Chapter 915 - Next Generation PG18 Virus

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“Little Jiu Jiu has never dared to forget this. All these years, he has been tolerating you, filial to you, and repaying you. He even gave you a portion of the Xie Corporation’s shares, allowing you to have the right to speak in the Xie Corporation. He even specially left a private villa for you in the Xie Manor so that you could stay by his side and be taken care of by him in your later years. But what did you do? You actually approached Little Jiu Jiu time and time again despite knowing that you have the PG18 virus in your body. It was equivalent to giving Little Jiu Jiu a slow poison. You simply have ulterior motives!” When Feng Qing said these words, her expression was very cold. Although her voice was not loud, it was filled with dignity and anger. Her petite body even exuded a suffocating pressure.

Hearing Feng Qing’s words, Xie Yuhuan felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her mind was blank, and Feng Qing’s voice in her ears kept amplifying and reverberating, making her dizzy.

“You, what are you talking about? What secondary P virus? Why don’t I know? Moreover, when was I poisoned?!” Xie Yuhuan looked flustered, not knowing what to say.

Feng Qing snorted. “Would the test report be fake?”

Xie Yuhuan shouted agitatedly, “No, that’s impossible. How can I have that virus you mentioned in my body? Not to mention not having it, even if I really have it, I’ve never thought of deliberately harming Jiuhan!”

Feng Qing ignored Xie Yuhuan’s shouts and only gently slid her fingers across the phone screen. Then, she handed the phone to Xie Yuhuan. Xie Yuhuan was stunned for a moment. Her gaze landed on the phone screen. With just a look, Xie Yuhuan’s face turned incomparably pale and her lips turned green.

There was a video on the phone screen. The video was very high-definition, so high-definition that Xie Yuhuan could see every hair and wrinkle on the other party’s body. The person in the video who had already breathed his last was none other than Old Master Xie. At this moment, Old Master Xie was kneeling on the ground. His hands and feet were handcuffed by steel chains. Dark red blood was flowing out of Old Master Xie’s seven orifices. Old Master Xie’s eyes were wide open. Clearly, he had died with remaining grievances!

Xie Yuhuan took the phone with trembling hands. She no longer argued with Feng Qing excitedly like before. Her yellow eyes trembled violently as she stared at the phone screen. For a moment, the entire room became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Xie Yuhuan looked at the video on the phone again and again, witnessing the scene of the person in the video dying repeatedly. It was as if she would never get enough of it.

Xie Yuhuan was looking at the video, and Feng Qing was observing Xie Yuhuan. Xie Yuhuan’s hand that was holding the phone was very strong, and her fingers were holding the edge of the phone tightly. Even her fingers were starting to turn white from using too much strength. Her eyes bulged out as she stared intently at the scene on the phone.

Feng Qing sat with her legs crossed, but her upper body was leaning forward. She said in a voice that sounded like she was watching a show, “You don’t have to look anymore. He’s really dead this time. Letting a lunatic like Old Master Xie live for another day is an insult to those people he killed. Sending him to hell is the greatest salvation for him!”

With that, Feng Qing took a deep breath. “Old Master Xie left in pain. Little Jiu Jiu specially sent someone to torture him for half a month. Should I say it or not, Old Master Xie’s body was really strong. He couldn’t sleep for half a month and didn’t eat or drink for half a month. He could actually live for so long. However, when he left in the end, it was really too embarrassing. Not to mention that he peed and shit, he even left on his knees. Old Master Xie was once a figure who stood at the top of the pyramid when he was alive. He was unparalleled for a time. It’s really regrettable that he died just like that.”

Speaking up to this point, Feng Qing stood up and walked elegantly to Xie Yuhuan. She looked down at her and asked, “Little Aunt, since Old Master Xie has already left, what should we do with his corpse? Should we peel off his skin and dry it for a specimen exhibition, or should we grind him into meat paste and throw him into the sea to feed the fish?”

Xie Yuhuan suddenly exploded. She grabbed her phone and threw it at Feng Qing’s face. Feng Qing steadily caught the phone and saw the sinister-looking woman pounce on her like a ferocious beast. Just as Xie Yuhuan’s nails were about to scratch her face, Feng Qing kicked her abdomen. Then, Xie Yuhuan flew back and her back touched the glass wall.

Seeing this scene, Xie Bao and the deputy minister standing behind were stunned. They thought that Feng Qing was an embroidered pillow that looked good but was useless. They didn’t expect Feng Qing to be so powerful.