Chapter 913 - Prison Visit

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The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up into a smile. She blinked her clear eyes and nodded seriously at Ji Yunchen. “Don’t worry, I’ve already found someone to confirm it. Moreover, Little Jiu Jiu has agreed to drink the medicine. There’s still about five minutes, and the medicine will be done. When the time comes, you can personally go and supervise Little Jiu Jiu to drink the medicine. Good medicine is bitter but beneficial to the illness. You must keep an eye on Little Jiu Jiu and make sure he drinks all the medicine~”

The Penal Department was the most terrifying place on the Sacred Island. Everyone who was locked here was someone who had committed a serious crime against the Xie Corporation or some special enemies of the Xie Corporation outside. Feng Qing arrived at the Penal Department without any obstructions. After today’s examination, everyone on the Sacred Island knew her. Everyone greeted her along the way.

On Sacred Island, there was a remote and dark cave. This was the place where the Penal Department imprisoned the prisoners. Feng Qing walked in the cave, and her silver high heels gently stepped on the cement ground, making a crisp sound.

The guards of the Penal Department all sized up the young woman in the middle curiously when they saw Xie San and Xie Si, as well as the person in charge of the Penal Department, Xie Bao, guiding her. These guards did not watch the assessment today because they had to guard the prisoners, so it was not strange that they did not know Feng Qing. However, they were certain now that Feng Qing’s status must be very noble. Otherwise, she would not have alarmed the head of the Penal Department to personally accompany her.

Most importantly, a young and beautiful woman like Feng Qing, a delicate and beautiful flower-like girl, should not have appeared in this cave at all, at least not in the Penal Department.

Xie Bao gestured for her to come over. “Young Madam, please come this way.”

Upon hearing this, all the guards were shocked. They all fixed their eyes on Feng Qing. Only then did they realize that this young woman who was too good-looking was actually the madam of the Xie family. They didn’t know what had happened in the assessment today. They had only vaguely heard from others that the madam of the Xie family was delicate and weak. However, when they saw her with their own eyes today, they felt that Feng Qing was a real trophy wife. Other than being good-looking, there was nothing redeeming about her.

Although so many heavyweights on the Sacred Island were accompanying Feng Qing, weren’t they afraid of shocking her when they came to such a sinister and bloody place?

A cold wind blew in from the cave entrance. In the damp and dark corridor, it made a sound like crying, making one’s hair stand on end. Many people who were slightly timid would feel a chill run down their backs and have goosebumps all over their bodies as soon as they entered. However, Feng Qing, who was walking in the crowd, had a calm expression, as if she did not hear anything.

Under the lead of Xie Bao and the rest, Feng Qing walked straight into the depths of the cave. Along the way, the checkpoints in the cave were switched on and off. Starting from the entrance of the cave, every section of the cave was sealed by an iron door. The deeper she went, the higher the level of authority needed. For example, Xie San and Xie Si were the heads of other departments on the Sacred Island. They had very high status, but even so, their authority here was only level three.

When they passed by a door, Xie San and Xie Si could only stop outside the door because their levels were not high enough. Xie Bao and a deputy minister of the Penal Department continued to accompany Feng Qing deeper into the cell. She did not know how long they had walked, but she remembered that after passing three thick stainless steel doors, they stopped. Compared to the cage outside, the cells here were actually made of specially bulletproof tempered glass. Not to mention smashing with their fists, even if they used a machine gun to shoot, the cell glass would not have any scratches.

Feng Qing walked to the largest glass cell and stood there. Through the glass, she saw Xie Yuhuan sitting on a hard bed. Xie Yuhuan naturally saw her too. However, her gaze when she looked at Feng Qing was filled with disdain and a cold smile.

Although her hair and clothes were messy when she was dragged here just now, she had already combed them again. Even though she was in jail, she wanted to tell everyone that she was still the arrogant ‘Little Aunt Xie’.

Xie Yuhuan still looked luxurious and noble. Other than the makeup on her face being a little messy, she looked to be in a good state. It looked like the people from the Penal Department did not make things difficult for her. After all, she was Xie Jiuhan’s aunt. Even if she was punished now, no one dared to offend her.

Xie Yuhuan snorted coldly and said, “Where’s Jiuhan? Why did you come by yourself?” With that, she revealed a knowing expression and said, “I understand. Jiuhan is embarrassed to come, right? It’s normal for him to feel guilty for sending me to jail personally.”