Chapter 751 - Creation

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Chapter 751: Creation

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John didn’t agree and said, “I think Teng Yi’s life is more tiring than the life of a legendary ‘crazy pianist’ like me.”

“You also know that you’re crazy?” Mo Long looked at John with disdain.

“I admit it when others say it, but I don’t admit it when you say it,” said John. “You’re even crazier than me. How dare you talk about me?”

“Is he also crazy?” Jiang Yu didn’t know that Mo Long had such a side to him. She asked, “How crazy is he?”

Mo Long coughed and signalled John not to say those things.

But John pretended not to know, he said to Jiang Yu, “When he was young, he rushed into a fire to save a little girl. His leg was hit by a broken beam. Although the injury was not serious, his leg was unable to walk after that. It had something to do with this.”

“He saved someone in the fire?” Jiang Yu turned to look at Mo Long and asked, “And he was hit by the beam?”

Mo Long coughed and said, “That was a long time ago. Besides, hasn’t my leg recovered?”

That was the truth, but Jiang Yu still felt a little uncomfortable.

However, there was no point in talking about such a trivial matter.

Therefore, Jiang Yu only said, “Be careful in the future. You must never do such dangerous things again.”

Mo Long smiled and said, “Got it.”

John stood at the side, feeling that he was an especially bright third wheel.

Therefore, he hurriedly interrupted Mo Long and Jiang Yu’s conversation and said, “Stop, don’t say anymore. Jiang Yu came to me today to create something, not to improve her relationship with you.”

Mo Long opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but John had already pulled Jiang Yu to the desk and brought her a chair.

“Alright, it’s work time now. Don’t chat!” John was very firm.

Seeing this, Mo Long could only stop talking so that Jiang Yu could write in peace.

“John, what theme do you want to write this time?” Jiang Yu asked.

John thought for a moment and asked, “Jiang Yu, do you have any ideas? War? Peace? Youth or dreams?”

Jiang Yu also thought for a moment and said, “Dreams.”

John snapped his fingers and said, “Dream it is.”

He took out a few pieces of paper and a pen from the drawer of the desk and handed them to Jiang Yu. He said, “You go first. Then, I’ll look at the problem and revise it.”

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“Okay,” Jiang Yu said.

This was a golden opportunity for her. To be able to receive the personal guidance of Master John. Many people were envious, but they never got the chance.

Jiang Yu sat in front of the desk, but surprisingly, she had no inspiration.

“What’s wrong? You don’t have any inspiration, right?” John saw through Jiang Yu’s thoughts at a glance.

“When you don’t have any inspiration, go out for a walk. After all, art comes from life,” John said.

“But is there a rush for time?” Jiang Yu asked worriedly.

“No. When you don’t have any inspiration, don’t worry about whether the time is tight or not. If you keep worrying about it, you won’t be able to compose a song.”

As John spoke, he was about to take Jiang Yu out for a walk.

When they left, he did not forget to call Mo Long. “Let’s go out together. As the CEO, you can’t just sit in the office all the time, right?”

When Mo Long heard that, he put down the documents and stood up to follow them out.

After leaving the door, Jiang Yu asked, “Where are we going?”

John shook his head, “I’m not a local. I only come to perform occasionally, so I’m not very familiar with this place. If you really want to see it, why don’t you ask Mo Long? After all, he always flies this way because of his work.”

As he said that, he turned around and gave Mo Long a look.

Actually, John was a local. The reason why he said that was to help Mo Long create a good opportunity to take Jiang Yu out for a walk.

However, Mo Long did not give John any face. Instead, he said straightforwardly, “I’m only here because of my work. I’m not very familiar with this place.”

What a great opportunity I’ve prepared for you! Why don’t you cherish it!

However, since he had already said it, John could not lift a stone to hit his own foot. Therefore, he could only bite the bullet and say, “Jiang Yu, do you have any place you want to go?”

Jiang Yu thought for a moment and said, “Let’s just go like this and relax. At night, we’ll find a place where we can see fireflies.”

“We can, but there are very few fireflies here, right? I wonder where we can see them?” John scratched his head.