Chapter 1202 - I've Already Left With Xu Ye

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With that thought in mind, Chi Jiao threw herself into Quan Jue’s arms and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck. “Of course, just in case, we still have to get someone to keep an eye on Xia Luoqiao 24/7 to prevent any trouble.”

“Alright, we’ll do as you say. I’ll get my men to check out She Qi’s apartment and see what he’s up to. Jiaojiao, leave the apartment to me. Don’t go over on your own,” Quan Jue said without hesitation.

“What if She Qi has set up an ambush…” Chi Jiao looked straight at him with worry.

“She Qi only knows how to use the Xuan Sect’s array formations, and I know all of them too. When the time comes, I’ll bring the people from the Xuan Sect with me. I guarantee that we won’t encounter any danger. Moreover, She Qi will definitely be guarding Xu Ye. There’s a high chance that he won’t be guarding the apartment himself. You don’t have to worry.” Quan Jue tried his best to comfort her and not make her so nervous.

Chi Jiao’s heart, which had been in her throat, finally relaxed. In the end, she nodded and agreed. “Alright, then. But you have to keep in touch with me.”

Quan Jue couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes as he nodded.

That night, Quan Jue rushed to the apartment with his subordinates.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

There was no one in the apartment. The huge space was empty. In the darkness, only Quan Jue and his subordinates’ hurried footsteps could be heard.

When the group arrived at the apartment, Quan Jue shot his subordinates a look. Yin Yong immediately took a step forward and kicked the door open.

The apartment looked no different from the last time Quan Jue came. There was a faint moldy smell in the air, and there was no sign of life.

After the Xuan Sect members quickly searched the apartment, they looked at Quan Jue and reported respectfully. “Boss, we’ve searched the entire place carefully and didn’t find anyone. She Qi probably hasn’t returned since he took Xu Ye away.”

Quan Jue nodded and looked at the small gramophone on the coffee table.

The gramophone looked quite old. No matter how one looked at it, it appeared very out of place.

Quan Jue noticed the irregularity and walked over to pick up the gramophone.

At this moment, Chi Jiao’s voice came from Quan Jue’s earpiece.

Chi Jiao softened her voice and asked sweetly, “Brother Quan, did you discover something?”

“She Qi and Xu Ye aren’t here. There’s no one in the apartment, but there’s a gramophone at the scene. She Qi must have left it behind.” As he spoke, Quan Jue found the button of the gramophone and played the recording.

Amidst the static, She Qi’s deep laughter could be heard.

She Qi seemed to be in a good mood. “Chi Jiao, Quan Jue, I’ll have already left with Xu Ye by the time you hear this recording. Don’t even think about getting any information about me from Xia Luoqiao. She doesn’t know where I am now. In addition, I know you want Xu Ye, so I want to make a deal with you. I’ll use Xu Ye’s life to exchange for Xi’er’s corpse.”