Chapter 756 - Unreasonable

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Chapter 756: Unreasonable

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“What nonsense are you spouting?” Bessie said in a displeased tone, “Are you jealous of Jiang Yu because she can perform with Master John?”

“I’m jealous of Jiang Yu? Are you out of your mind?” Mary sneered and said, “If you put it that way, I would say that Jiang Yu is jealous of me!”

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“How shameless. I’ll return the same words to you,” said Bessie.

“What are you talking about!” Mary was so angry that she stood up and threw her handbag on Bessie.

“Bessie! Are you okay?!” Jiang Yu quickly held Bessie and looked at Mary coldly, saying, “Mary! Don’t go too far! This is the venue of the charity show. You’d better not go too far!”

“I went too far? I’ve done more things than that, what do you call that going too far?!” Mary said with a snort.

They were causing a ruckus here, and all the audience looked over.

Mike and Roger were originally sitting in other seats, but when they saw Jiang Yu and Bessie being bullied, they immediately ran over to the two of them.

“What happened?” Mike quickly held Bessie.

“Mary hit Bessie with her handbag,” Jiang Yu said calmly.

“What?! Mary, aren’t you going too far?” Mike frowned and said loudly.

“What’s wrong with me? How painful is it to hit someone with a handbag?” Mary exclaimed, “She’s not that weak, why are you pretending to be weak? ”

The more she spoke, the more outrageous she became. Even John, who had been resting backstage, noticed her.

He came to the audience seats and asked, “What’s wrong? What Hhppened?”

Jiang Yu recounted what had happened just now and said, “The situation is a little chaotic now. If we don’t deal with it quickly, I’m afraid we’ll delay the upcoming performance.”

“That’s true.” John nodded and planned to call for the security guards to escort the troublemakers out.

Mary saw the situation and said anxiously, “Master John! I didn’t cause any trouble! I, I just can’t stand listening to Bessie talk like that. That’s why, that’s why I lost control of my emotions!”

John said, “But that’s not what Jiang Yu said.”

“Master John! You can’t trust Jiang Yu! She’s lying to you!” Mary said loudly.

“Jiang Yu and I are partners. So compared to people like you, of course I’ll trust Jiang Yu,” said John.

“What kind of person… I’m your loyal fan!” Mary said in disbelief, “It’s fine if you, if you don’t trust a fan like me, why would you believe this lying Jiang Yu?!”

“You don’t have much truth in your mouth, do you?” John shrugged and said, “Alright, lady, please leave here. Don’t disturb others while they continue watching my charity performance.”

“I didn’t!” Mary cried out in surprise. Seeing that the security guards were about to take her out of the audience seats, she immediately said loudly, “Master John! You can’t perform with Jiang Yu! Her reputation is very bad! If you perform with her, it will only bring you bad influence! And her ability is also not good. She will only embarrass you on the stage!”

“I don’t care whether Jiang Yu’s reputation is good or not. Moreover, I can’t just rely on your one-sided words to conclude that Jiang Yu is not a good person.”

John spread his hands, “As for whether Jiang Yu’s strength is good or not, I don’t think you have the right to say that, right? I’ve played with her before, and today’s tune was also composed by her, so I know her strength better than you do.”

“That’s impossible. How could she possibly compose a piano tune…” Mary couldn’t believe it at all.

Moreover, Master John wanted to play her original piano piece with her?!

“Judging from your look, you don’t want to believe it,” John said. “Since that’s the case, I can only go up on stage with Jiang Yu to perform so that you can see how strong Jiang Yu is.”

Jiang Yu was still a little worried about Bessie, but Bessie had already leaned into Mike’s arms and said to Jiang Yu, “Hurry up and go! I didn’t see your ensemble with Master John last time. I want to see it today no matter what!”

Seeing Bessie’s enthusiasm, Jiang Yu could only nod and say, “Then I’ll go on stage. Mike, please take good care of Bessie.”

Mike made an “OK” gesture at her and said, “Don’t worry. Leave Bessie to me.”

Only then did Jiang Yu feel relieved and go on stage with John.

Mary was still standing there in a daze, as if she didn’t want to believe what was happening in front of her.