Chapter 1139 - Unbearable Hunger

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Chapter 1139: Unbearable Hunger

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The more Di Qianmo thought about it, the angrier he became. His chest rose and fell even more violently. For the third time, he shattered the LED screen that he had just changed. Then, he turned around and walked out of the surveillance room. He no longer wanted to continue eavesdropping on the conversation between Feng Qing and the Boxing King. He had eavesdropped for so long but had not heard anything. If the two of them were not flirting, it was all nonsense. There was nothing of value at all. Clearly, the two of them were also on guard against him.

On the open sea, the sea wind at night was especially cold. Ten meters away from the cruise ship was endless darkness. It was a suffocating darkness, and also an incomparably oppressive darkness.

At this moment, Feng Qing was leaning against the wall. Her stomach let out a protesting sound. She could only touch her stomach to express comfort. Seeing the Boxing King look at her, she also revealed an embarrassed expression and smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t be hungry later. This little difficulty won’t be a problem for me.”

This situation reminded her of three years ago. At that time, she and Xing Wudi were on a mission together and often encountered similar environments in the wilderness. Oftentimes, they couldn’t eat or drink. However, at that time, they were all prepared in advance. Even if they didn’t eat or drink, there were all sorts of wild animals and plants to satisfy their stomachs. Even if their nutrition couldn’t keep up, they wouldn’t be hungry. Instead, if their stomachs were rumbling from hunger like how she did just now, it would be very easy for the enemy to discover them when they were hiding or scouting, causing the mission to completely fail.

Feng Qing leaned against the wall and looked at the ground in a daze. She was fantasizing about all sorts of delicacies and drinks. Her thoughts could satisfy her cravings. As long as she survived this hunger, she would not feel so uncomfortable. It was enough as long as she was by Xie Jiuhan’s side. It was far more stable than eating a full meal. She could probably sleep well tonight.

Because it was a sealed space, they didn’t know the time. They could only guess the approximate time with the biological clock of the human body. Boxing King Potian thought that Di Qianmo should be resting at this moment, so no one should be listening in on him and Feng Qing. Moreover, he didn’t know if Di Qianmo had heard Feng Qing call him Daddy just now. If he had, would he have died on the spot from anger?

However, from this, it could be seen that Di Qianmo’s personality was completely different from Xing Yue and the rest. If Han Jintian had heard Feng Qing call him Daddy, he would have long come here to beat him up. It would not be in line with Han Jintian’s personality if he did not tear his mouth apart. Fortunately, Di Qianmo and Feng Qing did not know each other before. It was also thanks to Di Qianmo’s strange personality that he would definitely not suffer tonight. If he cherished Feng Qing as much as Xing Yue and the rest, he would have suffered. It was also because of this that he could easily get Feng Qing out of Di Qianmo’s hands.

Hearing Feng Qing’s stomach protest, Boxing King Potian was also hungry. He took out the bread and took a bite. This bread was made of the thickest flour and was only soft after heating it. It was very hard without heating, and the taste was quite difficult to swallow. Just taking a bite made his teeth hurt.

After slowly rejecting a few mouthfuls of bread, Boxing King Potian turned his head around. Seeing this scene, Feng Qing asked in confusion, “Huh? What’s wrong with you?”

Potian replied, “It’s nothing. I hurt my teeth.”

Seeing that the man was fine, Feng Qing leaned against the wall and fell asleep. However, just as she was in a daze, she felt something enveloping her body. Then, a hot breath came. Before Feng Qing could open her eyes, a warm thin lips pressed against her mouth.

Feng Qing’s eyes immediately widened. She instinctively wanted to push the man away with both hands. Perhaps the man had used his hands and legs to restrain her, making her unable to use any strength at all. Just as she opened her mouth to say something, she saw the man push a sticky and very soft thing into her mouth with his tongue. Feng Qing was stunned at first before she immediately understood that this should be the dry bread the man had chewed.

Potian said in a low voice, “The taste is not bad after it softens. There’s nothing else here. Let’s deal with it and eat some first. After all, we still have to face a lot tomorrow.”

Feng Qing swallowed the food in her mouth. Seeing that the man still wanted to continue feeding her, Feng Qing immediately turned her face to the other side and pushed the man’s chest with both hands. “I’m not eating. I already have a family. You’d better respect me.”

Previously, when he was disguised as a ‘Bum Beetle’, he had once told the woman that he would only kiss Feng Qing with his face and would never kiss her in a disguise.