Chapter 761 - Who Is The Thief?

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Chapter 761: Who Is The Thief?

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Bessie didn’t know who the thief was, but she still leaned against Jiang Yu’s side and asked softly, “Jiang Yu, do you know who the thief is?”

Jiang Yu shook her head and said, “I’m not sure yet.”

Bessie sighed and said, “I originally thought that Kang Xue was the person who was most likely to take away your Certificate of Honor, but now that I look at it, it’s impossible for her to do so.”

That was because Kang Xue did not come to the celebration party today.

Jiang Yu also sighed and said, “It seems that there are many people in this school who are not satisfied with me besides Kang Xue.”

“Jiang Yu, don’t be sad.” Bessie quickly comforted Jiang Yu and put her hand on her shoulder. “No matter what happens, I’m your best friend.”

“Of course I know.” Jiang Yu patted Bessie’s hand and said, “You’ve always been my best friend. If it weren’t for your companionship and care, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to hold on until now.”

“That’s because I really treat you as a friend,” Bessie said with a smile. However, she suddenly remembered that Jiang Yu could only stay here for one semester, and her mood instantly fell.

Sensing the change in Bessie’s mood, Jiang Yu asked, “What’s wrong?”

Bessie answered, “You will be going back in three months. Although you are an official student of Cecilia University, your academic record is still in Ivy University. I’m afraid that after you leave this time, it will be graduation before I see you again.”

Jiang Yu smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. As long as I have time, I will definitely come and visit you.”

Bessie sighed and didn’t say anything.

But she also knew what was the most important thing right now — who exactly stole Jiang Yu’s Certificate of Honor.

“But who exactly is the thief?” Bessie was puzzled, “The people who came to eat with us today are all good friends. Although I don’t know some of them, they are still friends that other people know. Some people even came to me and asked me to ask if you could get Master John’s autograph. How could someone steal your certificate during the meal?”

“I’m not very clear about that.” Jiang Yu shook her head and sighed. “Don’t say it out loud for the time being. Just pretend that nothing happened. Let’s go back first. When we get to the dormitory, we will think about this matter carefully.”

Bessie thought for a moment and felt that Jiang Yu’s suggestion was very good, so she nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll go back first.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yu nodded and turned around to say hello, “If everyone still wants to stay for dinner or play games, then stay. Bessie and I are a little tired, so we’ll go back and rest first. Don’t worry, everyone. I’ll pay the bill.”

With that, Jiang Yu went downstairs with Bessie.

Seeing that Bessie had gone back, Mike put down the fork in his hand and said, “Bessie! Are you going back? I’ll go back with you!”

Jiang Yu and Bessie didn’t stop him and let Mike follow behind them.

Mike knew that Bessie was still prejudiced against him because of the previous incident, so he kept a distance from Jiang Yu and Bessie.

Seeing this, Jiang Yu asked softly, “Bessie, what’s going on with Mike recently?”

Bessie snorted coldly, she said, “It’s just that he recently found out what kind of person Kang Xue is, so he kept his distance from her. Later, he found out that he had angered me, so he ran over to me to apologize. But because I haven’t completely forgiven him, he has been following me recently. I don’t know why.”

“Do you want him to come and leave with us?” Jiang Yu asked.

Bessie shrugged and said, “I don’t think so. Otherwise, he will think that I have forgiven him.”

Jiang Yu laughed and said, “But if he follows us like this, it will be easy for people to mistake him as someone who is following us.”

Hearing that, Bessie turned around and looked at Mike who was standing not far away. She sighed and shouted, “Mike, come and leave with us.”

Mike heard that and quickly ran over. He said with a silly smile, “Thank you, Bessie.”

Bessie did not look at him and said, “If you want to thank me, then do less things that make me angry in the future.”

“Of course.” Mike scratched his head and said, “I won’t make you angry in the future.”

Bessie snorted coldly and did not say anything.

Because she didn’t believe Mike’s words at all.

Jiang Yu looked at Mike for a long time, but didn’t see Roger. She couldn’t help but ask in confusion, “Oh right, Mike, where’s Roger?”