Chapter 1208 - Do You Love Me Or Hate Me?

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She Qi held a tray with exquisite food on it and kept saying sweet things to Bai Wanxi. “Xi’er, you haven’t eaten for three days. Please, just eat a little, okay? Even just a little will do!”

Bai Wanxi looked at the food on the tray and suddenly trembled. “I already said that I don’t want to eat. Why must you force me? You claim that you love me. Do you love me or hate me?”

She Qi quickly placed the tray on the table and pushed it aside when he heard this. “Alright, alright. I’ll listen to you. If you don’t want to eat, don’t eat. But Xi’er, you really have to eat something. You’ve been so nauseous that you can’t eat ever since you came back. Where are you feeling unwell?”

She Qi was about to go crazy from anxiety! Bai Wanxi had not had a good meal ever since she came to his side.

He felt worse than being killed as he looked at his beloved becoming thinner by the day.

Qiao Liuli quickly comforted him. “Lord She Qi, you don’t have to worry. Madam just doesn’t feel like eating. She will be willing to eat when she’s hungry.”

“You’re still in the mood to make sarcastic remarks? It’s all your fault. The smell of this incense makes my head spin and makes me feel uncomfortable all over. Tell me, is it because you can’t stand me that you’re deliberately harming me like this?” Bai Wanxi lowered her eyes, looking sad. In fact, she was trying to hide the glint that flashed across her eyes. “She Qi, you said that you love me, but you actually let your subordinates bully me like this. You’ve disappointed me.”

She Qi panicked and hurriedly explained, “Xi’er, listen to me. It’s not what you think…”

“Stop… Stop spouting nonsense! There’s no problem with my incense!” Qiao Liuli roared indignantly.

Bai Wanxi didn’t refute her. Her face turned pale and she retched.

“Xi’er! Xi’er, are you alright?” She Qi hurriedly patted her back, but she pushed him away.

She Qi turned around angrily and slapped Qiao Liuli.

“Ah!” Qiao Liuli was slapped to the ground. She looked at She Qi pitifully. “Lord She Qi, I really didn’t tamper with the incense! You can’t doubt me just because of Madam’s words. I’m really innocent!”

Actually, it was true that Qiao Liuli tampered with the incense. She wanted to give Bai Wanxi a hard time and added a special spice to the incense that could give her nightmares every night. But that was all. At most, Bai Wanxi wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night. Qiao Liuli would never make Bai Wanxi so weak that she couldn’t even eat a mouthful of food!

She Qi didn’t care how Qiao Liuli argued. Since Bai Wanxi said that she was in the wrong, Qiao Liuli couldn’t escape her responsibility!

“If Xi’er says you’re wrong, then you’re wrong! Go and prepare a better incense for me immediately. I’ll hold you responsible if you dare to make Xi’er uncomfortable again!” She Qi scolded angrily as he pointed at her nose.

Qiao Liuli was furious, but she had no choice. She stood up and ran out to concoct a new incense.

After chasing Qiao Liuli away, She Qi turned to look at Bai Wanxi again with a smile. “Xi’er, I’ve helped you to scold her. Do you feel better now?”