Chapter 914 - Examination Report

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Xie Bao opened the glass cell and a glass door rose. Then, Feng Qing walked into the room. Xie Bao brought a folding chair from nowhere and placed it on the ground, wiping the chair with a tissue.

After Feng Qing sat down, her every move exuded elegance and nobility. Xie Yuhuan looked at the head of the Penal Department and the deputy head standing behind Feng Qing and couldn’t help but smile coldly. “You’re not old, but you’re quite ostentatious.”

Feng Qing said, “You don’t have to think anymore. Jiuhan won’t come to see you. Moreover, why would he come to see you?”

Upon hearing this, Xie Yuhuan gritted her teeth and said, “Why? You actually dare to ask me why? Do you know that if I hadn’t given him a bite of food 25 years ago, Xie Jiuhan would have long disappeared from this world? If I hadn’t been protecting him, with his strange illness since he was young, he would have long been killed and fed to the dogs by his brothers. When he couldn’t do it, I shielded him from the wind and rain. Now that he can do it, he has forgotten everything I did to him?”

Speaking up to this point, Xie Yuhuan took a deep breath and couldn’t help but sneer. “I’m still too soft-hearted. When he treated his father and brothers back then, I should have expected such a day. Xie Jiuhan is simply an ungrateful person. I treated him so well and protected him so much, but he still sent me to jail.”

In the glass cell, the surroundings were transparent. The surroundings were emitting light into the room. In order to prevent the prisoner from committing suicide or escaping prison, all the lights were built outside the cell. Most of Feng Qing’s body was also drowned in the shadows. Feng Qing gently flipped the long hair by her ears and stared intently at Xie Yuhuan with her large eyes. Her usually clear and transparent eyes were currently emitting a dark glow.

Feng Qing’s pretty face was half bright and half dark. She said in a clear voice, “Xie Yuhuan, what I have to say is that your so-called kind appearance really makes me feel disgusted. You still want to ask Xie Jiuhan to see you and want him to be grateful to you from the bottom of his heart. I feel ridiculous for you.”

Xie Yuhuan raised her eyebrows. “You, you dare to scold me? Do you believe that I’ll tell Jiuhan to teach you a lesson? Moreover, what right do you have to laugh at me?”

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up as she sneered. “Xie Yuhuan, how long are you going to pretend? In that case, take a look at this.”

Feng Qing took out a folded A4 paper from her bag and threw it in front of Xie Yuhuan. Xie Yuhuan frowned and looked at Feng Qing cautiously. Then, she slowly picked up the paper. When she opened the folder, she knew that it was a blood test report. However, it was this blood test report that made her yellow eyes tremble violently because it was a blood test report about her.

Taking in Xie Yuhuan’s expression, Feng Qing took out her phone and said, “Why don’t you take a look at this? It’s all about you.”

As she spoke, Feng Qing placed her phone in front of Xie Yuhuan and let her take a closer look. As she had said, it was filled with detailed physical data about Xie Yuhuan. Xie Yuhuan was shocked. She didn’t know when Feng Qing started doing this. She didn’t know where she got her blood for testing.

“Hmph, Feng Qing, do you think I’m a child? You actually used these things to scare me. Let’s not talk about whether your test report is true or not. I’m very curious how you took my blood. Was it your own idea, or did Jiuhan instruct you to do this?” Xie Yuhuan took a deep breath and forced herself to be calm.

“Xie Yuhuan, now that things have come to this, do you still want to deny it? Everyone should admit to what they did, but why are you so dirty-minded? According to your blood test report, you have the PG18 virus in your body, but your virus is different from the PG18 virus in my body. Yours is the secondary virus, and mine is the maternal virus. Your secondary virus has already mutated and can constantly spread out through breathing. After laboratory research, we have concluded that your secondary PG18 virus will not have any effect on ordinary people, but it will have an effect on people who carry the PG19 virus in their bodies at all times.” Feng Qing said coldly.

Speaking up to this point, Feng Qing couldn’t help but cross her legs and hug her arms in front of her chest. She said with a teasing expression, “Xie Yuhuan, Little Aunt Xie, you’re really a good elder. Twenty-five years ago, you protected Little Jiu Jiu. You gave him food and clothes to wear. These things are true.”