Chapter 749 - Jealous

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Jiang Yu returned to the school and found Professor Karl in the classroom.

She was about to tell Professor Karl about yesterday’s incident, but Professor Karl gestured for her to return to her seat and listen to him first.

So Jiang Yu obediently returned to her seat.

Bessie saw that she had returned, so she asked in a low voice, “Jiang Yu, how was the concert yesterday?”

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Jiang Yu secretly gave her a thumbs up and said, “It was great.”

Kang Xue, who was sitting not far away, clearly heard what Jiang Yu and Bessie said.

Jiang Yu went to the concert yesterday? Damn it! How did she manage to buy a ticket? She did not manage to buy a ticket at that time, and no matter what method she used, she could not manage to buy a ticket!

Kang Xue gnashed her teeth in hatred. She planned to ask Jiang Yu about it after Professor Karl left.

However, Professor Karl didn’t leave immediately after he finished talking about the school’s newly issued rules. Instead, he said to everyone, “Today, our elite class will welcome a big shot.”

No one knew what was going on. Even Jiang Yu couldn’t guess who it was. She didn’t think of John at all.

But the moment John stepped in, Jiang Yu knew what his purpose of coming here was.

He stood beside Professor Karl with a smile and said, “Hello, students. I’m John.”

Bessie and the others took a deep breath.

This was the legendary piano master!! How could he be here?!

John ignored the shock of the others and continued, “I’m here today to look for a student.”

Then, he walked towards Jiang Yu in front of the others’ eyes and said with a smile, “Jiang Yu, I’ve already informed Professor Karl when I came. Professor Karl has already agreed to the cooperation between you and me.”

Jiang Yu paused. She didn’t expect John to be more concerned about this matter than she was.

She had said yesterday that she would ask Professor Karl’s opinion, but she didn’t expect him to come today.

She stood up and smiled at Professor Karl. “Thank you, Professor Karl.”

Professor Karl smiled and said, “You’re welcome. It is my honor as a teacher for my student to collaborate with the famous Master John in composing music.”

John was pressed for time and did not have much time to stay here. Therefore, he left after a few simple words with Jiang Yu.

Professor Karl didn’t have anything important to announce, so he also returned to the office.

Bessie was very excited as she lay in front of Jiang Yu and asked, “Jiang Yu! What’s going on! Not only did you watch the live concert yesterday, but you even got the opportunity to work with Master John?!”

This was the kind of luck that others envied but couldn’t get!

Mike and Roger also walked over and asked, “Yeah, Jiang Yu, what’s going on?”

After the last welcoming party, the two of them had already distanced themselves from Kang Xue and had formed a team with Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu was about to speak when Kang Xue said in a strange tone, “What else could it be? She must have played some dirty tricks again, right? Otherwise, how could she have bought a ticket? How could master John find her to work with him?”

Bessie was a little angry, she said, “Kang Xue, can you not say that grapes are sour just because you can’t eat them here?!! You didn’t buy a ticket yourself, but it doesn’t mean that others also didn’t buy a ticket! So many people in the school wanted to go to this concert. Do you dare to say that not a single one of them has bought a ticket?”

Kang Xue said coldly, “Who knows how she bought it? Besides, what if no one in the school has bought a ticket?”

“Don’t try to reason with me!” Bessie said.

“I didn’t!” Kang Xue retorted loudly.

“Alright, stop arguing.” Jiang Yu hurriedly stopped the two, “Let’s end this matter here. Whether it’s about the tickets or the cooperation, I have a clear conscience. If anyone insists that there’s a lie, she’s welcome to find the flaw.”

Jiang Yu was referring to Kang Xue.

Kang Xue said, “Jiang Yu, do you think I don’t dare to? Let me tell you, I absolutely don’t believe that you can buy a ticket! Oh, right, didn’t Xu Ye come a few days ago? He even rehearsed with you. The photos of the two of you behaving intimately are all on the school forum. Could it be that he spent a huge sum of money to buy you a ticket?”

The second half of her sentence was so sarcastic that it was as if Xu Ye was the reason Jiang Yu was able to go to the concert.