Wu family in Sea District.

As she nestled in her father’s arms, enveloped by his protection as she listened to his murmurs, her concerns regarding the paternity test all but disappeared.

She was entirely sure that she was Wu Jingzhong’s daughter. There was no other possibility.

Sze Lingyun stretched out her arms and wrapped them around her father. She cutely asked, “Daddy, how could I ever blame you? It’s not like you deliberately abandoned Mom and me.”

“Where’s your Mom? H-how did she die?”

Wu Jingzhong hugged his daughter, refusing to let go. Sze Lingyun felt very comfortable in her father’s arms, so she did not have any intention of pulling away either.