Chapter 1137 - As Long as You're Here, It's Sunny

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Chapter 1137: As Long as You’re Here, It’s Sunny

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After being rejected, Xing Wudi could only leave temporarily. He didn’t dare to take Feng Qing away forcefully, not to mention that he couldn’t take Feng Qing away with Boxing King Potian around. Seeing that Xing Wudi had finally left, Feng Qing turned to look at the door. She was very clear about Xing Wudi’s admiration for her and knew that he had put in a lot of effort for her. However, three years ago, she had already told Xing Wudi very clearly that she didn’t love him and didn’t want him to continue to waste time on her. However, Xing Wudi had never given up once.

Unlike Xie Jiuhan, Xing Wudi was her comrade-in-arms. They could trust their backs to each other without holding back. They could support each other in times of danger, but it was definitely impossible for her to fall in love with Xing Wudi. Moreover, she had already said many times that there was definitely no possibility between her and Xing Wudi because her heart could no longer hold any man other than Xie Jiuhan. Therefore, it was useless even if Xing Wudi plucked the stars in the sky and gave them to her because she would definitely not change her mind.

Boxing King Potian sat on the ground and looked straight at Feng Qing opposite him. Seeing that Feng Qing had just turned her head back, the man snorted coldly and said, “What are you looking at when he’s already gone? If you want to see, why didn’t you go with him?”

With that, the man raised his chin slightly and said with a proud expression, “He’s from the Seven Stars Continent and a VIP here. Not only could you enjoy the high-rise sea view room, but you could also have a lot of delicacies and red wine. You can even take a comfortable hot bath.”

Feng Qing rolled her eyes at the man. “Uncle Potian, have you heard of such a saying?”

Upon hearing this, Boxing King Potian immediately pretended to be an adult man filled with charm. As he tidied his hair, he thought about why Feng Qing had added the word ‘uncle’. Could it be that his face in disguise this time was so old? He was obviously very handsome, alright?

Boxing King Potian asked, “What saying?”

Feng Qing smiled and said, “As long as you’re here, it’s sunny. You’re where I feel at ease.”

Potian’s expression froze. Then, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up. He looked at Feng Qing carefully. This woman said that he was a place of peace for her. What she meant was that as long as she was with him, she wouldn’t be afraid even if she was imprisoned, let alone the fact that they were still safe. At least, they were safe for now. If not for the fact that the two of them were being monitored by Di Qianmo, Xie Jiuhan would have hugged this woman immediately.

Feng Qing thought for a while and suddenly asked, “By the way, why did you go to underground boxing?”

Boxing King Potian said indifferently, “It’s purely to vent my overflowing stamina.”

Feng Qing tilted her head. “Is it that simple?”

Boxing King Potian nodded and said, “Of course not. If you want to really improve your combat skills and abilities, the best choice is to fight underground boxing. This is because underground boxing doesn’t have any rules. There’s only one requirement in the competition, and that is to kill or defeat your opponent as much as possible. Therefore, every match will give people the greatest training. After all, Xia country has been peaceful for a long time and has long left the battlefield. Only by going to the underground boxing arena can you experience what real combat and killing are.”

Feng Qing asked again, “Then did you fight with your life on the line in the underground boxing arena every time?”

The man nodded. “Of course. Otherwise, how could I have survived? There are experts there. They are from Xia and various countries.”

Feng Qing frowned. “Did you really fight them to death?”

The man smiled and said, “But I won’t do it again now.”

Feng Qing looked at the man with sparkling eyes and asked, “Why?”

The man placed a hand on his knee and said, “Is there a need to ask? I have a wife now. If I’m beaten to death one day, won’t my wife be a widow?”

With that, he stretched out his legs and changed his posture before continuing, “Not only will I not fight underground boxing again, but I also have to live well and strive to grow old with my wife. I definitely can’t let my wife become someone else’s wife, so no one can covet my wife.”

The man’s words made Feng Qing’s face gradually turn red. This man was obviously saying sweet words to her, and the change in the woman’s face was naturally discovered by the man. Hence, the man’s voice was mixed with a hint of smugness. “You don’t know, but my wife is a very cute, beautiful, and smart woman. As long as she stands there, she’s the most beautiful person in the world. She’s the only color in my eyes. Many men naturally covet such an outstanding woman like her.”