Chapter 753 - Fireflies

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Perhaps this is the height of a Master?

Jiang Yu thought silently and continued walking with Mo Long.

After walking for a while, Jiang Yu suddenly asked, “Mo Long, what is your dream?”

Mo Long paused and said, “A lot, but it’s not important. The only important thing now is you. As long as you are well, my dream will be realized.”

“So simple.” Jiang Yu curled her lips, but her heart couldn’t help but be excited.

They walked all the way to the foot of a mountain, and it was already dark.

However, none of them suggested going back. Instead, they went up the mountain together and quietly watched the scenery along the way.

Suddenly, a bright yellow firefly entered Jiang Yu’s eyes.

She pointed at the firefly and said softly, “Look, there’s a firefly over there.”

Mo Long and John looked in the direction she pointed and saw the firefly fly into the bushes.

“Will there be fireflies behind the bushes?” Jiang Yu muttered to herself. Although it was a question, she did not wait for the other two to answer and walked behind the bushes.

The dried branches behind the bushes were a little hard to stand on, but it was still bearable for the time being.

Jiang Yu walked on the dried branches and walked for about ten meters before she saw a sea of fireflies.

Bright yellow fireflies flew in groups. Although they were bright, they were not eye-catching. Jiang Yu liked this feeling very much.

“It’s really beautiful,” Jiang Yu could not help but exclaim.

“It is very beautiful,” John could not help but exclaim in admiration. “No matter what the fireflies’ light is for, they can only light up once. No matter how regretful and reluctant we are, after tonight, they will turn off the lights and disappear from this world.”

“But they are still persisting,” Jiang Yu said.

“Yeah, no one has given up,” said John.

Although Mo Long did not speak, his eyes were fixed on Jiang Yu.

Her figure was in the light. She turned around and smiled. All the light was in her eyes — one look at her and one would fall into it.

Mo Long shook his head and laughed bitterly.

Mo Long, you have fallen too deep.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Jiang Yu turned around and pulled Mo Long to stand beside her, she said, “We’ll also go to see such scenery in the future. There’s also sunrise, sunset, and dusk. We want to see all the beautiful scenery.”

Mo Long caressed Jiang Yu’s head lovingly and said, “Okay.”

John was still immersed in his own world, so he didn’t hear what Jiang Yu and Mo Long said.

“I have an inspiration,” Jiang Yu said with a smile. “It seems that the saying ‘art comes from life’ is true. I just took a simple walk outside, and I felt something I had never felt before.”

“Then you will definitely create a very good song,” Mo Long said with a smile.

“Then some people will be jealous,” Jiang Yu said with a wry smile.

She was talking about Kang Xue, but perhaps there was also Mary and Jessie, or perhaps it was not just them.

“Don’t think about those messy things anymore.” Mo Long pulled Jiang Yu into his arms and said, “Yu’er, you will always be the best. You just need to be yourself.”

“I have always been myself,” Jiang Yu said.

The three of them stood there and watched the Fireflies for a while before they went back to the studio.

Jiang Yu sat back in her chair, her inspiration flowing like a spring. She picked up a pen and wrote a score on a piece of paper.

“She’s really outstanding. The two of you are really a match made in heaven,” John said to Mo Long.

He and Mo Long sat on the sofa. One of them looked at Jiang Yu who was engrossed in her work, while the other admired her focus while she worked.

“She has always been outstanding,” Mo Long said. “Whether it was before, now, or in the future.”

“I’ve never seen you praise a girl like that. Jiang Yu is the first,” John joked with a smile. “It seems that she’s really different from you.”

“She’s my fiancée. Of course, she’s different from others,” Mo Long said.

“I’m talking about feelings,” John explained, “You give others a cold impression. You don’t know how to say nice things, and you can’t even speak gently. But when you talk to Jiang Yu, you’re really very gentle.”

“Is that so?” Mo Long didn’t know that this was the impression he gave others.

Although Teng Yi had told him before that anyone who saw him like this would find him difficult to get along with.

“Of course it’s true. How could I lie to you?” John said with a smile, “But it’s nice to be friends with someone like you and see a different side of you.”