Chapter 755 - Fan Behaviour

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Jiang Yu said, “Don’t forget this weekend. I’ll send you the address.”

“Okay!” Bessie said happily.

However, she thought of something and said, “Actually, Mike and Roger also want to see Master John’s live performance. Is there any place for them?”

“Let me help you ask,” said Jiang Yu. She turned to John and asked, “My friend said that she has friends who want to come. Is there any place for them?”

John said, “Come on. As long as there are less than ten people, there will be a place. If there are other people who want to come, let them come.”

Jiang Yu said, “Okay.”

After she explained to Bessie, Bessie said, “Then I’ll ask the people around me.”

Jiang Yu nodded and said, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu continued practicing the ensemble with John, so that there would be no mistakes on the weekend and the benefit could be carried out smoothly.

On the weekend, Jiang Yu and John arrived at the community early. She sent the address of the community to Bessie and asked her to bring Mike and the others.

The community was not far from the University of Cecilia, and it was only a ten-minute taxi ride away. So Bessie and the others quickly arrived at the community and met up with Jiang Yu.

“Why are you the only one here? Didn’t you say you were going to play with Master John? Why don’t I see Master John?” Bessie asked, puzzled.

“John is performing alone in the first few pieces, and I will only be performing with him in the last two rounds. So for this period of time, I’m still the same as you guys, the audience,” Jiang Yu explained.

“I see.” Bessie nodded, took Jiang Yu’s hand, and sat in the audience seats, “Then you stay by my side for now. When it’s your turn to perform, I’ll cheer you on.”

Jiang Yu opened her mouth and was about to speak, then she heard someone behind her say, “Isn’t that Jiang Yu? I heard you were one of only three people in the school who went to master John’s concert last time. I didn’t know you’re sitting in the front row again today. Do you have a back door?”

Jiang Yu and Bessie turned their heads together and saw a familiar face-mary. Standing beside her was the face of a man Jiang Yu had never seen before.

“Why are you here?” Jiang Yu asked.

“Did you host the concert for the charity?” Mary said unhappily, “Don’t tell me that you and your friends are only allowed to watch it, but I can’t watch it with my friends?”

“Of course you can watch it.” Jiang Yu smiled and said, “But it’s the first time I’ve seen your male companion. It wasn’t him a few days ago.”

“You!” Mary didn’t expect Jiang Yu to remember this matter and even said it in front of her and her boyfriend.

She saw her boyfriend’s expression from the corner of her eye and could only keep explaining. She didn’t know if he had listened to her or not.

The charity performance began. Jiang Yu and Bessie sat together, with Mary and her new boyfriend behind them.

“Master John is really amazing!” Bessie said.

“He is indeed amazing. Everyone calls him the ‘crazy pianist’,” Jiang Yu said.

“Crazy…” Before Bessie could finish her words, Mary kicked the chair behind her hard and said in an unpleasant tone, “Who are you calling crazy? Do you know how to talk?”

“What does it have to do with you!” Bessie was a little angry, but this was a charity performance after all, so she was embarrassed to speak loudly.

“I’m a loyal fan of Master John! I won’t allow you to talk about him like that!” Mary said.

“You’re his fan, don’t you know this title?” Jiang Yu asked back.

“I…” Mary was at a loss for words.

“If you don’t know anything, just watch the charity performance quietly,” Jiang Yu said.

Mary had nothing to say, so she could only watch John’s performance on the stage quietly.

After the first few pieces were played, it was time for John to take a break. It was about ten minutes.

When the break was over, it was time for Jiang Yu and John to play the two pieces together.

“It will be your and Master John’s ensemble in a while! I didn’t see it last time, but this time I will see it no matter what!” Bessie said excitedly.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, “Don’t worry. There will be many opportunities for ensemble in the future.”

“Really? Then can I see it all?” Bessie was even more excited than before.

Mary laughed disdainfully from behind, she said, “I’ve never seen such a shameless person. When will I have the opportunity to ensemble with Master John in the future? I wonder why Master John chose to ensemble with you this time.”