Chapter 1210 - Where Is She?!

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Of course, Green Demon didn’t dare to. He was so frightened that he couldn’t stop trembling. “Then… Then, I’ll ask Miss Liuli to come over…”

“That’s fine. But let me remind you that she’s busy concocting a new incense in her room. You’ll have to bear the consequences if you disturb her and provoke her,” Bai Wanxi said calmly.

Green Demon knew how terrifying Qiao Liuli was. In the end, he braced himself and walked towards the closet.

“I’ll help you open the cabinet door. Let’s see what’s inside together.” Bai Wanxi got off the bed and over.

Green Demon nodded carefully.

“Alright, I’ll count to three before I open the closet door. This way, you have time to prepare yourself, okay?” Bai Wanxi turned to look at Green Demon with a smile.

Green Demon immediately felt more at ease. He was about to nod when Bai Wanxi suddenly opened the closet door.

A lifelike python toy suddenly darted out of the closet and charged towards Green Demon.

“Ahhhh—!” Green Demon’s screams echoed through the sky.

Bai Wanxi quickly took out the wooden stick she had prepared from the cabinet. She wanted to take advantage of Green Demon’s shock to hit him hard and make him faint!

In the end, Bai Wanxi missed.

Green Demon’s legs went limp and he fell to the ground. His eyes rolled back as he fainted from fright.

Bai Wanxi missed and almost sprained her back. She quickly recovered and kicked Green Demon. After confirming that he had really lost consciousness, she was finally relieved.

Bai Wanxi dragged the unconscious Green Demon to the bed and stuffed him under it.

Green Demon was fat. Bai Wanxi spent a lot of effort stuffing him under the bed, before running out of the house without looking back.

She Qi finally bought the snacks Bai Wanxi wanted to eat and rushed back.

He called out impatiently the moment he entered the courtyard. “Xi’er, I bought the snacks you wanted!”

However, the huge courtyard was silent. No one responded. Even Green Demon, who was supposed to be guarding the place, was nowhere to be seen.

She Qi seemed to have sensed something. The smile on his lips immediately disappeared as he barged into Bai Wanxi’s room without another word.

“Xi’er!” She Qi’s expression turned ugly. He looked around the room but did not see Bai Wanxi.

She Qi went to the bed in disbelief and lifted the slightly raised blanket. He realized that the bed was empty. Bai Wanxi was nowhere to be seen.

Just as She Qi’s heart was in turmoil, a fat hand suddenly reached out from under the bed and grabbed his pants.

Green Demon’s pained voice came from under the bed. “Lord- Lord She Qi, save me. I’m stuck…”

She Qi’s lips twitched in anger. He was very strong. Thus, he grabbed the edge of the bed and flipped it over.

Green Demon, who had been stuck all this while, could finally breathe. He had been stuck under the bed the whole time. It was very uncomfortable.

She Qi grabbed his collar before Green Demon could heave a sigh of relief. Sparks came out of his eyes. “Where is she?! Where’s Bai Wanxi?!”