Chapter 970 - Compensation Money Tree

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Chapter 970: Compensation Money Tree

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“How dare you hit me!” Anna was so shocked that her eyes were wide open.

No one had ever dared to hit her since she was young!

“If I don’t hit you, do I have to let you go home for the New Year?” As she said that, Jiang Yu gave Anna a slap before she could react.

Anna was shocked again, and she couldn’t even speak properly. “What are you doing? How dare you hit me?!”

Jiang Yu’s face darkened again. “If your mouth can’t speak, then shut it properly.”

“You, you!” Anna roared and reached out to tear Jiang Yu’s hair.

However, before her hand touched Jiang Yu’s body, her wrist was grabbed by the other hand.

“Let go of me! Jiang Yu, Mo Long! The two of you are ganging up on me!” Anna couldn’t help but wail loudly, trying to arouse the sympathy of the others.

However, the people around her were very cold, because they had long disliked Anna’s arrogant face.

Seeing that no one stood up for her, Anna could only wipe her tears and look at Mo Long fiercely.

“Stop acting.” Mo Long looked at her coldly and threw her to the side. “Get lost, don’t let me see you again.”

“I’m the female lead of this movie!” Anna showed her last trump card. “You want me to get lost? I think you should be the ones who should get lost!”

As she said this, Anna turned her eyes to Zaka. She didn’t expect Zaka to help her anymore. She only hoped that Zaka could persuade Mo Long to stop fussing with her because she was the female lead.

However, Zaka just stood there, unmoved.

“You guys…” Anna didn’t expect that although there weren’t many people present, there were at least thirty to forty people. In the end, no one was willing to stand up for her.

“Don’t look at others at a time like this,” Jiang Yu reminded her, “Others don’t owe you anything, so there’s no need to help you. With this time, you should think about what to do.”

“… It’s all because of you!” Anna gritted her teeth and said everything, “I have to pay 20 times the penalty for breaching the contract!”

“You can only blame yourself for this,” Mo Long said coldly, “If you didn’t raise the payment again and again in the beginning, you wouldn’t be so upset.”

“If you didn’t intervene, this matter wouldn’t have come to this!” Anna shouted, “You two are simply jinxes! Especially that Jiang Yu, she’s a Jinx! Ever since she came, I can’t film my own scenes. I even have to pay for a commercial!”

Mo Long’s face instantly darkened. “Miss Anna, it seems that you still don’t know what you’re facing.”

“What is it? Don’t tell me you can make me pay twenty times the penalty for breach of contract?” Anna laughed mockingly. “Mo Long, you won’t get what you want this time.”

Mo Long was not as Anna had thought. He told her everything that Teng Yi had found and all the partners that Anna had worked with. Anna was so frightened that her face turned from red to white, from white to green.

“How did you know?” Anna asked in shock.

Mo Long had only been in Malaysia for a few days. How did he know about this? Moreover, she had secretly worked with several partners. Even Nair did not know about it. How did Mo Long Know About It?

The more Anna thought about it, the more terrifying she felt. The man in front of her was far more than what he looked like on the surface. His thoughts were probably deeper than a bottomless pit.

“Miss Anna should not know about this. You only need to know that if you continue to be like this, you will lose all opportunities for cooperation.”

“You… Impossible!” Anna roared. She did not believe that Mo Long’s hands could cover half of Malaysia’s sky.

So what if he found out? At most, he could only threaten her. Could he really make those partners cancel their cooperation with her? This was Malaysia, not his Mo Long’s territory!

He dared to be so arrogant in other people’s territory. He was simply courting death!

Thus, Anna’s heart calmed down slightly, the confidence in her words also increased. “Mo Long, do you really think that I’m afraid of you? So what if you know about the partners? How much money am I worth, and how much benefit can I bring them? Have you ever thought about these things? How could they give up on me, this money tree?”

“Money tree?” Mo Long laughed mockingly. “Soon you will be a compensation money tree.”

“What did you say?” Anna frowned.

“Nair has already submitted an application to his superior, requesting to change his manager. But no one is willing to follow you. Do you still think you are a money tree?”

“How do you know!” Anna was so shocked that her pupils shrank.