Chapter 972 - Stray Dog

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Chapter 972: Stray Dog

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“But you don’t have a chance,” Mo Long said, “At least half of the people in the Star management company are dissatisfied with you, saying that you’re arrogant and disrespectful.”

“So what?” Anna braced herself, “What does their thoughts have to do with me? I’m an international supermodel!”

“Without Star, you’re nothing.” Zaka’s tone was cold, “I think you should understand that I’m working with you not only because of your identity, but also because of the Star company behind you.”

Anna paused, her legs suddenly lost strength, and she fell heavily to the ground.

“I will change the female lead, so please leave now.” Zaka threw the contract in his hand to Anna’s feet, “If you go to any agency in the future, control your temper. Otherwise, your future will be worse than today.”

After saying that, Zaka ignored Anna and turned around to check the other equipment. Once they were ready, they could start filming.

Seeing that, Jiang Yu also planned to go to the dressing room to change her clothes. She whispered to Mo Long, “I’ll go and get ready first. I’ll leave Anna to you.”

“Okay.” Mo Long looked at her, his eyes filled with unexplainable tenderness.

Anna, who was sitting on the ground, saw the scene in front of her. She did not know where her strength and speed came from. While Jiang Yu and Mo Long were talking, she got up and pushed Jiang Yu to the side.

She looked crazy and shouted, “Jiang Yu! I’m not doing well, so don’t even think about it! Ever since you came here, everything has changed!”

First, Zaka’s attitude towards her changed from a respectful one to a disdainful one. Then, she instructed Mo Long to help Yang Fei set up a trap for her, causing her to pay twenty times the penalty for breaching the contract, now, he even caused her to terminate her contract with star management.

In Anna’s eyes, the culprit was Jiang Yu.

There was a row of machines beside Jiang Yu. When she fell, her head accidentally knocked against the protruding edges. She cried out in pain, “Ah!”

A large amount of blood slid down Jiang Yu’s cheek and quickly covered her left eye.

“Yu’er!” Mo Long was shocked and quickly squatted down to check on Jiang Yu’s injuries.

Zaka also saw what happened and was so scared that she did not dare to breathe. She quickly ran over and checked on Jiang Yu’s injuries with Mo Long.

“Is Jiang Yu alright?!”

“I’m not…” Before he could finish, Jiang Yu closed her eyes and fainted.

Mo Long and Zaka’s voices mixed together and pulled Anna back from her crazy state.

Anna only realized what she had done when she came back to her senses.

She actually pushed Jiang Yu down? And she even caused her to be injured?! Then wouldn’t she be dead for sure?!

As expected, before Anna could even open her mouth to apologize, a flying kick had already carried the wind and flung Anna out of the way.

Anna crashed heavily against the wall and then landed heavily on the ground. There was a sweet smell in her throat and she immediately coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

Mo Long carried the unconscious Jiang Yu in his arms and quickly walked out.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t look at Anna, as if he wasn’t the one who kicked her.

Although Zaka was worried about Jiang Yu, she could rest assured with Mo Long taking care of her. Therefore, she didn’t go to the hospital with her, but stayed here to deal with the mess.

She looked at Anna in the distance, lying on the ground motionlessly.

“What are you waiting for? Take her out quickly,” Zaka ordered the staff behind him, “Do we have to leave her here to pay for the medical expenses?”

The men finally came back to their senses and quickly went over to carry Anna out of the door.

Anna, who was in a daze, felt that someone had lifted her up and then wandered off to God knows where.

“Wait…” Anna said weakly, “Where are you taking me?”

“Don’t care where you are going. In short, this is no longer a place for you to stay.”

This sentence sounded like a buzzing noise in Anna’s ears, which made her head hurt even more. “Do you know how to speak? Can you speak more clearly?”

“Are you deaf? Can’t you hear clearly when you’re so close?” The few men dragged Anna out, they casually threw her on the edge of a bush, “Do you still think you’re an international supermodel? Look at you now, aren’t you just a stray dog?”

With that, those people laughed and returned to the work site.

“These bastards…” Anna lay on the ground, her eyes absent-minded.