Chapter 1209 - You Disappointed Me

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Bai Wanxi nodded perfunctorily and sighed. “But I still can’t eat. Unless…”

“Unless what?” She Qi looked at her expectantly.

“Unless I can eat the snacks from that old dessert shop in Shang Jing. I ate at Jiaojiao’s place once before. It was especially delicious. I want to eat more of it.” Bai Wanxi requested.

“Alright, I’ll get my subordinates to buy them now!” She Qi agreed with a smile.

“Wait a minute.” Bai Wanxi raised her eyebrows and stared at him. “Why don’t you buy it for me personally? Your wife isn’t feeling well and wants to eat something, but you are getting someone else to do it? She Qi, you’ve disappointed me.”

She Qi immediately changed his words upon seeing Bai Wanxi pouting unhappily. “Alright, I’ll go now. Wait for me. I’ll be back soon.”

Bai Wanxi smiled happily. “Go quickly. We’ll eat together when you’re back.”

She Qi was instantly charmed by her smile. He hurriedly nodded and left.

After She Qi left, Bai Wanxi’s demure expression instantly disappeared. She quickly ran to the door and looked out through the crack.

She Qi was standing outside the door, staring at Green Demon. “Take good care of Madam. I’ll skin you alive if she goes missing!”

Green Demon heard was so frightened that he almost knelt. He trembled and said, “Yes, Lord She Qi. Don’t worry. I will definitely take good care of her.”

Satisfied, She Qi turned and left.

Bai Wanxi calculated the time.

She Qi would need at least three to four hours to go to Shang Jing and wait in line to buy the snacks. It was enough time for her to leave this place.

At this thought, Bai Wanxi quickly took out a python-like prop from under the bed.

She Qi loved snake-shaped toys and had secretly collected a lot of them. Bai Wanxi had stolen this life-like python from his collection.

Bai Wanxi quickly hid the python toy in the closet. She then set up a discreet mechanism and closed the closet door.

Bai Wanxi waited until the sun was setting before clearing her throat. “Is anyone there? Come in.”

She Qi didn’t want too many people to know where Bai Wanxi was. Apart from them, only Qiao Liuli and Green Demon were left in this residence.

Because of Bai Wanxi’s complaints, Qiao Liuli was currently adjusting the incense formula. It was a major project. She would be working day and night in a closed room for a few days to complete it.

In addition, She Qi had left. Bai Wanxi knew very well that there was only a coward left.

Bai Wanxi called out a few more times before Green Demon slowly walked in. He stuck his head in and asked, “Madam, what can I do for you?”

Bai Wanxi pretended to be terrified and pointed at the closet. “There seems to be something in the closet. It kept making noises just now. Go and see what’s going on.”

Bai Wanxi looked frightened. Green Demon was even more afraid than her when he heard this. He shrank his neck in fear and said, “Let’s wait till Lord She Qi comes back!”

“That won’t do. I’m so afraid that I can’t sleep! Do you want me to not sleep well and make She Qi angry?” Bai Wanxi asked pointedly.