Chapter 1213 - There's No Fair Deal

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With a loud bang, She Qi’s fist flew past them and landed where they were standing a second ago.

Chi Jiao struck She Qi with her mental power and said expressionlessly, “I knew it. There’s no such thing as a fair deal with a scumbag like you.”

“She’s mine, to begin with. What’s wrong with me bringing her away?!” After She Qi said that, his mental power was attacked. He instantly had a splitting headache. He swung his tail angrily and charged at Chi Jiao.

With a flash, Quan Jue activated his teleportation powers and instantaneously switched places with Chi Jiao, absorbing She Qi’s attack.

Quan Jue was forced to take a few steps back, but he still managed to withstand She Qi’s attack.

She Qi looked at him in surprise. “Switching teleportation… Rascal, your superpower has evolved?”

Teleportation usually involved moving oneself or teleporting someone with you while physically holding onto the person.

However, Quan Jue could switch positions with Chi Jiao without even touching her. It was obvious that his strength had indeed increased a lot!

Quan Jue squeezed She Qi’s tail hard as he spoke, shattering some of his scales. He sneered. “Why? Do you think you’re the only one in the world who can evolve superpowers?”

She Qi was offended by his words. His face turned cold as he charged at Quan Jue again.

Quan Jue dodged sideways and allowed She Qi’s fist to pass in front of him. The resulting draft lifted his hair.

She Qi snorted cunningly and retracted his tail, slapping it fiercely in Quan Jue’s direction again!

Quan Jue clearly had enough time to dodge, but he gritted his teeth and endured the attack. He was instantly sent flying.

Moreover, the direction in which Quan Jue was thrown happened to be where Chi Jiao was. Quan Jue slammed into her.

“Boss! Mr. Quan!” Di Ziyan and the others trembled when they saw this. They gritted their teeth and charged towards She Qi.

She Qi curled his lips in disdain and suddenly let out a roar.

An ear-piercing roar rang through the sky, almost shattering their eardrums!

The eardrums of Di Ziyan and his group were injured. They collapsed to their knees.

Chi Jiao was extremely angry and quickly tried to stabilize herself. “Brother Quan, let’s hurry over!”

Unexpectedly, Quan Jue hugged her tightly and whispered into her ear, “Ignore him. Let She Qi take Bai Wanxi’s corpse away.”

Although Quan Jue’s voice was very soft, Chi Jiao could still hear him clearly. For a moment, she thought that there was something wrong with her ears.

Chi Jiao met his gaze in surprise and saw his determined expression.

His confidence caused Chi Jiao to relax.

Just as Quan Jue had predicted, She Qi instantly turned the tables. He shook off Zhan Tingting and snatched the bag containing Bai Wanxi’s corpse.

“Hahaha. Quan Jue, Chi Jiao, I won today!” She Qi laughed loudly. With that, a black hole suddenly appeared behind him. His figure flashed and he was instantly teleported to the top of the apartment building.