Chapter 1207 - Xi'er Is My Wife

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Bai Wanxi pretended to sit up.

She Qi quickly waved his hand to stop her when he saw this. “No, stay here. I’ll leave. I’ll leave.”

With that, She Qi stood up and left the room with the woman in the black dress.

Only then did Bai Wanxi lie down. After confirming that She Qi and the woman had left together, she jumped up from the bed.

She didn’t want to sit here and wait for death. She had to think of a way to leave this damn place and find Chi Jiao at the 117 Building!

Bai Wanxi opened the window and looked at the barren mountain. She gritted her teeth and closed the window.

She would fall to her death before she could see Chi Jiao if she jumped out of the window.

Bai Wanxi thought about it and decided to rest for now.

Bai Wanxi locked the door to prevent She Qi from disturbing her.

She was still not used to controlling Xu Ye’s body. It would consume a lot of energy every time she took over. She had to rest often to ensure that her body was not overly-exhausted.

Bai Wanxi closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She Qi and the woman in the black dress were chased out of the room.

The woman in the black dress ignored the pain in her stomach and approached She Qi with reddened eyes. She looked at the swelling on his face worriedly. “Lord She Qi, does your face still hurt? That woman is too much. She actually dared to hurt you like this!”

She Qi glared at her and said in an unfriendly tone, “Liuli, I’ve reminded you many times that I won’t let you off if you dare to offend my woman again. Xi’er is my wife. You should call her Madam. Don’t address her wrongly again!”

Qiao Liuli bit her lower lip pitifully.

She had served Lord She Qi for so long and sacrificed so many things for him. In the end, she couldn’t even compare to a woman who had died so many years ago!

However, Qiao Liuli didn’t dare to raise any objections. She could only nod pitifully.

Only then was She Qi satisfied. After taking a deep breath, he turned and asked, “The incense you just concocted can keep Xi’er conscious and not let Xu Ye take back his body, right?”

Qiao Liuli immediately perked up. She looked at She Qi and nodded vigorously. “Of course. I will always fulfill Lord She Qi’s request. As long as that woman… cough cough, I mean Madam, keeps inhaling my incense, she can stay awake forever. After a long enough time, it might even be possible for her to occupy Xu Ye’s body completely!”

She Qi snorted in disdain. “What a joke. How can I let Xi’er stay in another man’s body forever? I must make her soul return to her body and successfully resurrect her! I can be with her forever then.”

As soon as he finished speaking, She Qi looked at Green Demon, who was standing in the courtyard and fiddling with the flowers. He instructed, “Green Demon, stay here and watch over Xi’er. Come and find me immediately if anything happens.”

“Alright, Lord She Qi.” Green Demon nodded obediently and smiled.

She Qi didn’t look at him anymore and turned to leave.

Time passed quickly. Three days later.

Bai Wanxi frowned and leaned back in her chair. She looked frail, and the area around her eyes was dark and hollow.