Chapter 1212 - I Guarantee That I Can Save Xu Ye

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Chi Jiao had wanted 117 to handle this matter, but Quan Jue said he would deal with it. He told her not to worry about anything and to leave everything to him.

It wasn’t that Chi Jiao didn’t believe him, but she didn’t sense any aura from the empty space in front of her. Chi Jiao couldn’t understand how Quan Jue had set up an ambush.

Quan Jue pretended to smile mysteriously and reached out to gently pinch her little face. “If you can detect it, won’t She Qi detect it too? Don’t worry, I’m already prepared. I guarantee that I can save Xu Ye.”

“Hahahaha. Quan Jue, you sure know how to brag!” She Qi’s loud laughter rang out, successfully attracting everyone’s attention in just an instant.

Everyone glanced over and saw She Qi walking out of the apartment casually.

Di Ziyan asked in surprise, “How is that possible? When did he enter the apartment?”

Their men had been guarding the place the entire time. If She Qi had entered the apartment, they should have known in advance!

“She Qi can use the Xuan Sect’s spells, so it’s not difficult for him to teleport. It’s just a trivial matter, don’t bother yourselves about it. But I want to know why he’s alone. Where’s Xu Ye?” Quan Jue narrowed his eyes sharply as he muttered.

“She Qi, according to the agreement, you should bring Xu Ye over and exchange him with us. Where is he?” Chi Jiao frowned at him.

She Qi said calmly, “Of course, I can’t let you get Xu Ye back so easily. You have to show me Xi’er’s corpse first. We’ll talk after I confirm it.”

“You’re really sinister and cunning. How shameless.” Chi Jiao narrowed her eyes coldly.

“Whatever you say. Anyway, I must see Xi’er’s corpse first. Otherwise, you can forget about seeing Xu Ye again for the rest of your lives!” She Qi said fiercely.

“Boss, what should we do?” Zhan Tingting whispered into Chi Jiao’s ear.

Seeing the evil smile on She Qi’s lips, Chi Jiao thought for a moment and said, “Bring the corpse.”

Zhan Tingting nodded. She and Di Ziyan pulled out a bag from the car beside them. They unzipped it in front of She Qi, revealing Bai Wanxi’s pale face.

Bai Wanxi’s expression was very gentle. Anyone who didn’t know better would think that she had just fallen asleep.

She Qi’s eyes filled with infatuation the moment he saw her.

However, Zhan Tingting quickly zipped up the bag again.

“Alright, I’ve shown you. It’s time for you to show us Xu Ye,” Quan Jue said as he stared coldly at She Qi.

She Qi seemed to have heard the biggest joke in the world. He sneered. “I really don’t know if I should say that you’re naive or stupid. Do you really think I’ll make a deal with you? I won’t hand them over to you whether it’s Xi’er’s corpse or her remnant consciousness!”

She Qi tapped the ground with the tip of his toes as soon as he finished speaking. Scales instantly appeared and covered his entire body. He then charged towards Chi Jiao and Quan Jue.