Chapter 1140 - Feeding Bread

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Chapter 1140: Feeding Bread

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The man had been adhering to his duty just now and even deliberately kept a distance from her. Why couldn’t he take it anymore in the dead of night?

The man forcefully pulled Feng Qing in front of him and controlled her hands to not push him away. Then, he fed a ball of sticky bread to Feng Qing in the same way as before. After the man chewed, the bread was no longer dry or dregs. She was trapped in a corner by the man like a pitiful kitten being forcefully fed by the man.

Looking at the remaining dry bread, Potian stuffed it all into his mouth. He planned to feed the remaining bread to Feng Qing in the same way. As the man chewed, he looked at the woman’s increasingly red face. Feng Qing’s black eyes were shining with a crystal clear luster. She was staring at him without blinking. Although she did not speak again, the woman’s eyes were filled with reproach.

The corners of Potian’s mouth curled up. “Do you want water?”

Feng Qing shook her head. “I’m not thirsty.”

He smiled and said, “It’s fine. If you want to drink it, tell me. I can feed you some more water.”

Feng Qing asked curiously, “You have water?”

The corners of Potian’s mouth curled up even more. He almost laughed out loud. “There’s no water in the room, but I can create water to feed you.”

Feng Qing’s face was too hot. This man was actually teasing her again. In such a situation where they were being monitored, the man actually said such private sweet nothings to her. It simply made Feng Qing too shy. What a stinky man!

After being forcefully fed by the man with a large piece of bread, the commotion in Feng Qing’s stomach subsided a little. Then, she quickly fell asleep in a daze. Boxing King Potian sat beside her and looked at the woman. As long as this woman slept with him, she would always look at ease and sweet, as if she had everything with him. The man raised his hand and brushed a strand of hair from the woman’s nose behind her ear, then quietly admired the woman.

Potian swore in his heart that this was the only time in his life that he had lost Feng Qing. Now that he had finally found her, he had to cherish and dote on her more than before. He would definitely not let her suffer any more. There were too many people who coveted this woman. When he returned, he would hide Feng Qing and not let this woman leave his sight.

At the same time, in the presidential suite on the top floor of the cruise ship, Di Qianmo was sitting at the dining table, sipping the hot coffee in his hand leisurely. He had finally taken off his mask that he had been wearing for the entire day and placed it on the table.

On the fifth floor of the cruise ship, Di Minghao had also just taken off the Ultraman mask on his face. Then, he revealed a delicate face. He was only ten years old this year. There was a lot of baby fat on his face, and his facial features had not grown at all. If one ignored his age and looked at him alone, it was not that easy to tell if he was a man or a woman. Sometimes, one would really wonder what bloodline the Di family had. The children they gave birth to were all handsome and good-looking. Moreover, apart from Xing Yue, the faces of the others were all androgynous-looking. Just like the current Di Minghao. His cute appearance was like a small angel, making people want to bite him.

Di Minghao was wearing striped cotton pajamas. Xia Qianxue had bought it for him at the supermarket on the ship. Originally, Mr. Qing Er wanted to choose cartoon pajamas for him, but Di Minghao didn’t want it and insisted on wearing Xia Qianxue’s pajamas because the collar and cuffs of the pajamas were lace. Mr. Qing Er could only express his helplessness.

Di Minghao sat on the super luxurious round bed with his two fair and tender feet placed outside the bed. After he finished applying the facial mask, he jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. Mr. Qing Er and Xia Qianxue knew that it was a waste to see him apply a facial mask at such a young age. Di Minghao’s face was already so soft that it was about to burst out of water. Wasn’t it unnecessary to apply a facial mask? Xia Qianxue was also extremely envious of this. If only she had Di Minghao’s collagen-filled face.

Di Minghao returned to the bed after washing up. Then, he picked up his plush toy and laid on the bed. Perhaps he was too tired from playing today and too many things had happened, so Di Minghao looked very tired. After saying good night to the plush toy, he slept.

At the same time, Xia Qianxue and Mr. Qing Er were sitting in the living room and looking at the laptop on the coffee table. The Internet and computers here were all on the Divine”s Light, so their actions on the Internet could not escape the surveillance of the Ziwei Star. However, Di Minghao’s subordinates were usually in charge of those who were not important.