Chapter 1138 - Two Men's Wicked Pleasure

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Chapter 1138: Two Men’s Wicked Pleasure

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Seeing that Feng Qing’s face was flushed red, the man continued to tease her. “Even my wife’s relatives dote on her very much. They’re even as possessive as me, her husband. Regarding this…”

Without waiting for the man to finish, Feng Qing interrupted, “Alright, alright. Stop showing off your love. I’m not interested in listening to your story with your wife. Isn’t it embarrassing for a man to talk about his wife every day?”

Boxing King Potian snorted arrogantly. “Then why are you still interested in asking about my past? By the way, I still don’t know your name. Why don’t I introduce myself first? My name is Potian, and the title of Boxing King is real. From my appearance, I should be a few years older than you, so you can call me Brother in the future. Don’t always call me Uncle. I’m not that old.”

Hearing the man’s pretentious words, Feng Qing knew that he was acting for Di Qianmo, so she cooperated and said, “My name is Feng Qing. I’m 19 years old this year and a freshman at Capital University.”

With that, Feng Qing looked at the man and revealed a sweet smile. “Since you’ve already said it, I won’t call you Uncle in the future. Why don’t I call you Mr. Potian? But it seems a little awkward. Then what should I call you?”

Boxing King Potian said in a cold voice, “If you really can’t think of anything, just call me Daddy. It reflects the age difference between us and the special way you address me.” With that, the man couldn’t help but reveal a naughty smile. He even specially winked at Feng Qing, looking as evil as he could.

The man continued to tease her. “You’ve already called me Uncle. So what if you call me Daddy? Anyway, didn’t you want to show that I’m old?”

This man was getting more and more smug. He actually took the opportunity to violate the rules and take advantage of her. How could he push his luck like this? Feng Qing hugged her arms and raised her head. She puffed up her cheeks and pretended to be very angry. She tilted her head and said, “I’m not calling you that!”

Boxing King Potian pestered her and asked, “Why? Are you embarrassed to call me Daddy? Are you afraid that your father will be angry?”

Feng Qing said firmly, “I’m sorry to disappoint you. I don’t have a father.”

Boxing King Potian rolled his black eyes and said, “I’m not disappointed. Since you don’t have a father, I can be your father. Won’t you have a father in the future?”

This man vividly portrayed what it meant to go too far. How could he say such embarrassing words under such circumstances when he wanted her to call him Daddy to satisfy the man’s bad taste?

At this moment, Di Qianmo, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, felt uncomfortable. If Di Qianmo wasn’t wearing a mask, one would have been able to see his sinister face and violent eyes. The next second, Di Qianmo couldn’t stand the two of them flirting anymore. He was so angry that he smashed through the LED screen again. The bodyguards standing at the side were expressionless, as if Di Qianmo had only done something insignificant.

Di Qianmo scolded fiercely, “F*ck, this Boxing King Potian is simply crazy. He actually dares that woman to call him Daddy! Does he know who that woman’s biological father is?! If that woman really calls him Daddy, won’t Potian become my father?!”

After shattering the LED screen in front of him, Di Qianmo’s anger dissipated a little. He was secretly glad that he had never acknowledged Feng Qing as his younger sister. However, when he thought of Xing Yue, Han Jintian, and Han Jinlu, he felt amused. If Feng Qing really acknowledged another person as her father outside, what would Xing Yue and the rest’s expressions be when they found out? Would their expressions be indescribably ugly?

At the thought of this, Di Qianmo sat back in his chair and chuckled. His heart was actually filled with a wicked interest. Then, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers in the air. The two security guards hurriedly went forward to clean up the shattered LED screen. Shortly after, a new LED screen was installed, so they continued to secretly listen.

“Daddy!” Feng Qing’s voice sounded from the loudspeaker just as the LED screen was restored. Di Qianmo’s expression, which was hidden behind the mask, instantly froze. When he thought of Feng Qing’s face that was identical to his and her voice that was similar to his, Di Qianmo couldn’t hold it in anymore. Hence, another LED screen was scrapped. He didn’t know what Feng Qing was thinking. Could the word ‘Daddy’ be used on anyone?